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Bathroom Cabinets – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Surely you have noticed that you spend a good part of the time in the bathroom of the house, so it is important to have a cabinet that helps you keep everything organized, however, before deciding it is good to consider aspects such as design, measurements, manufacturing materials, among others. There is a wide variety of bathroom cabinets on the market today, so we have specifically selected some of the most prominent. The Homfa 56 x 13 x 58 cm has three shelves and is made of MDF for greater lightness and resistance. On the other hand, the SoBuy FRG126-W is designed as a bathroom column with multiple compartments, so it is attractive, practical and suitable for placing various objects. 

Opinions on the best bathroom cabinets

Nowadays, it has become essential to have a bathroom cabinet that allows you to store all the accessories and utensils for daily use. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best bathroom cabinets of 2022, to help you choose the most appropriate one according to your needs and the availability of space in your home.

bathroom cabinet with mirror

Home 56 x 13 x 58 cm

The structure of this model is made of high-quality MDF wood, so it is capable of avoiding corrosion due to humidity in the space. For this reason, it is suitable for placing above the sink without worrying about splashes.

Also, it is good to know that it gives you ample storage space, since it has two doors and three shelves to store all kinds of products, as if that were not enough, it has an adjustable height board, indicated to adapt it to the size of the objects that you want to place inside, which is why it is considered by many users as the best bathroom cabinet.

On the other hand, its total measurements are 56 x 13 x 58 cm, so as not to take up too much space on the wall. It is also a bathroom cabinet with a mirror, appropriate to see your appearance before going out. Similarly, its design is elegant, simple and has a white lacquered surface that you can combine with all decorations.

If you want to acquire this model, considered by many to be the best bathroom cabinet of the moment, it is recommended that you take into account its most relevant characteristics in more detail before making the purchase:


Use: You can install it quickly and easily above the sink for greater practicality.

Doors: Its structure incorporates two doors with mirrors, which give you protection to store the accessories you need, with a pleasant appearance at the same time.

Materials: It is made of MDF wood, which resists moisture and prevents corrosion.


Measurements: Some users indicate that it is smaller than expected, however, it has measurements of 56 x 13 x 58 cm.

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This is a mirrored bathroom cabinet that you can mount on the wall for convenience. However, it is also a versatile model, since you can install it in any room of the house, whether it is to decorate, place books or store objects.

It includes 2 doors and 3 shelves and one of them can be adjusted in height, in this way it is possible to adapt its internal space to place large or small objects. In addition, the lower shelf features an open design, which is very suitable for placing quick-use items and accessories.

Its surface is smooth and attractive, since it is lacquered in white for greater durability, it also has metal knobs to open and close the cabinet comfortably. As if that were not enough, its installation can be carried out without professional help, it already has an instruction manual in several languages ​​and the parts are marked with a sticker to easily identify them.

To keep the accessories in your bathroom properly organized, you must have a good quality bathroom cabinet. For this reason, before deciding, we invite you to previously analyze the pros and cons of this model:


Materials: Its structure is made of fiberboard and has been lacquered for greater attractiveness and protection. Likewise, the closure system and the knobs are made of metal for a longer useful life.

Installation: It has a manual in multiple languages ​​and the parts are marked with stickers to easily identify them during installation.

Mirrors: Incorporate a mirror on each door for greater versatility.


Shelf: One of the shelves was longer than expected, according to the experience of a user, so it is advisable to check all the pieces before starting the assembly.

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Auxiliary bathroom cabinet

SoBuy FRG126-W

This is a column type bathroom auxiliary cabinet, which is conducive to good organization. One of its main features is that it has two drawers, each 24 cm high, 26 cm wide and 30 cm deep, which are very useful and practical for storing containers and cleaning products.

It also offers 3 equal-sized shelves that give you enough space to store quick-use accessories, such as creams, soaps, towels and medications. On the other hand, you should consider that it is 144 cm high and 30 cm wide and deep, so you can place it in any corner of the bathroom without taking up much space.

If you are wondering which is the best bathroom cabinet, it is important to know that you can combine this model with various types of decoration, since it is made of MDF wood with a lacquered surface, and it also has a neutral white color.

Finding a bathroom cabinet that is roomy and has enough storage capacity could be tricky. For this reason, we invite you to review in greater detail the pros and cons of this model:


Design: It has 2 drawers and 3 shelves to store different objects.

Materials: It is made of MDF wood for greater resistance. In addition, it is lacquered in white for greater attractiveness and to avoid humidity.

Dimensions: It measures 144 cm high, with a depth and width of 30 cm, so as not to take up much space in the bathroom.


