Avidsen Ylva 112240 Reviews

Main advantage: 

This video door entry system has been provided with an external control unit and a screen, both manufactured with certified raw materials and the highest quality standards. Thus, it offers intuitive and safe operation, accompanied by a pleasant aesthetic. 

Main disadvantage: 

One drawback of the model is its screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, which may be lower than other models on the market. But even so, it manages to offer very useful information regarding who knocks at your door without costing too much.

Verdict: 9.5/10

 It is a surveillance device that will allow you to see who is on the other side of the door, interact with them through the microphone and open the door automatically.

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Main Features Explained

Display and control unit

Among the best video door entry systems is Avidsen Ylva 112240, whose model is made up of an external control unit and a 7-inch monitor. Both devices offer intuitive operation, easy mounting, and pleasing aesthetics. These features and its competitive price draw the attention of buyers.

Regarding the internal monitoring module, we have that it is a 17.8-centimeter LCD screen, framed in a white casing. The structure has a minimalist design with well-cared finishes, highlighting a small control panel with a total of six buttons on the right side. In this way, you will be able to turn on – turn off the equipment, configure its functions, answer the calls of those who arrive at your door, among others. Also, it is important to mention that the screen resolution is 800 x 400 pixels, providing sharp color images.

For its part, the exterior control plate was made of robust aluminum with a soft touch and its dimensions width, height, depth correspond to 9.7 x 13.5 x 4.2 centimeters. In the front area it incorporates a camera with a wide angle of 70º, a small microphone and speaker. In addition, this video intercom attaches a visor to protect against water to the structure.

Energy consumption

All electrical equipment suggests a high, medium or low level of energy consumption, which may vary depending on what is stipulated by the brand after the manufacturing process. Video door entry systems are no exception, since they are devices that must be linked to a current channel in our home, in order to power the operation of both the outdoor unit and the screen.

In this sense, a model that has generated positive opinions due to its low consumption is Avidsen Ylva 112240, considered one of the best video door entry systems with an affordable acquisition value. Its energy consumption once started corresponds to 11.5 watts, while in idle state it registers a maximum of 3.5 watts. Also, the AC output is only 1.5 amps.

For its part, you will need to know that the AC adapter of this video door phone has been provided to offer an energy input of approximately 230 watts and an output of 13.5, both working at a frequency of 50 Hz.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the electricity consumption made by the device to carry out the opening of the door, which according to what is specified by the manufacturer is 12 watts.

Additional functions

This is a computer with a competitive price, attractive design and high-end performance, these attributes being what have earned it multiple positive opinions from buyers. It is a security system with a completely intuitive operation, which can be executed by any member of the household without problems. In this way, they will know who is knocking on the other side of the door and can even interact with them through the built-in speaker and microphone. 

Likewise, it is possible to carry out the opening of the door automatically from the interior screen, capture on video who enters or leaves the house and take photographs. All this in the perimeter covered by the lens.

Among other programming modes to be carried out, we have the adjustment of the loudspeaker volume and the ringtones, which you can select from the 10 offered tones. In the same way, you will be able to level the contrast and brightness of the screen for a better visualization of the images.

With regard to other specifications of interest for these video door entry systems, it is worth mentioning the incorporation of an internal protection system against short circuits. Likewise, it has infrared technology for the camera, which provides correct night vision up to a meter away.

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