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Bathroom Lighting – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022


The incorporation of a lighting system to our rooms is not a task that we can carry out in the blink of an eye, since there are several technical specifications that we must corroborate prior to its acquisition. As expected, the models are usually varied, so taking into account some recommendations would be a good idea. Öusen C#OC6000 is a bathroom lighting fixture with an ultra-flat design, designed to be mounted in any room due to its 24-watt power. In addition, its average lifespan is 30,000 hours. For its part, with OOWOLF Moonlight Goddess-I, you will enjoy adequate white lighting to help you with makeup, since it is mounted directly on the mirror.

Opinions on the best bathroom lighting


A well-lit bathroom will allow us to create a pleasant environment, which is quite convenient to relax when taking a shower. Likewise, it will favor the makeup or shaving process every morning. For these and many other reasons, you should know which are the best lighting for bathrooms.

ceiling bathroom lighting

Öusen C#OC6000

In this opportunity, Öusen presents us with what could be the best bathroom lighting. It is a device with an ultra-flat format, modern and elegant design, suitable for mounting on the wall, ceiling in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom.

The structure has dimensions of 32 x 32 x 4.8 centimetres, corresponding to its width, length and thickness respectively, making it easy to adapt to any space. In addition, it has been manufactured with ABS and PC polymer, which are resistant materials and free of contaminating agents such as mercury and lead, being completely harmless on contact. Likewise, this ceiling bathroom lighting system has been provided with IP44 protection against water and anti-fog treatment.

Finally, we have that its work force is 24 volts and the alternating current voltage is far from 180 to 265 volts, offering an A++ type energy classification. Also, the lamp has 2050 lumens, an angle of 180 degrees and an average life of 30,000 hours, offering adequate durability.

If you want to take home the best bathroom lighting of the moment, do not hesitate to know the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Efficiency: Thanks to its A++ efficiency we will save up to 20% below the consumption measure.

Format: Its dimensions of 32 x 32 x 4.8 centimeters will allow you to save space at the time of assembly.

Lifespan: The lighting system offers an average of 30,000 working hours, which is a considerable range.

Impermeability: The casing has an IP44 protection treatment against water for greater resistance.


Scope: Depending on the space where it is installed, the lighting level may be insufficient, especially if it is a large area that exceeds its capacity.

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This model of ceiling bathroom lighting from EISFEU has been pleasantly commented by buyers, since it has an aesthetically attractive design. It is an LED lamp made of robust polymer and free of toxic agents, whose body has a diameter and thickness of 33 × 4.5 centimeters, favoring its assembly. 

In addition, a convenient IP44 water treatment is incorporated into the casing. In this way, you will not have problems when placing the equipment in the bathroom or in any interior space. Its working power is 24 volts and its electrical consumption is up to 90% less compared to incandescent systems.

It is important to mention that the bulbs are 2050 lumens, the heat temperature offered is warm white, and the lighting angle reaches 120°. Thus, you will have an adequate distribution of light, creating a cozy atmosphere without glare.

With this model you will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any interior room. Learn more about its specifications below.


Water resistance: Due to the incorporation of an IP44 treatment, you will not have to worry about splashes when mounting the lamp in the bathroom.

Lighting: The light offered is warm white, suitable both for the interior of the home and for the office.

Format: Its structure is easy to handle due to its 33 x 4.5 centimeter format.

Power: 24 watts of power offer efficient operation at a low cost.


Accessories: It is necessary to replace the adjustment screws in order to guarantee a better reinforcement and firmness.

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Lusunt N-102

When reviewing the list of the best bathroom lighting of 2022, you will find this Lusunt model among the first places. The lamp has a structure of 33 x 33 x 6.5 centimeters, offering a compact format that you can easily manipulate when mounting it on the ceiling. In addition, this process is much simpler due to the incorporation of a set of nuts and bolts for fixing.

The casing was manufactured with a special polymer for optical use such as PMMA, characterized by providing a high level of light transparency, distributing it evenly throughout the room. Thus, it will prevent the deterioration of your vision due to annoying glare or flickering.

Among other aspects of interest in this ceiling bathroom lighting we have the impermeability of the structure, thanks to an IP44 treatment. Likewise, its power of 26 watts, alternating current power supply from 86 to 265 volts and energy labeling A ++ stand out, which together supposes a favorable energy consumption and performance.

Lusunt is considered the best bathroom lighting brand, which offers you a modern model with a series of pros and cons that you must evaluate.


