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Door Lock – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022


Maintaining security at the entrances to our home or business is something that begins with a door lock. An aspect in which the market offers us a large number of options, to bet on the one that best suits our needs. If you don’t need a lot of security, the Wolfpack 3030055 model is ideal. This lock is suitable for sliding doors, keeping them securely closed. The Tesa Assa Abloy R100B model is safer, designed to protect types of access through an armored system in a mortise design, which generates high security.

Opinions on the best door locks


Having a quality lock is essential to maintain the security of our home or any other place. Having the best door lock allows us to prevent unauthorized access to any part, making it more difficult for thieves and prying eyes to get where they shouldn’t. A product that comes in many designs, making it difficult to determine which is the best door lock to meet our specific need. Luckily, we have already reviewed the market, in order to offer you some of the best door locks of 2022, so that it is easier for you to make a decision.

sliding door lock

Wolf Pack 3030055

The Wolfpack 3030055 model is a simple lock for sliding doors, with which to prevent its opening. A dual model, given that it has a lockable closure on the outside but can be opened from the inside, thanks to the built-in push button. A simple model with measurements of 347 millimeters high by 27 wide, which can be installed on sliding doors made of different materials, depending on how easy it is to drill or perforate them. In any case, in these materials the installation process is quite simple, and it is not difficult to square both elements so that the closure occurs. 

The lock comes in a durable chrome finish so it won’t look out of place once installed on the door in virtually any material or style, light or dark.

So that closing sliding doors is not a problem, trust this simple model from Wolfpack. 


Button: The inside button allows the lock to be opened from the inside, without a key.

Finish : The chrome finish matches the structure of the door.

Keys : The lock is accompanied by two keys, so you do not need to make copies.

Versatile : It can be installed comfortably on doors made of different materials.

Easy assembly: Assembly is simple, just make a couple of holes and place the included screws.


Security: Although the level of closure is adequate, we are talking about a lock with little security against intrusions.

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Armored door lock

Tesa Assa Abloy R100B

The Tesa Assa Abloy armored door lock is a quality product, which comes from what is, for a large part of the market, the best current door lock brand. We are talking about a mortise lock, with the usual dimensions and characteristics for this type of product, fully equipped to keep any armored door safe. To do this, the lock has four nickel-plated steel bolts, in addition to the latch, which makes any possible intrusion into your home difficult. 

A complete and inviolable model with a high level of security, also accompanied by the corresponding latch, to proceed with the opening and access to the interior of the room. A high-level product that is close to being the best door lock of the moment, due to its features and security.

Maintaining high security in your home is easy, as long as you use quality locks like this one.


Security: It is an ideal product for armored doors, with high security and protection.

Bolts : The 4 nickel-plated steel bolts make it impossible to open the door when it is closed.

Gold finish: The gold finish gives it a special touch, for a better presence.

Full body : The lock comes ready to mount, just fix it on the door for it to be installed.


Measurements : It is key to verify that the measurements coincide with those of the available space in the door.

Lever : This model includes the space for the lever, although if you don’t need it there is an equivalent model without it.

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Inner door lock

Quality 87-DL03-UK

The Qrity 87-DL03-UK model is an interesting interior door lock, with which to keep secure those rooms in your home or office that require it. Outwardly, this model is disguised as a conventional door handle, finished in silver steel. However, inside it houses the lock, which allows access and which combines an external lock and a latch. 

The latch can be adjusted to measures of 60 or 70 millimeters, being suitable for mounting on doors from 35 to 50 millimeters. This gives the product greater versatility, as occurs with its dual installation, so that we can place the different elements as we see fit, left or right, with the lock inside or outside. However, it also has a lock on the side that does not have a lock, which adds even more versatility to the device.

For those who do not know which door lock to buy and need an interior model, this option is very interesting.


Discretion : The handle is discreet and adequately protects the accesses where you need it.

Installation : The lock can be installed in adjustable sizes from 60 to 70 millimeters, as well as in doors from 35 to 50 millimeters wide.

Versatile : It can be installed in all positions, from left to right and from inside to outside, as you see fit.


Design : Some users comment that the design of the levers is somewhat outdated, although this is a matter of taste.

Durability : Due to its durability, it might not be recommended for daily use but rather occasional.

