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4-ring binder – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Among the elements necessary for proper document management in our office, the 4-ring binder is one of the most popular. Among other things because it is a product that makes it easy for us to properly organize our documents as we see fit, easily access them and organize them whenever we want without complications. Products that, in addition, are presented in different sizes, measurements and dimensions, so that it is not a problem to choose the format that we like or that suits us best. A variety present in models such as the Exacompta 51929E file set. This set has a total of 10 separate files with a capacity of about 150 sheets and a good resistance to proceed with that file. A capacity that grows with the modelLeitz SoftClick Active WOW, which reaches 250 sheets in a design with details such as the rubber bands that close the folder or the inner sleeve that makes it easier to store everything you need, such as business cards, CDs and other documents.

The best 4-ring binders on the market

Within document management, having file cabinets where you can organize your papers by projects, departments or any other requirement is essential. Something that leads us to wonder what is the best 4-ring binder we can find. This search depends on factors such as our specific needs, the volume we use and our personal preferences. So to find the best 4-ring binder for your office, just take a look at this list and find the perfect product for you.

Former 51929E

The Exacompta 51929E lot is part of one of the most complete sets of 4-ring binders. A set consisting of 10 units, in which it is possible to store a good number of documents with complete comfort and also having covers of different colors that facilitate document management.

Some folders with 30-millimeter rings and 40-millimeter spines, so that each folder offers space for approximately 150 sheets. And given the adjusted price of this lot, we would be talking about the best value for money 4-ring binder of those that we have selected in this list of the best 4-ring binders of 2022. Because equipping your office with quality does not have to mean a large financial expense.

If you are not sure which folders to buy but if you want products from among the cheap options, this model offers you a wide variety at an adjusted cost.


Variety of colors: The filing cabinets have 10 different colors, to facilitate a better organization of the documents.

Capacity : The folders have a capacity of approximately 150 to 170 sheets.

Price : By having 10 folders, we are facing one of the cheapest proposals on the market.

Measurements : The measurements of the folders are 30 millimeters in the rings and 40 in the spines, so that they do not take up more space than necessary.

Resistance : Thanks to the quality of their manufacture, the folders adequately support intensive use without the covers deteriorating.


Identification : It is missing to have a space on the spine to include an identification label or similar.

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Leitz SoftClick Active WOW

The Leitz SoftClick Active WOW 4-ring binder is an efficient model, with which you have ample space to store documents, also combined with an inner sleeve in which to store papers, business cards or CDs. A complete model that also has rubber, so you can store what you need without the interior moving or getting lost.

Something that helps its construction, in light polyfoam and that also has an engraved lid and finished off in a beautiful turquoise color. A 4-ring binder with an A4 design but which, thanks to the position of its rings, can also be used to include documents in A5 format.

A design that is finished off with a lateral space to include labels or whatever you need. Enough then to become the best 4-ring binder of the moment or, at least, of our selection.

If you are still not sure which 4-ring binder to buy, this model gives you high versatility when it comes to storing up to 250 sheets.


Inner cover: The inner cover, located in the lid area, has space to include more documents, CDs or business cards.

Rubber : The included rubber makes it easy for you to close the folder and prevent damage or loss of the documents you keep inside.

Finish : Its turquoise finish adds extra elegance and quality to the product.

Side label: The spine label makes it easy to identify the content of the document and saves you time when it comes to organizing.


Weight : The product has a somewhat high weight, due to the resistance of its materials, so it is not the most suitable thing to take with you if you go out of the office.

Rings : Although their resistance is adequate, the rings must be taken care of to avoid premature deterioration.

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Esselte 49705

Among the leading manufacturers on the market, Esselte is also one of those that deserves to appear in our selection. A product with an elegant design that is presented in its Esselte 49705 model. This file cabinet has a somewhat wider design, with a 50-millimeter spine, which allows you to store around 230 sheets of conventional weight inside.

A model that has quality finishes, with double welding and closing on the edges to add even more resistance to the filing cabinet. A design where there is also space to insert your covers in the spine and the cover, facilitating the process of customizing the binder.

And if you are concerned about ecology, this model also has ecological components in its leatherette sheet, improving the finish and taking more care of the environment.

Featured by many users as the best 4-ring binder brand of the moment, we give you some details of one of its most outstanding products.


Customizable : The outer covers have space to include the elements you want to make it easy to identify the folders.

Capacity : This binder has four D-rings and the capacity to store around 230 conventional sheets.

Finish : The finish of the product has details such as welded edges and double-sided gluing, for greater strength and durability.


Opening of the rings: Due to the opening of the rings, they are not suitable files for particularly intensive use, since this can end up breaking them.

Ring shape: As with other models, these D-rings are somewhat more awkward to work with than the usual circular ones.

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Herlitz max.file Protect

If a single filing cabinet is not enough to equip your office, the Herlitz max.file Protect model is another of these interesting lots to take proper care of your documents. Specifically, this lot has three folders of different colors, so you can better organize your documents.

Something similar happens with the side labels that you can customize as you see fit, to make identification easier. A complete model with a capacity for 250 sheets in each filing cabinet, also topped with a high resistance of materials, which adequately withstand regular use.

Something that is reflected in the size of its rings, which will not be a problem when opening and closing them. And as if that were not enough, the filing cabinet is finished off with an adequate weight and size, so it will not be too much of a problem to manage the filing cabinets and move them with greater comfort.

Designed to have a large space when it comes to organizing your documents, let’s see more information about this filing cabinet and its functions.


Internal capacity: Thanks to its dimensions, this product makes it easy to store up to 250 sheets inside each folder.

Identification : The removable side label allows you to properly personalize the content and improve its identification.

Lot : Since you have three filing cabinets, it will be easier for you to have enough space to store everything you need.


Choice of colors: The colors are not to be chosen, but the manufacturer sends those that are available.

Space : Although they are sufficient, the interior is adjusted to the size of an A4 sheet of paper, without leaving much more space available.

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Veloflex 22903255

The Veloflex 22903255 model responds to the design of the 4-ring binder in A5 format and the design of a lifetime, so that it is not difficult for you to organize your documents as you like. A product with a faux-leather finish and adequate PVC manufacturing that adequately withstands wetting and the continued use of the product.

A model with four 25-millimeter diameter rings, which give its interior space to store up to 250 sheets and move them easily. Something to which the manufacture of the product contributes, which adds extra resistance when handling and loading the folder with hardly any complications.

By the way, the folder is available in three different colors, such as blue, black or red, being able to choose the one that suits you best at any time.

Since A5 file cabinets are also necessary, we leave you some details of this product and everything it offers you to organize yourself.


Format : The A5 format allows you to properly organize this type of document without having to worry about anything else.

Capacity : With a width of 25 millimeters and a spacious design, it is possible to store up to 250 sheets inside.

Construction : The high-resistance PVC construction makes it easier to have a product that you can handle without risk of deterioration.


Personalization : This folder does not have space to personalize the folder, either in the front cover area or on the side.

Orientation of the file : It is important to take into account the orientation of the file, so that it adjusts to what you need.

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