8 tips to counteract the bad smells of the garbage cube

Sometimes the smell of the garbage can bothers us. And it is that, despite the fact that it is constantly cleaned, the type of materials it stores favor the appearance of unpleasant odors that do not disappear over time. Therefore, we must put into practice homemade alternatives to minimize its effects.

Taking out the garbage is one of the most hated tasks, but given the need to prevent bad odors from invading the spaces of the home, we regularly take the bags to the large containers. This is just one of the methods used to get rid of the pollution caused by the agglomeration of garbage. However, we must take into account that there are also some tricks to prevent the meticulous cleaning of the garbage can from being so frequent.

Some homemade alternatives to combat bad odors

Although you can find your own products on the market to eliminate unpleasant odors, you should not leave aside the most economical, effective and safe alternatives for the environment. The essential thing is to have products that are generally within your reach and, with them, make the garbage can smell much better.

1. Bicarbonate

This product, which has many uses, becomes the best ally when it comes to avoiding bad odours. To neutralize them you must place a little baking soda inside the bucket and renew it once a week. You could even combine it with the zest of a lemon or orange.

2. Essential oils

If you want to perfume the bucket bag, you can impregnate it with some essential oils. Some of the options that stand out are eucalyptus oil or tea tree. They all provide amazing results and do not require an elaborate application, you just have to help yourself with a cotton compress.

3. White vinegar

This natural product also generates good results in household cleaning. To do this, you must fill the inside of the bucket with half a liter of vinegar and the rest with water, let it sit for about an hour, empty it and rinse with more water. Do not forget to place it in the sun, so that it dries completely before using it.

4. Citrus

Neutralize odors with the help of orange, grapefruit, lime or lemon juice. These citrus fruits have excellent disinfectant properties and leave behind a pleasant, fresh scent. You should squeeze some of these fruits inside the bucket, spread the juice with the help of a cloth and let it dry to prevent the area from getting sticky. 

5. Green tea

With this powerful infusion you will be able to combat bad odors, because by having good properties, such as tannin and chlorophyll within its leaves, the stench of garbage will be contained. It is a technique that even allows you to take advantage of already used tea bags, so it will not generate so much expense.

6. Fruit peels

A very simple trick, and which also invites us to recycle a natural product, is the use of dried orange peels, thanks to its flavonoids, bad odors are neutralized. This alternative consists of placing a few pieces inside the bucket, others on top of the bag for approximately 5 days.


7. Cat litter

If you have a feline in your home and you have litter to cover his needs, you could take advantage of the opportunity to combat garbage odors by placing a layer of clean cat litter in the bottom of the bucket and changing it every week. This product stands out for being a great absorbent and there are even some scented versions.

8. Extracts

The extracts are always characterized by generating good smells, so, when you buy one of vanilla, orange blossom, cinnamon or any other that you like, you could soak a cotton ball or a wipe and place it inside the bucket. That way you will make the garbage more pleasant for your nose.

Insects are also a problem

If you want to prevent your garbage bags from being full of flies, mosquitoes or any other insect that is attracted to the decomposing matter, apply certain homemade mixtures to avoid them. Try spreading a combination of water and rubbing alcohol all over the bag, or spray a bit of vinegar on it to repel them.


Constant measures to avoid odors

Despite the fact that you have the best garbage can and even that you apply any of the previous tips, you will not avoid having to routinely follow certain hygiene measures. At least once a week wash the bucket. To do this, use warm water, apply chlorine or any other antibacterial and disinfectant product. Let it dry in the open air to completely eliminate moisture and finally put a clean bag.

Use a bag suitable for the size of the bucket; that is, you should avoid the small ones, otherwise the waste will be scattered inside it and it is not convenient that you throw everything directly inside it. Never throw liquids and if you throw rotting fruit or fish remains, try to remove the bags quickly. Prevent the bag from overflowing with garbage, as this will stain the bin and make odors more difficult to remove.

Separate waste to combat pestilence

The separation of organic and inorganic waste not only guarantees the proper collection of recyclable waste and the reduction of environmental pollution; It is a technique that also helps to isolate the bags individually according to the waste and with it, the reduction of unpleasant odors.

Thus, by separating organic waste such as vegetables and fruits from waste that is not biodegradable, you will be able to combat bad odors, fungi, bacteria and infections. Similarly, for best results, separate inorganic waste independently, such as plastics, aluminum, paper, glass and others.

Preventing and treating bad odors economically and hand in hand with the environment is a very simple task, you only require a few materials that are generally within your reach at home. Although, you should always keep in mind the thorough cleaning of the garbage can and the change of the bag.

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