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electric door lock


The KEYLESS LOCK WAFU W010 electric door lock is a new model that this brand has traditionally presented, capable of giving you adequate security in your environment as well as changing the way you open your door. To do this, the product changes conventional systems with locks for remote controls, which make the task easier and make intrusions more difficult, since there is no gap that can be violated from the outside. In return, this lock includes four remote controls, with which to open the door remotely and without complications. 

In addition, it includes an audible alarm, in case the lock perceives any attempt of improper manipulation. Regarding the power supply, this can be continuous, wired, or by batteries. In the latter case, the lock includes a low battery warning so as not to block the door in the event of a power failure.

Improve the security of your home with this electric lock and all the functions it offers. 


Security: The design of the lock is very discreet and is not accessible from the outside.

Opening: The opening is done by means of controls, without the need for keys or other elements.

Sound signal: Includes sound warning of opening and closing, lack of batteries as well as attempted intrusion.


Installation: Installation is somewhat complex, and it is convenient to follow the included instructions.

Lock : It is key to keep the lock powered, otherwise it cannot be opened from the outside.

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security door lock

Remock Lockey Pro RLP4G

Anyone who wants to give their home extra security has a good ally in the Remock Lockey Pro RLP4G security door lock. This lock has been designed to be used as a second lock, with an installation that makes it suitable for all types of doors. The process of closing it does not require keys, but uses remote controls. This prevents the lock from being detected from the outside and, therefore, from being violated, as is the case with conventional locks. 

For its opening, the product is accompanied by four remote controls, although a single lock can be connected to up to sixteen different controls. As for the power supply, this is done with conventional batteries, including an alarm and an emergency motor, in the event of failures during the opening of the door.

Add extra security to your home with this invisible lock with keyless opening.


Redundant: The redundant system, with double motor, adds extra security to the product.

Commands : It can be connected to up to 16 commands for opening, including four with the product.

Assembly : Since we are talking about a rim model, its assembly is simple and resistant.


Bluetooth: Although the lock can be managed via Bluetooth, it is necessary to purchase an additional kit.

Maintenance: In case of using the extra motor for opening, the lock is blocked and must be verified by the technical service.

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garage door lock

DealMux Roll-up

The DealMux Roll-up garage door lock is a simple but efficient model when it comes to keeping access to this area of ​​the house safe. For this, this model has been made of high quality metal with a weight of 494 grams, in order to give you the security you need. Its design consists of an elongated format, with four large fastening screws, which facilitates assembly and adds more resistance to it. 

It also has a format that makes it suitable for mounting on roll-up doors, in which specific locks must be chosen. A product that is finished off with an opening cylinder, located in the central area, as well as three keys, so that it is not necessary to make copies of them. 

Maintain security in your garage with this lock and all the features that we summarize below.


Rolling : The lock is suitable for rolling garage doors, without jamming or snagging.

Fastening : It is fastened by means of four large screws, for greater security.

Keys : The lock is accompanied by three keys, which reduces the need to make copies.


Hooking: It is necessary to accurately hook the opening bolts to the metal strips of the door.

Measurements : It is also key to verify the measurements of the set with those of the door, even when the lock offers a standardized design.

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External door lock

Kowal KOW001

This exterior door lock is made of high-quality steel, which offers strength and promotes a long service life. In addition, it has a robust design and weighs 1 kg, making it a strong model that can provide security in different areas of the home, be it the garage, shed or the back of the house.

It is an easy lock to install, since you only need to make holes in the surface where you want to install it and screw the lock with the screws included in the package. On the other hand, it has 3 keys to keep some as spare parts or distribute among family members.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, it is 14 cm in length, 9.5 cm in height and 8.9 cm in depth, making it a compact device that can offer reliable protection against intruders.

If you are looking for a lock that provides great durability, then it is recommended that you get to know this model in more detail.


Installation: The structure has holes and the package includes the respective screws to easily screw it to the door.

Keys: Includes 3 key copies to distribute among family members.

Versatility: It is suitable for installing on different types of doors and gates in the back of the house, the shed, garage, among others.


Design: The structure is dark brown, so it can be difficult to match some doors and decorations.

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Aluminum door lock

Lynx 3017001

The Lince 3017001 model is the brand’s proposal for those who need an aluminum door lock. To do this, this model offers a mortise design in which there is space for both the lock area and the latch or lever, depending on what we need to mount. 