Impermeability: The manufacturer incorporated an IP44 treatment against water, being suitable for the bathroom.

Consumption: Due to the A++ type classification, you will enjoy low energy consumption.

Manufacturing: The implementation of PMMA material provides better light transfer, avoiding glare.

Assembly: To improve the assembly process, a small set of nuts and bolts was attached.


Connection cable: The length of the connection cable could be a bit limited, but if you are careful you will not have any problems.

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LED bathroom lighting

OOWOLF Moonlight Goddess – I 

With this LED bathroom lighting you can enjoy a light with a natural white temperature of 4000K, suitable to be mounted above the mirror, in any makeup cabinet and even in the corridors of your home if you wish.

This lighting system has a power of 12 watts and works with a voltage of 85 to 260 volts, offering energy efficiency class A. In this way, you will obtain low power consumption compared to traditional equipment. The structure projects an elegant, modern and quite stylized aesthetic, which will serve as a decorative element in the bathroom. 

Galvanized aluminum with IP20 treatment was used for its manufacture, which provides resistance, stability, durability, lightness to the casing and protection against splashes. In addition, it is worth noting its long format, depth, height of 44 x 3.8 x 3.8 centimeters and weight of 299 grams, which together make the lamp compact.

This is a wall light for bathroom, which will help you improve your optics when applying makeup or shaving.


Energy efficiency: You will obtain low power consumption compared to other models, since this LED lamp is classified A.

Casing: The combination of aluminum gives the structure strength and lightness.

Temperature: Its 4000K temperature offers natural white light, ideal for applying makeup.

Format: Its compact structure of 44 x 3.8 x 3.8 centimeters allows easy handling.


Use: This lighting system is suitable for the mirror area, but it could be insufficient if you want to illuminate the entire bathroom. 

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WONDERLAMP is a well-known manufacturer in the world of lighting, which has gained the support of thousands of buyers due to the high quality present in each of its marketed products. An example of this is the LED bathroom lighting system that it presents to us on this occasion, which has an ultra-flat design and cold light projection of 1450 lumens. In addition, it can be classified as the best value for money bathroom lighting on our list, and also as one of the cheapest.

The casing is made of aluminium, the glass screen and the structure in general has IP20 protection against splashes, thus offering robustness and durability. Its compact format is 23 x 23 x 8 centimeters and its weight is 449 grams, being of standard weight. 

Likewise, the power of this LED bathroom lighting is 18 watts, together with the 220-volt alternating current, it offers a low consumption of A+ energy classification. It is important to mention the incorporation of a mechanism against overheating, which protects from high and low voltage.

If you are looking for a compact and easy-to-assemble lighting system, you cannot miss this option, which is also one of the cheapest.


Housing: Its aluminum housing has strength and a neutral appearance for the bathroom or other spaces.

Weight: You can easily handle the lamp prior to assembly, since it only weighs 449 grams.

Security: You will not have to worry about overheating, because the equipment includes a protection mechanism for high and low voltage.

Efficiency: The A+ efficiency label ensures low energy consumption.


Design: The model has a standard-looking design, which seems simple to some people, although it does not detract from its functionality.

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bathroom mirror lighting

ANPRO 10 bulbs

If after reviewing several purchase portals you still do not know which is the best bathroom lighting, you should review this model developed and marketed by ANPRO. It is a bathroom mirror lighting set made up of a total of 10 easy-to-assemble LED light bulbs. To carry out this process, double-sided adhesives were incorporated, designed for rapid and long-lasting fixing. 

It is important to clarify that each light bulb has a work force of one watt, offering a maximum power as a whole corresponding to 10 watts. In addition, the equipment is powered via USB through an adapter with an output of two amps and five watts.

A particularity of the equipment is that the bulbs work in circuits, so you can adjust their operation according to your needs. In the same way, you have the possibility to program the brightness and focus of the light, to set the area in the way you need.

When asked what bathroom lighting to buy, you can consider purchasing this model that has beneficial aspects to offer.


Assembly: You will not have to make any type of extra investment acquiring the assembly material, since it is attached to the purchase.

Bulbs: The lighting set has 10 bulbs of one watt of power each, convenient to install lamps in a circuit.

Programming: You can adjust the temperature of the light and its orientation by means of a small built-in control.

Adapter: For easy power supply, it incorporates a USB adapter with an output of two amps and five watts.


Instruction manual: The assembly steps are not detailed enough. However, it is an intuitive procedure.

