All about installing ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems can be a very attractive alternative to enjoy a more pleasant environment at home, although their requirements are somewhat considerable. These types of installations have their positive and negative aspects, so it may be convenient to review them one by one before deciding.


If you want to have an air conditioner for the whole house, a duct installation may be the ideal option. These AC systems use an internal unit that is linked to a series of ducts that run through the entire false ceiling of the property, with outlets through grilles arranged on the walls of the rooms.

With these grilles you can enjoy hot or cold air depending on the operating mode activated in the unit. They have the advantage of being quite inconspicuous as they are embedded in the wall, although, if you prefer a more industrialized style, you can choose to leave the ducts and outlets visible.

In this sense, a ducted air conditioner can offer many advantages, but its installation requirements contain details that you should not overlook, since it is much more complicated to assemble than others.

Because of this, we have compiled the positives and negatives of a ducted air conditioning system to help you decide if it is worth considering for a home installation.

Advantages of ducted air conditioning



Taking into account that the main unit of the air conditioning system will be kept hidden in the false ceiling of the property, this would make the ducted unit the ideal option for those who do not want to affect the decoration.

The only thing that could be noticed in the air conditioning ducts would be the grilles that allow cold air to escape, so the aesthetics of your home would remain practically unchanged.


One of the most notable points is the level of noise produced by this type of installation. Ducted ACs also take advantage of the location of the main unit, to avoid generating annoying noise. Therefore, it is possible to have them on without even noticing it.

energy saving

When calculating frigories for ducted air conditioning, you can notice a decrease in electricity consumption compared to Split or window type ACs, for example. Likewise, it should be noted that you can easily find an A +++ ducted air conditioner on the market, to guarantee maximum energy savings.

temperature monitoring

The method of installing a ducted air conditioner with air vents in multiple rooms gives you the ability to change the temperature in virtually the entire house by simply adjusting the main thermostat.

By working with a universal cooling or heating system, it will be easier to control the general temperature of the property and thus enjoy the same level in each room you enter.


Another noteworthy aspect of ducted air conditioners is their maintenance. In these cases, attention tends to focus especially on the internal unit, since it is in charge of providing all the cold or hot air that is needed.

For its part, the maintenance of the ducts focuses on keeping them clean and free of blockage. This is how, after only cleaning the main unit, you will have guaranteed the care required by practically the entire environmental system of the home.

Disadvantages of ducted air conditioning



The installation of a ducted air conditioning system is much more complicated than a Split or window, for example. In these cases, much more time, tools and labor are needed, since the number of accessories far exceeds those required by the aforementioned models.

In this sense, a 220V electric impact gun could be a very useful tool when mounting the air conditioner, since it could speed up the task of working with screws, bases and supports.


Structural modification

The need for the installation of outlet grilles for air conditioning cannot be overlooked. These grids are generally located on the walls and must have access to the ducts that will provide them with the service. Therefore, you will have to choose where to install each grille and take into account the internal plans of your home along with the reach of the ducts, to avoid inconveniences later.

False ceiling

The integration of a false ceiling in the home is highly recommended, as it is required for the location of the internal cooling unit.

Adding this space in the home can be quite expensive considering details such as the materials needed, the time required and the labor that you will have to hire to ensure a good job.

recommended space

A very important aspect to consider before deciding to purchase a ducted AC is the size of the home. These types of installations are focused on large spaces, so they are recommended for homes that have a minimum of 3 rooms. Otherwise, the cost of the project would be excessive and the capacity of the air would not be used properly.


The assembly of the air conditioner with installation included usually has a considerable cost, depending on the company you hire to do the work. In general, stores that sell this type of equipment usually offer air conditioning installation packages by specialized personnel for it.


As you can see, ducted air conditioners are a very attractive option to enjoy a more pleasant environment at home, either during winter or summer. They are much more discreet and comfortable to use, in addition to not generating annoying noises like window models, for example.

However, in order to enjoy the benefits of this equipment, you must take into account several details to avoid problems later, either based on its installation, requirements, structural modification, costs, and more.

Its assembly may not be the simplest and most affordable on the market, but if you have a property with the ideal requirements for installation, you should consider it as the main option.

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