A quality product that has been manufactured in 14-millimeter nickel-plated steel, giving the door the necessary resistance in terms of security. Something for which the lock includes both the traditional cutting cylinder and a fastening screw, which reinforces the position of the lock. Regarding its finish, the product includes the corresponding trim, so that the lock does not clash excessively on the door once installed, being easy to mount on the structure.

Protecting aluminum doors is also possible thanks to models like this one.


General Design: The mortise design makes it easy to mount on the inside of all types of aluminum doors.

Opening : It is possible to mount the lock with a handle or latch, depending on what you prefer.

Finish : The nickel-plated aluminum finish gives the lock greater resistance to wear.


Lever : The product does not include the lever or the like, which must be purchased separately.

Measurements : It is key to respect the measurements of the assembly, so as not to have to make subsequent adjustments.

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Glass door lock

Wolfpack 3180002

In our selection, a lock for glass doors could not be missing, such as the Wolfpack 3180002 model. This lock is common in many establishments and is suitable for all types of uses, since it does not require drilling the glass to proceed with its installation.. In exchange, the lock has a channel that allows the door to be moved inside the piece and thus close it.

A system that is compatible with 10-millimeter glass doors, generating enough tension to prevent it from opening. This lock has been designed to be installed at a half height, approximately, also having three keys to proceed with the opening of the door. In terms of its appearance, the lock has a chromed exterior, elegant and resistant against the elements or possible intrusions.

Closing your glass door safely is easy thanks to models like this one.


Security: The lock design gives you high security and protection.

No installation : This lock does not require installation, since it is enough to place it on the door leaf to close it.

Manufacturing : The product is nationally manufactured, which is a guarantee in case of problems.


Size: It is key that the glass door on which it is applied has a thickness of 10 millimeters, to avoid problems.

Weight : The lock is somewhat heavy, almost 800 grams, so it should be handled with care.

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metal door lock

Cvl 3160100 

Keeping a metal door securely closed is possible thanks to models such as the Cvl 3160100 lock. This metal door lock has a complete design, where we find both the part of the lock and its corresponding latch as well as the part or space for the opening handle.

This model has traditional measurements, 25 centimeters high in the area of ​​the lock, by a width of 6.2 centimeters and a depth over the door of approximately 5 centimeters. All this in the usual mortise design that these doors usually have, so you won’t have any problems mounting them, as long as the measurements match. It is finished off with the europrofile cylinder, with which it is easier to obtain a proper fit of the lock on the door and the rest of the assembly.

Because also metal doors must be closed securely, let us know more details of this model.


Embedded format: The mortise format makes it easy to mount on doors with the corresponding space.

Sliding lever: Includes space for the installation of a handle, latch or similar.

Smoothness : If the installation is correct, the opening is quite smooth.


Measurements: It is key to verify the measurements to verify that they correspond to those of the door.

Escutcheon assembly: In case of mounting an additional escutcheon, care must be taken with the area in which the lock is drilled, to avoid damaging it.

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Guide to buying a door lock

Keeping our home, our garage or even one of the rooms in our house or office safe is essential. A task in which a lock prevents those who shouldn’t from entering places where they shouldn’t be. But for this protection to be effective, it is necessary to opt for quality products adapted to our needs, such as those you will find with the advice in our guide to buying the best door lock.

Shopping guide

door type

One of the most important aspects when choosing one of these locks has to do with the door on which we are going to mount it. Today, we have a wide variety of doors available on the market, both for their material and for their opening method. In parallel, we have a considerable variety of models, as we can see in any comparison of door locks that falls into our hands.

The most common locks are those designed for wooden doors. These locks are offered in various mounting formats and adequately protect access, both indoors and outdoors. There are also locks for armored doors, with a specific design and more resistant to the conventional one.

The rest of the market is made up of a wide variety of proposals where we find locks for aluminum doors and metalwork and even for glass doors. All this without forgetting locks for folding doors, whether conventional or garage doors. So the first thing we should do is focus on the type of door we need to close to choose the right model.

Security level

In line with the type of door on which we want to mount a lock, we will have different levels of security. It is obvious that not all locks offer the same security against unwanted access; so if this aspect is important to you, we will have to bet on the most resistant solutions. Something that, logically, influences how much that door lock costs.

Where we find more resistance is in the mortise models, which are usually designed for both exterior wooden doors and metal carpentry doors. In these two cases it is possible to find normal models but also armored ones, which are more resistant and make intrusion more difficult, as well as breaking into the door.

