AEG VL 5569 LB Reviews

Main advantage:

The most outstanding benefit of this model is that it has a nebulizer, that is, it generates a mist of micronized water. These small particles are capable of absorbing the heat of the place, providing a cooler environment, for this reason, it is suitable for summer. 

Main disadvantage:

The assembly can be more complicated than expected if you do not have experience in this type of installation. However, once all its pieces have been placed, it is easy to use and fully fulfills its functions.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is one of the best fans today, according to the opinions of some users, since it has three speed levels and does not make too much noise.

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Main Features Explained


The nebulization process of this model consists of a high pressure system, which is capable of generating water droplets of only a few microns in size, to form a kind of cloud. These small particles of H2O are intended to evaporate into the air to help lower the temperature of the environment, therefore, it is cooler by an effect of displaced air.

To cool the room, the natural process of water collects heat from the environment to go from a liquid to a gaseous state. This is possible because the air provides heat to each microdrop of water, for this reason, the environment is a little cooler. In addition, it is worth noting that it is a completely natural process, in which a high consumption of electrical energy is not necessary, so it is friendly to the environment.

The technology used to nebulize the water is ultrasonic, so it is very convenient for people with conditions in the upper respiratory tract. In this way, it is recommended to relieve rhinosinusitis, allergic rhinitis and pharyngitis, as well as normalize the respiratory rate by facilitating the passage of air through the larynx and reducing throat inflammation.

It incorporates a large transparent water tank, with a storage capacity of 3 liters, in this sense, it offers an autonomy of approximately 15 continuous hours. As if that were not enough, the water tank is removable so you can easily refill it.

It has a metal grid for continuous and uniform steam output, while allowing greater durability, since it does not drip as it happens with other fans of this type. Its capacity to humidify is approximately 0.2 to 0.3 liters per hour. This function can be adjusted in 3 levels; low, medium and high.


This fan has a fair price according to the benefits. First of all, it is good to know that it can be used as a separate air humidifier without the fan function or vice versa. Thanks to this, you can adapt it to the environmental conditions of the place and the time of year.

It has a power of 80 W and works with 230 V at 50 Hz, for this reason, it is recommended for rooms of 60 to 70 m2. However, it offers type A energy efficiency, to save electricity and at the same time reduce the amount of the electricity bill. 

This model offers the possibility of using 2 wind modes. One of them is the Nature Mode, capable of electronically regulating the air speed in three levels and for regular periods of time. For its part, the Sleep Mode allows you to reduce the speed to zero after 30 minutes, so you do not have to wake up to turn off the device.

It incorporates an electronic timer from 0.5 h to 7.5 h, which can be adjusted in intervals of 30 minutes, so that you can select exactly the period of time you want to use it. This is very useful in areas where the ambient temperature varies during the day and night.

It has an electronic control panel, so you can select the modes and speeds easily and comfortably. In addition, it has LED technology lights that indicate the activated function and the speed level. However, they are not annoying in the dark to respect your hours of rest.

You can change its settings without getting out of bed, thanks to the remote control that includes 5 buttons to control its humidity, oscillation, time, mode and speed functions, as well as an additional on/off button.


It is a pedestal fan, so it consists of a circular base that gives it total stability, in addition to a metal column that supports the equipment, for this reason, it reaches a height of 120 cm from the ground, so you do not have to install it. on the wall or use a table.

The upper part consists of a three-blade rotor, which has a diameter of 40 cm, so it is neither big nor too small. It has an optional oscillation function and the tilt angle is adjustable, so you can use it according to the need of the moment. However, it is a silent team, which favors rest.

Its structure has been made with high quality materials, as is usual in the products of the renowned AEG brand. In this sense, the blades are covered with a metal grid that protects the device and at the same time allows greater safety in case you have children at home. 

In the lower part, on the base, you can find the 3-liter tank, which in turn has a connection hose to the center of the blades, in order to provide a correct distribution of the water particles, as well as a greater range within the room.

It is worth noting that this fan does not come assembled, so you must install it carefully for the best performance of the equipment. However, once the assembly is done, it has a simple operation and includes a user manual in Spanish, to answer the user in case of any doubt.

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