Bad smell in the air conditioner. To do?

When something smells bad at home, it is necessary to take action immediately, as it could become very uncomfortable and even dangerous. In this sense, air conditioners are equipment that require regular maintenance, so if they are neglected, they can become a crop for the generation of bad odors in the home.


The air conditioning

An air conditioner is a well-known and widely used appliance, since it is an effective solution to avoid feeling hot during the summer months, by being able to lower the temperature in a room.

In this context and as with any appliance that is used on a regular basis, it is necessary to provide adequate maintenance to prevent damage. In addition, an air conditioner is a relatively delicate piece of equipment that is not only enough to remove the dust; You also have to pay attention to levels of gas, oil, etc., so, in some cases, it is necessary to call a specialist.

Bad smell in the air conditioner

One of the most common problems, and one that usually occurs especially due to poor maintenance, is that the air conditioning emits a bad smell, which can occur immediately or a few seconds after activating it.

If you begin to notice an unexplained unpleasant odor at home when you turn on the air conditioning, the cause could be that the equipment is not working as it should and requires a review, which you should carry out as soon as possible.

Why does the air conditioner smell bad?

In order to effectively determine why your air conditioner smells bad, you will probably need to consult a specialist technician. However, taking into account the most common reasons, it may be able to help you solve the problem yourself.

We will start by talking about the sections of this device that are usually related to bad odor, since dirt accumulates in them. These are the filters, the drain pipe and the fan. Bad maintenance or the total lack of it is the main cause of the bad smell in the air conditioner.

Now, when you ask yourself “why does my air conditioner smell bad”, we invite you to take into account the following information, where you may be able to find a solution to your problem:

Tips to avoid the bad smell of air conditioning at home


1. General equipment cleaning

Before removing the screws, it is convenient that you do not allow dust or humidity to take over your air conditioner and for this reason we advise you to clean it frequently.

Taking care of the external casing, the condition of the pipes, their blades, and so on, will help prevent malfunction problems, including the generation of bad odors.

2. Regular use

When an air conditioner is left off for a long time, moisture particles form inside it, which, when turning on the fans, spread and can be perceived as unpleasant odors.

Due to this, it is advisable to turn it on regularly, even in winter, and you can do it using only the fan, since the particles accumulate mainly in the filter system.

3. Filter maintenance

The filtering system is one of the most important elements, since it must be checked regularly as it is in charge of trapping the dirt particles that the equipment sucks up.

Because of this, it is the dirtiest part of an air conditioner and should be washed regularly or replaced immediately if it has reached its useful life cycle.

On the other hand, if an air conditioner smells bad, vinegar could be a product that has a positive effect on the problem, since it can deep clean the dirt on the filters by rinsing them in it, thus removing residual aromas.

4. Check the drainage system

Another reason that can generate a bad smell is linked to the drainage system. In some installations, these connect to downspouts which may, in turn, be linked to others and carry odors between them.

Therefore, if you want to know how to remove the bad smell from downspouts, we advise you to follow the trick of mixing 2 glasses of hot water with 1 glass of vinegar and 100 grams of baking soda in a bowl. Pour the mixture down the drain and within 30 minutes the bad smell should be gone.

You can also try changing the air conditioning drain pipe, in case it has become contaminated by the proliferation of germs, bacteria and fungi.

5. Avoid air fresheners and cigarette smoke

The particles that are in the air in the room will be trapped in the filter of the air conditioner, so even after extensive maintenance, a certain bad smell could be noticed.

This generally occurs in spaces where cigarettes are smoked or air fresheners are used constantly. The particles generated by these products can become trapped, accumulate and rot in the fabric of the filters.

Because the air conditioner makes use of the air in the room, and it passes through the filters, it takes part of the particles with it, returning them to the environment and thus generating the bad smell.

Importance of remote control for air conditioning

Finally, a relevant detail that you should know is that, thanks to technology, some air conditioners are equipped with automatic maintenance functions, but these can only be activated through their remote controls.

If the one for your equipment has been damaged or lost, it is essential that you consider purchasing one, but you should avoid generic ones, since it is necessary to know which remote control for air conditioning to buy (in this link you will find several products to analyze), which is compatible with the 100%, in order to ensure access to all available maintenance functions.

Likewise, with these devices they can specifically adjust the parameters of the air conditioning, according to the ambient temperature and your preferences, to avoid it being forced when using it.

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