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HOMMIE presents to the market a wall-mounted bathroom mirror lighting, whose structure has been built with certified and high-end materials, designed to offer resistance, durability and soft touch, such as aluminum and ABS polymer. The latter is recyclable and free of toxic agents that are harmful to man or the environment. 

Likewise, it is relevant to mention the incorporation of an IP44 protection treatment against water, which makes the product quite suitable for use in the bathroom.

Regarding the format, we have that the width, depth, thickness is 30 x 10.5 x 4 centimeters, with a weight of 170 grams, which suggests easy handling and does not take up much space.

The work force is five watts and its efficiency type A, having a regulated consumption. Likewise, we cannot fail to mention the natural white color temperature of the light of 350 lumens for a useful life of 50,000 hours, for its use for a long time.

This easy-to-assemble lighting system has great manufacturing attributes for you, which you can learn about below.


Format: The 30 x 10.5 x 4 centimeter structure takes up little space and is easy to handle.

Power: Its power of five watts will surprise you, since it is capable of correctly lighting a small room.

Service life: The service life of the equipment is 50,000 hours, so you will not have to worry about replacing it for a long time.

Impermeability: The IP44 protection applied to the structure prevents deterioration due to water.


Instruction manual: Despite incorporating a manual in Spanish, the instructions may not be very specific.

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How to choose the best bathroom lighting?

Getting the best lighting for our bathroom takes time, since we will need to review the wide variety of options that the market has at our disposal. The important thing is not to make hasty purchases and verify that the product is really capable of satisfying our needs. Here is a guide to buying the best bathroom lighting.

Shopping guide


Both design and assembly are aspects that must be evaluated when making a comparison of bathroom lighting, prior to purchasing the product. Although the selection of the model is a completely personal decision, it is also true that you must take into consideration that not all designs are suitable for the same spaces. 

For example, you can place a recessed ceiling, ceiling or downlight lamp in the bathroom, which illuminates the entire room and additionally fix a set of lower-power bulbs in the mirror, so that you improve visibility when applying makeup. or shave Likewise, there are the wall lamps, which are mounted on the countertops or in the upper area of ​​​​the mirrors, being even suitable for the rooms or corridors of your home.

Manufacturing and protective treatments

Making the selection of a product based mainly on how much it costs could be a serious mistake, since the high or low cost of the equipment will not always determine the quality of the materials. Let us remember that this raw material plays a fundamental role in any product and bathroom lighting is no exception.

In general, manufacturers tend to use galvanized aluminum or stainless steel for the manufacture of high-end equipment cases, as well as rigid polymers such as ABS, PC or PMMA. Likewise, the incorporation of the well-known IP44 or IP20 water protection treatments stands out, which are quite convenient to avoid the deterioration of the equipment due to splashes and humidity when installing them in the bathroom.

Power and efficiency

Acquiring good and cheap bathroom lighting is the ideal of every buyer, but for this to be possible it is necessary that the product meets some requirements regarding its workforce and energy efficiency.

It is important that you take into consideration that both specifications usually vary depending on the model and the manufacturer, so your task is to be attentive and verify that they are flattering.

Regarding the power of bathroom lighting, you should know that the equipment usually varies between 10 watts, which is enough for those who want to illuminate the mirror area, while those with higher powers can reach 24 watts and will serve you to project a radius of light for an entire room. In this sense, you must evaluate your needs, know the square meters of the room and contrast them with the light range of the equipment. In this way, you will avoid any type of inconvenience.

In addition, there is the issue of energy efficiency, which if not adequate could increase the cost of our monthly electricity bill. Therefore, it is important that the selected bathroom lighting has an A, A++ or A+++ classification label, which means that the product is very energy efficient. We frequently see this in LED light bulbs, which are then the most recommended to save up to 90% compared to other halogen-type equipment.

color temperature

When talking about the color temperature of the lighting system, we are referring to the warm, cold or neutral tone projected by the light of said bulb. It is a specification that we often do not take into account, since we focus on aesthetics or other important attributes of the product. However, the selection of the temperature will allow us to set the different rooms of our home, office or workplace in an appropriate way.

For example, if the equipment you are looking for is for the bathroom or a beauty salon, a model similar to natural light would be recommended, since it is similar to that of a sunny day. In this way, you will obtain a much sharper and fresher optic, also offering an effect of amplitude in space. 

But if what you want is for the room to be much more welcoming, you will have to acquire a warm white lighting system. Ultimately, the decision will depend on your needs and the type of open or closed room you intend to decorate. Likewise, the market has several options, which you should check.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: What bathroom lighting does a room without windows need?

