7 steps to take care of your outdoor hot tub during the winter

One of the advantages of having a Jacuzzi at home is that you will not have to give it up in the winter, as is normally the case with conventional pools. However, with the arrival of the winter season, it is necessary to take certain measures if you have a Jacuzzi in the patio or on the balcony.

What are outdoor hot tubs and how are they different from indoor hot tubs?

A Jacuzzi is a bathtub that has hydromassage functions and is generally used with hot water. It is well known for its relaxing effects on the body, much appreciated after a long day at work or to have a good time with friends or your partner.

Although some continue to debate whether it is more comfortable to place the Jacuzzi inside or outside the home, there really is no difference between an outdoor Jacuzzi and an indoor one, since they do not vary in terms of their requirements and installation, so you can install the model of your preference as long as the soil has the appropriate properties for it.

What should I do to take care of my outdoor hot tub in the winter?

Probably, with the arrival of winter you have been able to worry about the effects that low temperatures may have on your outdoor Jacuzzi and, if so, we invite you to consider applying the following tips that will help you enjoy good performance: as well as extend the useful life of your personal spa.

Dado que el jacuzzi es un lugar de entretenimiento y relajación que se suele disfrutar con agua caliente, aunque hayas invertido en el mejor jacuzzi exterior del momento, su parte interior de igual manera puede convertirse en el ambiente ideal para que las bacterias se desarrollen debido a las condiciones dadas por el agua y, sobre todo, por un mal cuidado del equipo.

Likewise, the human body also releases all kinds of germs and bacteria as well as sweat and other body fluids, which, combined with the right environment, can generate the appearance of fungi or contagion of diseases. In addition to specifically carrying out preventive maintenance at the right time, during the winter you may have to have a couple of extra considerations if you want to be able to enjoy your jacuzzi at any time.

1) Disconnect the equipment

The first thing you should do is disconnect your Jacuzzi from the electrical outlet for safety measures, mainly to prevent the hydromassage system pumps from activating without the adequate amount of water. This could cause them to be damaged and the repair could be quite considerable.

2) Empty it

The next thing is to completely empty the Jacuzzi. If you’re not sure how to do this, we advise you to review the manual that came with your purchase. Some models can incorporate an automatic drainage system that you can activate using the remote control or its control panel, while others work with emptying valves that you must activate manually.

3) Clean the pipes

Now you must concentrate on the pipes of your outdoor hot tub. Before carrying out this step, you can check the condition of these by taking a look to verify the presence of tartar, mold, fungus or dirt in general. Depending on the amount accumulated, the motor of the whirlpool system will have to work extra in order to compensate for the blockage of the water flow. If this happens too frequently or for extended periods, it is likely that the motor will burn out and you will no longer be able to enjoy the hydromassage in your hot tub.

If you have found dirt, you should use a chemical product especially for cleaning pipes. You can find options in online stores or also in some hardware store. Apply the chemical in the pipes and let it rest for the indicated time. Then, activate a water cycle that carries the remains to the drain and check that everything has been cleared and clean.

4) Filter maintenance

This step is included in the fortnightly maintenance that a common outdoor Jacuzzi should have, but it is worth applying it when preventive maintenance is carried out to combat the effect of low temperatures. You can do this by applying high pressure water jets to the same filters to loosen any dirt that may be accumulated.

However, you should consider that, depending on the regularity of use of the Jacuzzi, you will have to replace the filters every several months to keep the water sanitized.

5) Cleaning the panels

Now that you have the entire piping and filtration system ready, you can clean the internal panels of the Jacuzzi. To do this, you will need a special hot tub cleaning liquid and sponge. It is not recommended to use any detergent, either powder or liquid, since it can have abrasive effects or clog the pipes.

Take the can of cleaner and spray some in an area of ​​the hot tub that you can handle comfortably. Rub with the sponge enough to be able to remove the dirt and the slimy layer that the water pool usually leaves for several days. Before removing the chemical with clean water, we advise you to first clean all the corners, so that when you let the water run, you should not be emptying the Jacuzzi all the time.

6) Preparing the outdoor Jacuzzi

You’re almost done. The last thing you have left is to refill your outdoor Jacuzzi. You can use tap water, but you must perform a pH analysis, as well as add disinfectant chemicals that can keep the water sanitized for longer. When it’s full, you can plug it back in and enjoy a hot bath outside no matter it’s cold or not.

7) Cover the hot tub

Finally, a very valuable piece of advice that will allow you to use your hot tub regardless of the time or day is to purchase a cover so that you can cover it when you are not using it. The cover will keep the water protected from external elements that can dirty or contaminate it.

You can find many options for outdoor hot tubs, you just have to verify that they have the appropriate measurements to adapt much better.

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