Baxi Neodens Plus Eco Reviews

Main advantage:

This model stands out for being an efficient wall-mounted condensing boiler, with a compact size that allows it to be installed in any available space inside the house, supplying hot water instantly and comfortable heating for the home.

Main disadvantage:

The TMX wireless thermostat must be purchased separately, which increases the cost of the boiler. But this model works perfectly without the need for this thermostat, thanks to its built-in intuitive digital control.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a suitable boiler to keep the environment warm and pleasant on winter days, as well as to obtain hot water, thanks to its power, capacity and efficiency.

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Main Features Explained

Boiler size and capacity

When we think about buying a boiler for our home, one of the characteristics that we appreciate is its size, since for practicality it is more appropriate that this appliance can be installed on the wall, so they must have the precise dimensions so that they occupy the right place. inside the house, even, that can be mounted inside kitchen cabinets, to hide their presence together with the decoration of the environment. 

In this context, we can highlight that the Baxi Neodens Plus Eco boiler has reduced dimensions, since it is 70 cm high, 40 cm wide and 29.9 cm deep, so it can be installed inside a cabinet or on the wall without problems. 

In addition, it has a nice white color, easily adaptable to the decoration of your home, so, according to many opinions of users who have been satisfied with the purchase of this product, it is the most compact boiler to have at home. 

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider in this type of boilers the capacity in liters of water that it contains, being important to mention that this model has 7 liters of capacity in the expansion tank, which allows it to accumulate water efficiently, while it heats up. 

Control system

If you want to know which is the best boiler at the moment, you should review the features offered by the Baxi Neodens Plus Eco, because it has a system that can be used by anyone, thanks to an intuitive digital control with a backlit screen, which allows you to control the water temperature and heating in an easy and comfortable way, because you can clearly view the information it offers about the status of the boiler. 

Likewise, it has an instantaneous gas adjustment system, making it possible to easily switch between natural gas and propane gas, just by modifying the supply parameters, without having to adjust the gas valve. In addition, this device is compatible with solar systems. All this thanks to the GAS INVERTER technology with a modulation ratio of 1:7, to offer a more silent, reliable and efficient operation. 

An additional plus of this model is that you can control it from your Smartphone. This device can be more efficient if you incorporate the TXM thermostat and download the HeatConnetc application on your mobile, so you can manage the temperature of both the water heater and the heating from anywhere with an Internet connection. Of course, this thermostat is optional and you must purchase it separately, so the price of the product will be higher.

Energy classification

This boiler has been classified with the A+ category for greater energy efficiency, said efficiency being increased when combined with a modulating thermostat and an external probe, which, as we said before, must be purchased separately, but this device alone offers maximum comfort for the home, thanks to its low consumption.

It is important to note that the nominal thermal power for heating 50/30ºC of this boiler is 21.8 kW, generating large amounts of domestic hot water, which is appropriate for installations that require high power levels. 

In this sense, you should know that this boiler is capable of producing 13.8 L/min of domestic hot water with a temperature of up to 25ºC. This is due to an efficient micro-accumulation system, which reduces the waiting time to obtain domestic hot water to a minimum, so the response capacity of this service is faster than that of other models.

Another noteworthy function of this boiler is the purging of the installation, which facilitates the elimination of air in the heating circuit. In addition, this model adapts to the ErP security measures of the European Union, having a modulating circulator, to reduce electrical consumption and lower the intensity of sound during operation.

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