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Ceiling Fan – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Ceiling fans are multifunctional equipment, since depending on the model they can help you cool a certain space and even illuminate it. In addition, they provide a pleasing aesthetic. That is why, before making the purchase, you should look at the main specifications and quality indicators of each of the models, since the market currently offers a wide variety of designs. Among the equipment most commented on by users, the Westinghouse 7222040 stands out, with two working modes that will allow you to vary the direction of the blade to enjoy hot or cold air, depending on the season of the year. In addition, its five-blade design made of chrome is elegant and easy to operate through a built-in remote control. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an industrial-style design model with three robust chrome blades and a chain that activates the operation of this fan, we recommend the Westinghouse 7826340.

Opinions on the best ceiling fans

It is no secret to anyone that the market currently has a wide range of ceiling fans, but you should be aware that each of them has different aesthetic and functional characteristics that you should know about. The ideal is that the selected model adapts to your needs for use and space, so below we present the ones that lead the purchase lists.

ceiling fan with light

Westinghouse 7222040

Westinghouse is one of the manufacturers with the best rating on the web by buyers, which has meant the positioning of this model as the best ceiling fan with light. The entire structure is made of robust chrome, reaching a weight of 7.6 kilograms. The format is 132 x 132 x 36 centimeters and its blade has a total of five blades.

In addition, the equipment incorporates a central headlight that requires an 80-watt halogen bulb. The air flow generated can be regulated at three different speeds, according to your use and space needs. In this way, you will enjoy a maximum current of 159 cubic meters for each minute of work, being suitable for use in spaces of approximately 25 square meters.

This ceiling fan with light and remote control has a low noise level of 50 decibels and has a reverse programming mode, so you can use the fan in summer and winter.

Considered the best ceiling fan of the moment, this model offers you the possibility of cooling spaces or, if you wish, creating a heating effect.


Lighting: The equipment incorporates a lighting system by means of an 80-watt halogen bulb.

Air flow: The device has a maximum air flow of 159 cubic meters per minute of work.

Remote control: A remote control is incorporated to turn on, program and turn off the equipment, which is powered by a pair of AA alkaline batteries.

Working modes: You can vary the direction of the fan blade to enjoy hot or cold air, depending on the season of the year.


Noise: Some buyers have complained that the fan is a bit noisy at speed levels two or three.

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Silent ceiling fan

Westinghouse 7826340

For many customers, this model developed by Westinghouse is the best price-quality ceiling fan, since in addition to having an industrial-style design in robust chrome, it is also among the cheapest on the list. The format of the equipment is 122 x 122 x 36 centimeters and weighs 5.5 kilograms, thus facilitating the assembly process as it is quite light.

As for its operation, you will find a switch that activates and regulates the speed level of its blade by means of a chain. But if you want, you have the option to add a wall controller or remote control.

We cannot fail to mention the flow of 158 cubic meters per minute of generated air, ideal for rooms no larger than 15 square meters. Similarly, there is the low noise level of the motor with 57 decibels and the practical reverse mode, which will allow you to enjoy hot or cold air.

This silent ceiling fan has the peculiarity that its blade can turn in reverse and thus offer a heating effect during winter days. In addition, it is among the cheapest.


Speeds: The device has a switch manipulated by means of a chain, with which you can regulate the speed between high, medium or low of the fan.

Working modes: The manufacturer incorporated a reverse mechanism for the blade system, so you can use the fan in both summer and winter.

Noise: The fan generates a noise level that does not exceed 57 decibels, being considered a fairly quiet device.

Air flow: The maximum level of air offered by the equipment is 158 cubic meters per minute, designed for spaces of approximately 15 square meters.


Remote control: Users comment on the absence of a remote control, being necessary to make an extra investment to acquire it.

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Orbegozo ceiling fan

Orbegozo CP 88105

Orbegozo is a manufacturer with a long history, positioning and, in addition to everything, has the support of thousands of buyers. So if you are wondering which is the best ceiling fan, the line of equipment developed by this brand may be the best answer.