Something similar happens with locks for exterior doors, whether conventional or garages. These models have reinforcements and other elements that make it more difficult for thieves to access the areas that the doors close. Where we do not have as many security options is in other simpler locks, such as glass doors, sliding doors or the like. Even so, the vast majority maintain an adequate level of protection, even when it comes to cheap locks.


The final point of our guide is the installation process. Something fundamental, since a poorly installed lock is a more than obvious security risk. The first thing to consider when looking for a good and cheap lock is its measurements, especially in mortise models. This installation is one of the easiest, as long as the measurements of both elements are correct.

Easier is the rim installation, in which the lock is simply placed on the door and screwed on. In this case, it is advisable to verify that the materials and the type of door are suitable. There are certain doors, such as armored doors, in which it is not possible to carry out these assemblies, or they are not as good as they should be, with some exceptions.

Regarding the rest of the doors, some have their peculiarities. This is what happens with glass doors, which can even dispense with assembly if they include a guide for the door. It also happens with folding, sliding or garage doors, which require specific and somewhat complex assemblies, especially the latter. All these aspects must be taken into account when buying the lock, in order to avoid inconveniences and unnecessary difficulties in the subsequent assembly process.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to change a door lock?

The process of changing a door lock is very simple, as long as we have done our homework and both locks have the same measurements. We will start by disassembling the old lock, removing the exterior elements and extracting it from the inside of the door. We will also do the same with the part that goes over the frame. Once the process is finished, we mount the new lock, verifying that everything fits as it should and that it is well secured, making any adjustments that may be necessary.

Q2: How to change the cylinder of a door lock?

The bowler of a door is the part in which we insert the lock, making it easy to change it. First of all we must locate the screw that holds the cylinder, located on the side of the lock. Once removed, we put the key in the bowler and pull to remove it, turning the key inside. With the bowler in hand, we verify that the new bowler has the same measurements and characteristics as the old one, proceeding to insert it in place of the old one. We finish the assembly by placing the screw that we have removed and verifying that the key turns without problems. 


Q3: How to open a door lock without a key?

If for any reason we have left the house without a key and we cannot open it, there is a trick that we can try. To proceed, we will have to look for a thin, resistant plastic piece of the right size to insert it into the door frame, at the height of the latch, in order to try to open it manually. The problem arises when this method fails, generally having to resort to a professional to open the door, or employ destructive methods on the lock or on the door itself.

Q4: How to put a lock on a security door?

Despite the security of armored doors, many people want to have a second lock on their armored door. Although this is somewhat possible, technically speaking, the truth is that due to the very structure of the door, it is a particularly complex process and, according to experts, it does not add excessive additional security either. In general, we talk about deadbolts and rim locks, since drilling the door outwards is almost impossible without damaging it, so that additional deadbolt remains inside, not being able to be used when we leave the house. So this would be the model and the installation mode that we should use, placing the lock on the door and trying to make it as fixed as possible.

Q5: How to use a door lock?

The mode of use of a lock depends on its type. In general, we will only need to insert the key and turn it in a certain direction to open the door where it is located. However, there are other models that open with a code, with fingerprints, with remote controls or with smart cards. All these models usually do without the key and do not have excessive complications in terms of the use of the lock, provided that the opening element is configured correctly.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Yale 1250120IHP

The Yale Azbe 1250120IHP exterior door lock is an already classic model on the market, as it is quite common. This rim lock has a resistant metal structure as well as a thick double latch and deadbolt system, which gives the door the necessary security.

 A model with which we can have an external cylinder of 25 millimeters in diameter and two or three turns of the bolt, depending on the size of the door and its assembly. An assembly that is also simple in case of maintaining a conventional Azbe lock, since it is fully compatible. It is finished off with details such as three opening keys, which, together with its economic price, places this model as the best value for money door lock that we have chosen for this collection.

Because there are also quality options among the cheapest door locks, let us know everything that this model offers us.


Resistance: It is a high-resistance product, with which to safely avoid outdoor intrusions.

Traditional design : The product maintains the traditional design that has protected homes for many years.

Keys : It is accompanied by three keys, so you forget about having to make more copies.


Assembly: It is key that the assembly is well fixed to the door and the frame, otherwise it is of little use.

Opening : Some user comments problems with the opening, being necessary to verify it when the product is received.

» Review information from previous years

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