Installation: The installation could be a bit complicated according to the opinion of some users, however, it has an instruction manual and all the necessary parts for its assembly.

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Tatay 4480002

It is a piece of furniture with a practical and compact design, which is 90 cm high, 22 cm wide and 11 cm deep. For this reason, it is an auxiliary bathroom cabinet that you can place vertically on the wall, thanks to the fact that it has a double fixing system, through screws or with the Glue&Fix system, therefore, it is not necessary to drill the product. to the wall.

This model is one of the cheapest on the list and its fixing allows it to support up to 8 kg of weight. It is made of high-quality polypropylene plastic, so it provides a long service life, since it is resistant and does not rust.

On the other hand, it incorporates 3 doors and 5 easy-to-open shelves, suitable for keeping your bathroom products stored and organized. In addition, it has an attractive white design, but you can get it in its translucent presentation with a blue or glacé finish.

If you are looking for a sturdy bathroom cabinet that does not take up much space, but is one of the cheapest, then it is important that you analyze the positive and negative aspects of this model before making a decision:


Installation: For greater practicality, it has the Glue&Fix system, indicated for installing the cabinet without the need to drill into the wall.

Materials: It is made of polypropylene plastic, which does not rust, is easy to clean and is shock resistant.

Design: It has 5 shelves and 3 doors in white, however, you can get it in blue and glacé colors.


Depth: This model has little depth compared to other products on the list, so it is indicated for placing containers, bottles and small objects.

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Bathroom cabinet for wall


According to some users, this is the best value for money bathroom cabinet, since it is not very expensive and has a compact design with well-distributed compartments. In this sense, its structure has 3 fixed shelves on the right side, while on the left side it has two height-adjustable shelves on 3 levels, in addition, it incorporates a door for greater storage security.

Likewise, you must take into account its measurements, which are 60 cm x 18 cm x 71 cm, so it is appropriate to place above the sink, however, it is always recommended that you check the available space at home. In addition, its right compartments measure 26 cm x 15 cm x 21.8 cm.

On the other hand, this bathroom wall cabinet has all the necessary tools for its installation, such as screws and bolts. Its surface is white and is capable of resisting the humidity that the bathroom usually produces, since it is made of E1 class MDF wood, which prevents mold and can be easily cleaned.

If you are looking for a bathroom cabinet that can combine rustic and modern styles to provide an innovative design, then it is best to take into account the main characteristics of this model:


Compartments: It offers 2 compartments on the left side and 3 on the right side, suitable for gaining storage space.

Materials: It is made of E1 class MDF wood, which resists moisture and prevents mold.

Surface: Its surface is white, which gives the cabinet a more elegant look.


Anchorage : It only has two anchorage points to install, so a user considers that it should have four for greater fastening security, however, this does not affect its functionality.

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Homfa with 5 compartments

It is a bathroom wall cabinet 58 cm high, 56 cm wide and 13 cm deep. It is made up of 5 compartments, 3 lower and 2 larger upper ones. The latter have a height-adjustable shelf on 3 levels, they also have two doors with knobs, which favor easy opening.

It has an elegant European design with a white surface, so it can also be used to install in living rooms, bedrooms and any room in the house, whether it is to place vases, books, soap dishes, medicines, towels, cleaning products, etc. others.

On the other hand, it is made of MDF wood, which resists corrosion and moisture, so it can offer you a long service life. In addition, it is easy to install, thanks to the fact that it includes instructions for correct assembly.

If you are still not sure which bathroom cabinet to buy, but you need an efficient and resistant product to help you keep the space organized, then it is important that you consider the pros and cons of this model to achieve a safer investment:


Doors: It incorporates two doors to cover the upper compartments, in addition, each one has a knob to open comfortably.

Dimensions: The dimensions of its structure are 58 cm high, 56 cm wide and 13 deep, making it compact to place in any room.

Shelves: It has 3 square shelves at the bottom and 2 higher capacity shelves, suitable for storing various objects.


Odour: The cabinet may give off a strong odor due to the lacquered finish, according to some users. However, this disappears after a short time of use.

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hanging bathroom cabinet

Trendteam Smart living 168150101

It is a product specifically designed to be mounted on the wall, since it is a hanging bathroom cabinet, which incorporates all the necessary components for a simple and quick installation, likewise, it includes an instruction manual, so it does not you need to hire professional help.

It has a compact and simple white design and the door has a faded surface, which allows you to see inside the cabinet. On the other hand, it has measurements of 35 cm x 48 cm x 22 cm, but you can get it in different sizes to adapt it to the available space in your bathroom.

Also, it is important to take into account that its door has an easy-grip handle and inside it offers 2 shelves, which are wide enough to place various accessories. On the other hand, it is a cheap bathroom cabinet that meets the specific requirements of the law, such as FSC certification, which indicates responsible forest management.