This Orbegozo ceiling fan has dimensions of 105 x 105 x 45 centimeters, a weight of 5.45 kilograms and a blade with three blades. The motor has been provided with a power of 70 watts and works together with a voltage of 230 volts at a frequency of 50 Hz.

The white color design is elegant and minimalist. In addition, the assembly process is instinctive and its operation with remote control is simple to execute, so you can turn on the equipment, select between low, medium or high speed level, activate the 40-watt lighting headlamp or turn it off. with just the push of a button.

Making the decision of which ceiling fan to buy is not an easy task. Therefore, we present the pros and cons of an elegant and powerful model.


Power: This fan incorporates a 70-watt motor, 230-volt electrical voltage for a frequency of 50 Hz.

Speeds: The work force of the equipment can be regulated to a maximum of three speeds, thus adapting them according to your needs of use.

Lighting: The fan has a lighting system with two E27 model lamps and a consumption of 40 watts.

Blades: The manufacturer had a blade with three blades in white, elegant design and a diameter of 105 centimeters.


Noise: The device, when turning it on, turning it off or changing speed levels, generates a sound that some customers find uncomfortable.

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Lighthouse ceiling fan

Lighthouse Barcelona Lantau 33370

The Faro Barcelona model has the necessary characteristics to be one of the best ceiling fans of 2022. Its design made of chromed steel, together with a three-bladed walnut wood blade, offer a resistant, elegant and light structure with just 6.60 kilograms of weight.

The maximum air flow of 147.56 cubic meters per minute of work can be regulated at three speeds, generating a consumption of 14/30 and up to 65 watts, depending on the level you select. It has a low energy consumption of A++ classification. In addition, you must bear in mind that this power is designed to meet the ventilation needs of spaces no larger than 17 square meters.

On the other hand, this Faro ceiling fan works with the included remote control, being very useful for turning the device on and off, as well as for programming the direction of rotation of the blade, taking into account that the device has a reverse mode.

Faro Barcelona could well be the best brand of ceiling fans. An example of this is the high quality standards applied to its Lantau 33370 model, which in addition to being aesthetically attractive, has an elegant, resistant and functional design.  


Energy consumption: The fan motor has a maximum consumption of 65 watts, making it a low-energy equipment with A++ efficiency.

Blades: The design of this ceiling fan is three blades, made of polished and varnished walnut wood.

Speeds: The work force of the motor is adjustable to three speeds, which you can vary between low, medium and high.

Air flow: With this equipment you will enjoy a maximum flow of 147.56 cubic meters of air per minute of work.


Instructions: One of the buyers has had problems when assembling, since the instruction manual is not very explanatory.

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ceiling fan with remote control

MiniSun 3 blades

This model is a great alternative for users looking for greater comfort and an elegant design along with a vintage industrial touch that does not break with the style of your living room. It is a remote controlled ceiling fan that provides greater comfort by allowing you complete control from the comfort of your sofa.

It stands out for its low noise level thanks to which you can take a nap quietly and without any interruption. It’s designed with three quality silver aerodynamic blades, plus it incorporates a satin shade that filters light to create soft, pleasing lighting.

You can choose between its three speed levels to achieve greater comfort and you can even select the direction of rotation in case you need the fan in summer or winter.

In the following section, we will detail some of the most important characteristics of this ceiling fan that stands out for having the possibility of operating with both directions of rotation of the blades, making it an ideal model in case it is cold or hot.


Silent: Its low noise level allows this ceiling fan to be used while taking a nap.

Lighting : It requires a 40W ES E14 bulb, which is covered by a satin shade that softens the quality of the lighting.

Giro : This model allows you to easily adjust the change of turn to be able to use it in both summer and winter.

Speed ​​: Allows manual adjustment of the operating speed in three different levels to choose from.


Power : This ceiling fan does not have much power, so if you are looking for a model that cools a large room, you should choose another option.

