Beltran soap an option to keep your kitchen clean and its implements

Jabones Beltrán is a company that has been perfecting its techniques for making detergents for domestic use for several decades, among which you can find options for general cleaning of the home and clothes, although its application in one of the most used spaces is striking.: the kitchen.

Why is the kitchen dirty?

When cooking food, whether it is frying, steaming, roasting or using any other cooking method, it is normal for it to give off both odors and fat depending on its type. If you do not have a good extractor hood at home, it is advisable to have recurring cleaning sessions to avoid the accumulation of these elements.

For one thing, the kitchen can easily get dirty from spills when handling food in the pan or casserole. In addition, as mentioned, gases and fats can also settle on countertops and even in the extractor hood itself, which is why, even if you have this tool to minimize contamination or you still do not know which extractor hood to buy, it is necessary know that you will have to clean it thoroughly from time to time and for this you will need a good detergent.

Jabones Beltrán and its history with domestic cleaning

It was 1922 when the Beltrán brothers decided to open their first soap factory. At first, they made soaps in the form of bars and soft, thus managing to open up a space within the saturated market that existed at that time.

One of the periods of greatest growth for the company was when mechanical washing machines began to become popular, since they were able to expand their catalog to offer soap in the form of flakes and also in powder form, which was much more effective for machine washing.

On the other hand, part of the success and recognition that the Jabones Beltrán brand receives is that, unlike other competing products, its soaps do not contain harmful or corrosive chemical elements, but are mainly composed of oils and fats from natural origin. This gives their products a higher efficacy compared to others and also does not require the application of fabric softener to have the same effect. This will help you save money and clean or wash in a much more ecological and safer way for your health.

The company is currently located in the city of Almazora, Castellón, where it was moved in the 1990s. Today it continues to produce high-quality and efficient soaps and, below, you will be able to learn about the application of some of its products in a one of the most dirty areas in the house: the kitchen.

Beltrán soaps and their application in the kitchen

As mentioned above, the Jabones Beltrán catalog includes a series of products in different presentations according to their type and use, but in this space we will focus on the kitchen area, specifically the countertop and the extractor hood, since they are one of the the areas that get dirty the most.

1. Liquid coconut soap

Beltrán Liquid Coconut Soap can be purchased in a 1.5 liter presentation that comes in a bottle with an open handle so you can hold it comfortably.

Ingredients in this detergent include natural coconut oil, which adds a pleasant aftertaste to leave your kitchen smelling clean and fresh. Likewise, although coconut soap is intended for use on fabrics, it can also be used to clean the kitchen countertop or the outside of the extractor hood when diluted in water.

2. Stain remover soft soap

Another very practical product to clean an extractor hood of grease and dust can be the Soft Soap from the Beltrán Stain Remover line. The content of this bottle is 500 grams and is also known as potassium soap.

Its composition is exclusive of vegetable oils obtained from natural origin and does not contain chemical additives such as perfumes or dyes to avoid contaminating your kitchen or your clothes depending on how you decide to use the product.

3. Soft soap stain remover spray

Perhaps one of the most practical options for cleaning a worktop and a common extractor hood is the Soft Spray Soap from the Stain Remover line. This soap is made based on potassium soap, also maintaining the recipe with vegetable oils that characterizes Beltrán products.

Thanks to the fact that this presentation is obtained in a bottle equipped with an atomizer, it will be much easier for you to spread it on the surfaces of your kitchen that you want to clean. After letting it sit for a few minutes, remove it with a damp cloth and go over it as many times as necessary. Soon you will see the grease and dirt disappear from your kitchen.

4. Paste detergent

If you find yourself with a kitchen that has too much grease, dust and accumulated dirt, it is likely that you should resort to one of the most powerful Beltrán brand soaps: Paste Detergent.

This option has cleaning strength combined with whitening agents that will target the spots of greatest dirt accumulation. With this detergent, we also advise you to allow it to rest for as many minutes as necessary, in order to let the effect of its cleaning agents do its job and facilitate the process of removing dirt.

In conclusion, it can be noted that the Jabones Beltrán company has a modest catalog, but that it enjoys a good reputation among its buyers thanks to the fact that, in addition to offering quite appreciable performance, they can also be purchased at affordable prices so that you do not have to spend too much. money.

On the other hand, the decision of its artisans to manufacture all the soaps with ingredients of natural origin and vegetable oils allows them to trust in the purity of their product to use them in environments as sensitive as the kitchen where you prepare your food or to wash the clothes that you you wear in your day to day.

Therefore, if you are interested in investing in a soap of good quality and reputation, we recommend you take a look at Jabones Beltrán’s products.

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