A room without windows is usually a fairly dark space, so it is advisable to use bathroom lighting with a natural white color temperature, which resembles daylight. Similarly, it is valid to use a warm white tone if you want to create a much more welcoming atmosphere. In any case, the selection will depend on your taste and needs of use.


Q2: Which is better for bathroom lighting, LEDs or energy saving light bulbs?

Both LED and low-consumption light bulbs are good options to illuminate our bathrooms, being a decision that you must make based on your needs. Keep in mind that every day there are more lighting equipment that adapt LED technology, because it offers a longer useful life. Likewise, it offers you the possibility of being able to select the temperature that is most convenient for the room, avoiding the usual glare or flickering of the other light bulbs that end up irritating the eyes.


Q3: How high above the mirror should I place the bathroom lighting?

The height of the lighting system with respect to the mirror in the bathroom can vary significantly, depending on its model. However, experts recommend that if the selected model is wall mounted, you can mount it on the mirror frame or a maximum of five centimeters above the top edge. Of course, everything will depend on the weight of the structure.

On the other hand, if you have purchased a lighting set with stick-on bulbs, you must fix them on the sides, upper and/or lower edges of the mirror, as the case may be. The important thing is that you keep a distance of at least five centimeters from each bulb. In the same way, it is advisable to verify what is set by the manufacturer for each model. 

Q4: How much power does the bathroom lighting need?

The lighting crew workforce is quite diverse, giving you the ability to select the method with the power level that works best for you. For example, if you only want to improve the lighting of the mirror area to have a better optics when applying makeup, a 10-watt bulb would be recommended. However, those who want to set the whole room can opt for a voltage of 24 watts to obtain optimal lighting.

Q5: Which bathroom lighting is better, ceiling or downlight?

It is difficult to say that one option is better than the other, since both have important advantages for said space. The ceiling style stands out for its high level of humidity tolerance and provides white lighting. The same happens with the downlight style, added to the fact that it offers a wide angle of light estimated at 120 degrees, providing a feeling of spaciousness by eliminating shadows. Both are good alternatives, it is only enough to analyze more specific characteristics of your space to opt for one.

How to use bathroom lighting

Knowing how to select the lighting system for our home is essential, since thanks to it we can create different atmospheres in each of the rooms. Of course, this will depend on the type of light, whether warm, cold or neutral. Remember that not all tones are suitable for the same spaces, so when making the purchase you will need to learn how to use bathroom lighting.

Check the content of the package

Once you have the purchase package in your hands, you will have to review its content carefully. Extract each of the pieces from it, remove the packing paper and make sure that the parts are in perfect condition. Likewise, it confirms that the instruction manual, accessories and mounting kit have been incorporated, if it has been promised by the manufacturer.

Study the instruction manual

It is important that you read the instruction manual beforehand, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the product. Remember that these are generally equipment that require prior assembly. In this sense, you will need to know the correct way to connect the parts, mount them or fix them on the selected surface.

You may think that it is a simple and even intuitive process. However, you should not let go unnoticed the instructions provided by the manufacturer regarding electrical connections, lighting system start-up, maintenance method, among other aspects. In this way, you will take full advantage of the operation of the product.

Check the dimensions of the mounting area

You need to verify the dimensions of the mounting area and cross-check them with the lighting system purchased. In this way, you will avoid setbacks when fixing the equipment. Keep in mind that some models require prior construction work, since they have been designed to be built-in.

Prepare the mounting material

Before starting the assembly you will need to have at hand a series of tools and elements that allow you to carry out the correct placement of the lighting system. In general, manufacturers attach a set of screws, cable for electrical connection and support pieces for the structure. Likewise, double-sided adhesives for fixing the bulbs. Of course, everything will depend on the selected model.

Make the assembly

The assembly of the lighting system depends on the model, so if you selected a set of light bulbs for the mirror in the bathroom, you will have to use some pieces of adhesive tape that will surely have been attached. Thus, you only have to clean the surface and fix the adhesive on it to then place the base of the spotlight. Remember to check in the instruction manual the recommended distances between each bulb and the correct connection of the wiring.

On the other hand, if the lamp is larger, you will need to make some holes in the wall or surface, with the help of a drill to place the bases, while other models may require the labor of an expert to carry out. the embedded.

Periodically check the connections

Periodically you will need to check the lighting connections, thus avoiding any type of short circuit that could end the useful life of the equipment.

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