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Aruba ceiling fan

Lighthouse Barcelona 33121

This Aruba ceiling fan stands out for having a power of 60W and obtaining an A energy rating that will help you keep your electricity bill under control. It is a model with four white wooden blades, made of aluminum and steel that weighs approximately 4.9 Kg, which is why it is considered the best ceiling fan.

You can use this ceiling fan thanks to its chain that offers up to 3 adjustable speeds to choose the air flow that best counteracts the heat accumulated in the room, which generate a consumption of 30, 38 and 50 W respectively.

It is a ceiling fan indicated for rooms of approximately 13m2, so if you install it in a larger room, it may not be powerful enough. Its dimensions are approximately 106 x 106 x 42 cm.

If you are looking for a model that has a good energy classification and that helps you achieve greater energy savings, you should definitely look at this model with an A energy classification.


Diameter : This model has a diameter of 106 cm, making it a model suitable for rooms of approximately 13 m2.

Speed ​​: You can choose the speed of operation in three different levels to achieve a more personalized level of freshness.

Materials : The blades of this ceiling fan are made of wood and wicker, in addition to being reversible.


Rotation : This ceiling fan does not have the option to change the direction of rotation, which is very useful in other seasons of the year, so it will only cool the environment.

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Children’s ceiling fan

Westinghouse Turbo Swirl

This children’s ceiling fan stands out for being manufactured by one of the most trusted brands on the market since 1886, as it offers greater energy savings compared to other similar models.

Its beautiful and cheerful design of six blades in different and bright colors makes it ideal to install in your children’s room, so that they can stay cool while they rest or do their homework.

It has an operating power of 60W, in addition to allowing the use of a remote control, as well as a control panel on the wall. You will be able to easily install this fan on the ceiling thanks to its reduced weight of approximately 5.7 kg.

If you are looking for a model that does not break with the style of the room, we recommend you read the following section, where we name other relevant characteristics of this beautiful and cheerful ceiling fan that is especially designed for the taste of children.


Power: It is a ceiling fan with 60W of operating power, so it generates a large air flow.

Dimensions : This model is indicated for rooms of approximately 12 m2.

Speed ​​: You will be able to choose one of the three running speeds it offers, so that you can adjust it to the amount of heat accumulated in the room.


Assembly: Assembly is not very simple, to which is added an instruction manual that is not very explanatory.

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ceiling lamps with fan

Westinghouse Princess Trio

In case you are looking for a year-round fan ceiling light that incorporates a reverse switch so that it can be used in both winter and summer, this model could be the one, as it is among the best fan ceiling lights. From the market.

It is a ceiling lamp with a fan indicated for rooms of 15 m2 thanks to its 60W power that obtains an energy classification from A++ to E, making it an efficient model that will help you keep electricity costs under control.

Its elegant and classic white design with gold polished brass details and reversible wooden blades will look great in your living room, stealing the attention of guests.

Below, we mention some features of this model that stands out as a great alternative to illuminate and keep a room cool with a single device, since it uses up to three E14 bulbs.


Speed : You can adjust one of the three speeds of this fan according to the amount of heat accumulated in the room.

Area : You can install this ceiling fan in rooms of approximately 15 m2.

Switch : It incorporates a practical reversing switch that allows you to alternate the direction of rotation.


Spare parts: You will not be able to get spare parts for this model on the market, so it is advisable to use this ceiling fan carefully.

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Other products

Westinghouse 7867340

Westinghouse this time presents a model of multifunction ceiling fans, made with high-end raw materials, a design with great visual appeal and instinctive operation.

It is a team that has been provided with a 60-watt motor and an opal glass headlight with LED light. The force of its air flow is 104 cubic meters per minute, being an adequate flow to cool spaces of up to 12 square meters. The best thing is that it only generates 49 decibels of noise.

The fan format of 76 x 76 x 38 centimeters is compact and its weight of 6.3 kilograms will allow you to handle it easily when carrying out the installation process. In addition, you will be able to vary its aesthetics, since the manufacturer incorporated two sets of interchangeable blades with six blades, one of them being multicolored and the other in white.