In case you need an attractive and modern piece of furniture to store your daily hygiene products, then it is recommended that you take into account the most outstanding characteristics of this model before making a decision:


Measurements: Its measurements are 35 cm x 48 cm x 22 cm, making it a compact model to hang without taking up too much space.

Design: It has a modern and attractive design in white, appropriate to combine with any room.

Door: Its door allows you to see the contents of the cabinet, since its surface is translucent for greater attractiveness and practicality. In addition, it incorporates a handle.


Compartments: This model offers only 2 compartments inside, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other models on the list with more organization options.

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Relaxdays 10019204

It is an attractive cabinet made of bamboo, which provides resistance to its structure and makes it suitable for humid environments. This model is part of the LAMINA collection, so its design provides a natural feeling in the bathroom.

It includes two doors with slats placed horizontally, in this way they form modern slits that favor ventilation inside the wardrobe. It is a bathroom cabinet to hang, with a specific space that serves to place a bath towel.

Inside it has two shelves to store different types of accessories for daily cleaning, such as towels, soaps and toilet paper. However, it has a third shelf 15 cm high, suitable for placing quick access objects, such as toothbrushes and creams. In this sense, it is important to know that it has general dimensions of 66 cm high, 62 cm wide and 20 cm deep.

It is good that you acquire the best brand of bathroom cabinets if you need a quality product that is capable of highlighting the attractiveness of your bathroom, so we invite you to review in detail the pros and cons of this Relaxdays company model:


Materials: It is made of high quality bamboo, which absorbs moisture, is resistant and easy to clean.

Doors: It incorporates 2 doors with slats that form slits, in this way the air can circulate constantly.

Design: Its design incorporates 3 compartments with a height of 15 cm, which offer greater practicality for storing objects.


Installation: Some users consider that the installation can be a bit complicated, since some parts do not fit correctly, so it is recommended to pay attention to the instructions.

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How to choose the best bathroom cabinet?

Choosing a model depends mainly on the availability of space in your bathroom, but you should also consider its decorative features, as well as capacity, durability, practicality, among others. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buying the best bathroom cabinet, with everything you need to know to choose the most convenient model.

Shopping guide


The cabinets are indicated to store diverse and multiple objects, be it cleaning, hygiene, health, aesthetic products, among others. For this reason, the first thing we must take into account is the number of compartments that its structure offers, since this could determine how much the wardrobe costs.

In this sense, you can get models that have between 2 and 5 compartments, distributed in different ways, either one on top of the other, 3 on the right and two on the left, 3 lower and 2 upper, among other options. It all depends on your style and needs regarding the distribution of objects.

Also, you must take into account that each model has its own style and design to place objects. In general, the compartments are made up of shelves, however, some cabinets have other options, such as drawers, which are a little more functional to protect certain things.

Depending on the distribution of the compartments, their sizes could also vary, so you can find models with shelves that are wider or taller than others, generally measuring approximately 20 cm to 70 cm high and 20 cm to 60 cm. Wide.

At a higher height, you can comfortably place bottles, cleaners, toothbrushes, among others, in addition, there are models with height-adjustable shelves for greater versatility. On the other hand, the wider cabinets are suitable for storing dryers, irons, hair brushes, among other gadgets.


When making a comparison of bathroom cabinets, we can see that most models incorporate doors with different designs, shapes and practicalities. This is because they are normally indicated to protect the objects in the closet with greater security.

It is possible to find cabinets with 1, 2 and even 3 doors. The larger the quantity, the more efficiently you can separate the implements in your bathroom, but they tend to be less practical than a single-door cabinet, which gives you more immediate access. Also, there are even more practical models with multiple shelves and no doors, so you can directly access objects.

Door designs can be very varied to be adapted to your style, so you can find models with translucent doors, which in addition to being more attractive and modern, also allow you to see the things inside before opening the closet. Others incorporate doors with grille-type slots, which favor the entry of air inside. On the other hand, it is recommended that the product of your choice have knobs or a handle on the doors, as this facilitates easy, quick and comfortable opening. 


If you want to know the price of a bathroom cabinet, then you should know that there is a wide variety of types with different sizes and designs, depending on how cheap or expensive each model could be. The design of your choice should always be related to the space available in your bathroom or your decoration needs, since you can find models to hang on the wall or place on a column.

In this sense, the wall type usually has a compact size, since it is normally indicated to be placed on top of the sink or near it. You can also find a bathroom cabinet with a mirror and light, which can be convenient to observe the face in detail when applying makeup or cleaning the face. On the other hand, the most appropriate thing is that if you decide on a wall cabinet, it has the necessary tools for its installation, either through glue or screws, since in general you must do it manually.