Westinghouse model 7867340 ceiling fans have a design with a pleasant aesthetic that you can vary according to your taste, lighting system and low noise level.


Noise: This is one of the quietest ceiling fan models, since it only generates 49 decibels of noise.

Blades: The manufacturer incorporated two sets of six blades each, so you can vary the aesthetics of the fan, according to your style.

Air flow: The fan has been designed for spaces of approximately 12 square meters, so its air flow is 104 cubic meters per minute of work.

Lighting: The lighting system is compatible with LED or halogen lamps, so you can use the one that suits you best.


Instructions: The instruction manual has a series of steps for the assembly process that are a bit confusing, as expressed by a customer. However, it is an isolated case.

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Guide to buying a ceiling fan

Currently, ceiling fans fulfill many more functions than simply cooling our spaces, thus becoming multifunction equipment capable of generating hot air and even lighting a room. We know that the selection of the product is a personal decision, but it is equally important to remind you that there are several quality indicators that you must evaluate so that the purchase is a true success. So don’t get caught up in attractive aesthetics alone. Thus, we have prepared a guide to buy the best ceiling fan that will surely interest you, since in it we teach you the main attributes to identify.

Shopping guide

Operation and working modes

Operating a ceiling fan should be quick and easy, as it will not only be handled by you, but also by other members of the household or your workplace. That is why when selecting a model you should not assess in the first instance how much it costs. It is better that you consider that if its implementation is not intuitive, then it is not a good purchase option no matter how low its cost.

Apart from evaluating the on and off, you will also need to look for a team that offers you several working modes so that you get the most out of it. There are fans whose blades rotate in only one direction and generate a blast capable of cooling any room, but other designs also incorporate a reverse hot air mode.

That way, you can use the equipment in both summer and winter. The best thing is that you can control it manually, through a couple of buttons arranged on the casing or through a remote control, as stipulated by the manufacturer.

power and speed

If you are thinking of purchasing a ceiling fan, then you cannot ignore the issue of labor force, since this will directly influence the performance of the device by generating the flow of hot or cold air.

This type of equipment incorporates a motor provided with a power that can vary depending on the range to which the respective model belongs, so you will find designs on the market with a maximum of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and up to 100 watts.

It is advisable to take with you a medium or high-end product, which can offer adequate performance in any room and which also has a low consumption energy rating, which respects the environment.

In addition, you need to ensure the incorporation of a regulation mechanism so that you can select the speed of rotation of the axis of the blades and at the same time the intensity of the air flow.

Design and lighting

There are many ceiling fans on the market and each of them has different designs, so if your goal is to buy a good and cheap product, your range of options is quite wide. There are low-cost equipment that, although they offer good finishes in their structure, also stand out for being simple and minimalist.

For their part, other more ostentatious fans can incorporate a double set of blades, thus allowing you to vary their aesthetics whenever you want. Similarly, you will find devices provided with a lighting system, making the product much more functional.

Among them, those equipped with halogen, fluorescent, E27 or LED lamps or spotlights stand out. All of them generate a type of light with different intensities, being necessary that you take this into consideration to create an atmosphere suitable to your needs within the room where you carry out the assembly.

Dimensions and weight

Given the different formats present in this type of product, the best recommendation is to carry out a comparison of ceiling fans. In this way, you will be able to evaluate the different dimensions offered by the manufacturers, contrasting them with the space available in the room or living room to carry out the assembly successfully.

Remember that, regardless of the selected model, the important thing is that it is a structure with a compact size and that its parts are light, thus facilitating the process of handling, adjusting and fixing it to the ceiling.

The most purchased products are those of five to eight kilograms. Likewise, there are several dimensional options at your disposal to meet your usage needs. That is why you should look at the space you have and compare it with the measurements of the product you plan to purchase.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which ceiling fans give more air?

The first thing to consider is the number of blades, as this will determine the air volume of your fan. A ceiling fan with few blades and fast rotation generates more air than one with many blades and slow rotation. Although many think that the more blades the more air will be received, in reality it is quite the opposite. Therefore, it is essential that you handle this information before purchasing a ceiling fan that really suits your needs.

Q2: How to balance a ceiling fan?

As a first step, you will need to use a household cleaner to remove the dust that accumulates on the blades daily. Next, you’ll need to make sure the blades are fully seated. Also, check that the screws are tight, use a ruler to measure the alignment of the blades and try to balance them with a clip.

If the problem persists, it is best to seek professional help immediately. Remember that a poorly balanced ceiling fan represents a danger to you and your family environment. They are few, but there are cases of fans that have fallen due to being poorly adjusted.

Q3: How to connect a ceiling fan with lights?

To avoid inconveniences, it is necessary that you disconnect the general electrical outlet of your home. Then, you must locate the four cables that bring these fans and join them in the following way: the blue and black cable, which brings the fan, connects with the brown cable from the ceiling; the white one with the blue cable from the ceiling and, finally, the yellow one, which designates the earth cable, will be left loose.

If you follow each of these steps you can enjoy a ceiling fan that will light up any part of your house. If you can’t do it on your own, it’s best to find a technician.

Q4: Why is my ceiling fan spinning slow?

In principle, it is essential that you check the capacitor of your ceiling fan, since it tends to run out every so often. This is located under the cover located on the engine and the most recommended thing is that you can remove it to replace it with a new one. If the failure continues, another option you have is to clean your ceiling fan. With this you will prevent dust from impeding its good performance. Generally, these are the two most frequent causes that can lead to the increasingly slow rotation of your fan.

Q5: Why does my ceiling fan make noise?

In these cases it is essential to clean the dirty blades. To do this, use a damp cloth with detergent and then a dry towel, so that you avoid inconveniences when turning on the fan, because you have to try it and thus verify that the noise has disappeared. If it persists, check that the bolts holding the fan blades are tight. If they aren’t, take a screwdriver and tighten the screws.

The lack of lubrication can also generate noise in your fan, so as a suggestion, check the oil tank and add content to the bearings to lubricate them. But not all models use oil; the best you can do is read the instructions.

How to use a ceiling fan

Sometimes, the ideal alternative to cool a room without having to turn on the air conditioning and consume large amounts of energy is to use a practical ceiling fan, which helps to achieve a more comfortable temperature in summer in a more economical way. With this in mind, we have decided to create a short guide that will briefly explain how to install and use your new ceiling fan.  

Organize all the pieces

Before you start assembling your new ceiling fan, it is highly recommended that you take all the parts out and place them neatly on a clean, uncluttered table to check for missing parts. Take the opportunity to carefully read the installation instructions and user manual so that you avoid any damage caused by simple negligence.

Choose the room

If you have not already done so, choose the room where you are going to install your ceiling fan, taking into account the dimensions of the fan and the room, since it is suggested that the device be installed in a place proportional in size to the fan in order to perceive a pleasant thermal sensation.

Install the fan

Next, proceed to install the fan in the chosen place. If you do not have much knowledge of electricity, we recommend hiring a professional to help you connect the cables correctly and avoid damaging the fan due to a short circuit.

Place the light bulbs

Traditionally, ceiling fans incorporate one or more light bulbs that add a second utility, allowing the room to be illuminated while cooling the environment. It is recommended that, after mounting the fan, you proceed to place the necessary light bulbs, previously making sure that the switch is in the off mode.

Then, if it is the case, remove the screen that protects the bulb socket to proceed to place the number of bulbs that are necessary and, finally, re-secure the screen firmly to prevent it from falling to the ground.

Adjust the direction of rotation

In case your fan has the option to adjust the direction of rotation, this recommendation is the one for you, since it is necessary to know that the direction of rotation forces the air to rise or fall depending on the direction it takes, so It is important to know that in winter the fan has to turn in the opposite direction, forcing the cold air to rise to give way to the warm air to stay in the room.

Likewise, in summer, the fan helps to push fresh air into the room, producing a rotability in the air, improving it

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