Column-type cabinets are more practical to use, since they can be placed in any corner and surface of the bathroom. Likewise, they usually have a vertical structure, which allows greater organization comfort. As for its assembly, it is important that they have an instruction manual to assemble its structure more easily.


The resistance of the bathroom cabinet depends on the materials used in its manufacture. They usually offer MDF wood frame, as it is light and strong, whether to place the cabinet on the wall or on the floor. Similarly, it is recommended that the model of your choice has a lacquered coating, as this will prevent moisture from the bathroom from seeping into the furniture. If you want an even more waterproof product, you can opt for a model made of plastic.

Also, you can find models made with more natural materials, such as bamboo, which could also give you more appeal in your bathroom. However, in any case it is important that the material that makes up the structure is easy to clean, in this way you will avoid the accumulation of bacteria. Likewise, the parts for its installation and that join its structure must be made of metal, steel or another resistant material, since this will guarantee a long useful life.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a bathroom cabinet?

A bathroom cabinet is a piece of furniture that must fulfill the important function of organizing the personal care items of each member of the family. In this sense, it is necessary to use it properly to get the most out of it so that each person has their own space. To do this, you must consider the dimensions of your bathroom, since the cabinet must be proportional to the available space. If you have a large space, it would be advisable to place several small or medium-sized pieces of furniture.

Q2: How to make a bathroom cabinet?

One of the easiest pieces of furniture to build and one that offers a lot of storage space is the column type, whether you place it horizontally or vertically. For its manufacture you will need rectangular boards of wood or MDF, as well as metal brackets for shelves and screws. Then, with the help of a ruler, you can take the measurements where you want to place each shelf, also mark the place where the screws of the bracket will go, to fix it to the wall and finally place the boards on it.

Q3: How to paint a bathroom cabinet?

To paint a bathroom cabinet, it is best to remove it from the wall and disassemble the doors and drawers, also removing the hinges and metal parts used as a closing system, as this will give it a better finish. Then, remove the dust with a brush suitable for the material of the wardrobe and if you consider it necessary, wash it with degreasing soap for a deeper cleaning. Once all the pieces are dry, you must apply a layer of protective enamel, let dry and apply one or two layers of the paint of your choice.

Q4: How to make some doors for a bathroom cabinet?

To make the doors of the bathroom cabinet, choose the appropriate material according to the structure where you are going to install them, generally the doors are made of wood or MDF. Make sure you have the exact measurements, taking into account the hinges and closing systems. Make the cuts with the appropriate tools, outline the edges, apply the paint or stain of your choice. Lastly, install the doors using the hinges and attach the knob or handle.

Q5: How to decorate a bathroom cabinet?

To decorate the bathroom cabinet we must take into account that the objects, materials and designs to be used correspond to those of the bathroom, to preserve a certain harmony in the decoration, that is why the color of the walls, taps and other furniture should match. In this sense, among the items that are generally used for this type of decoration are plants, vases with flowers, curtains, embroidered towels, multipurpose boxes, baskets, stickers and even hand-painted figures.

Q6: How to organize a bathroom cabinet?

Knowing how to organize a bathroom cabinet is an important point, not only to maintain the harmony of the place, but also to have our products available when they are needed. Therefore, a good way to do this is to incorporate multipurpose boxes, baskets and hooks with suction cups or screws, which can be suitable for hanging brushes, shavers, epilators and hair care tools. However, it is necessary to see the dimensions of each compartment to place objects of more or less the same height.

Q7: How much weight can a bathroom cabinet support?

It is difficult to establish an exact amount of weight that a bathroom cabinet can support, since that amount depends directly on each model. First of all, you should consider the material they are made of, wood, chipboard, melamine, metal, among others. Also, take into account the fixing system, if the wardrobe is a suspended piece of furniture, then you must know the state of the wall where you plan to hang it and the tools used for it. If the cabinet is a floor unit, then consider the resistance of each shelf and its structure as a whole.

Q8: How to fix a hanging bathroom cabinet?

To fix a bathroom cabinet to the wall, the first thing you should do is take the measurements of its support system, in great detail to avoid imbalances or unevenness. Then transfer those measurements to the wall, taking into account the appropriate height where you want to install it, in this way you can proceed to open the holes with the help of a drill. Once ready, proceed to place the furniture and the screws in position, tightening little by little and enough so that it does not move and is correctly fixed. It is important to mention that you must have the advice of expert personnel to use the appropriate screws, according to the conditions of your wall and the material of the furniture, in this way, you ensure quality work.

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