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Ergonomic chair – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Ergonomics is a key aspect when looking for furniture for your office. Among other things, because a product of poor quality or with an erroneous design can pose a serious health problem when working. And one of the most important pieces of your comfort at work has to do with the chair. Therefore, looking for an ergonomic and quality chair is a smart decision. Among these models, we have the Black Due-Home chair. This backless product has a specific design, with which your weight is distributed on the knees, relieving other parts of your body. It has an attractive, discreet design construction and also a compact size. Another good proposal is the Sihoo LB14 model, also ergonomically designed, with a breathable and resistant mesh backrest, as well as high quality in all its elements, for which it can support up to 150 kilos.

The best ergonomic chairs on the market

When it comes to spending long days at the desk, having a quality chair is essential to not end up suffering the effects of a bad product on your back or your body. Luckily, the offer is wide, as you can see in our selection of the best ergonomic chairs of 2022. So you won’t have to break your head too much when thinking about which ergonomic chair to buy to enjoy the best sensations in your days of office.

Ergonomic knee chair

Black Due-Home

Within the ergonomic chairs that we have analyzed, there is also room for the most current models, designed without a back and that place the body in a different position with which to achieve better ergonomics. This is what we have in the Due-Home model, an ergonomic knee chair that only has the seat and a support for the knees.

This generates a free position for the pelvis, reducing the weight it supports by sharing it with the knee area. Something that helps you to have a correct position for the spine, while the abdominals are “forced” to do their job. A different position that, once you get used to it, will surely help you enjoy greater comfort during long work sessions in front of your desk.

Designed for those who want to take a step forward and enjoy improved ergonomics when working, learn more about this product.


Size: It is one of the most compact options on the market, being very suitable for offices where space is not abundant.

Knee support: The knee support helps to better balance the weight and distribute it correctly.

Balance: Thanks to the correct posture of this chair, it is easier to enjoy a correct position for the spine, which does not generate an erroneous curvature.


Format: The design of this chair does not have much to do with the usual, so you will surely need a certain transition period until you feel comfortable in it.

Resistance: Due to its characteristics, the chair has a weight resistance of 90 kilos, lower than other models on the market.

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Cinius Linmagnernat

Despite its particular design, the Cinius Linmagner model is one of the most suitable chairs for working without back problems or other pain. This ergonomic kneeling chair has the ability to maintain our position correctly, especially with regard to the spine. 

To do this, it has an adjustable inclination, as well as a backrest and other elements with which to gain comfort and enjoy a comfortable and healthy posture for your back. 

On the other hand, the model also has integrated wheels, so you can place the chair where it is necessary or move more comfortably. As a finishing touch, you will have up to six different finishes, so you can choose the one that best suits the decoration of your room.

Enjoying a correct position when working has never been as easy as with this Cinius model.


Posture: Thanks to the design of the chair you can enjoy a comfortable and healthy posture for your back.

Cushioning: The high-quality padding cushions the body and adds extra comfort when working.

Finishes: The manufacturer offers up to six different finishes for this chair, so you will have several options to choose the one you like best.


Adaptation: As with these chairs, you will need some time to get used to the position it offers.

Adjustment: The adjustment system does not include a hydraulic system but a threaded spindle, in a somewhat more annoying approach than in other models.

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ergonomic office chair

Sihoo LB14

For those who are looking for an office chair with a classic cut and an ergonomic design, the Sihoo LB14 model is a good proposal. This product has a very nice and cozy design, with which you will work for long hours without any discomfort. 

The chair has a quality structure, with an open mesh backrest capable of generating high perspiration, but which also helps to properly support the back. A task to which the headrest at the top also contributes, which you can adjust in height to what you need. 

To round off the approach, the product incorporates high-quality padding on its surface, a set of two padded and height-adjustable armrests, an adjustable piston system for the chair’s own height, and a base supported by five wheels, to give you even more comfort when moving around your office.

So you don’t have to worry about a thing, you just have to get this comfortable office chair and enjoy its functions.


Design: The design of the chair is very ergonomic, so you will not have to worry about long working hours.

Resistance: The product has a high manufacturing resistance, being able to support up to 150 kilos of weight.

Backrest: The mesh backrest not only comfortably accommodates the back, but also generates pleasant ventilation in this area.


Hardness: Some comments indicate that the hardness of the backrest is somewhat greater than what would be expected, although you will surely get used to it over time.

Noise: The model has a somewhat higher noise level than would be expected.

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360° Swivel Fixkit

It is an ergonomic office chair capable of offering great comfort during working hours. In this sense, it allows you to adjust the height between 44 and 54 cm, as well as the position of the headrest, armrests and backrest, which will allow you to adopt a comfortable position according to your needs to reduce fatigue.

Its structure is made of a combination of PA, PU and breathable mesh to prevent heat build-up. Also, it has 5 360º rotating wheels with a stainless steel base, which facilitate its movement on marble, wood and carpet floors without causing noise.

It has the capacity to support the weight of an adult person of up to 150 kg. Likewise, it offers between 116 and 130 cm in height, the seat area is 50 cm wide, a depth between 50 and 55 cm and the backrest measures 48 x 60 cm.

A chair that allows you to adopt a good posture during working hours is essential to maintain good health, so it is recommended that you consider the pros and cons of this model:


Adjustable: Its ergonomic design allows you to adjust the headrest, backrest, armrests and height, in this way you can feel more comfortable.

Resistance: It is a strong and robust chair that can support a maximum weight of 150 kg.

Materials: It is made with a combination of breathable mesh. PA, PU, ​​padding and stainless steel for longer life.


Assembly: The installation of the wheels could be more complicated than expected, so you must take the necessary time for its correct assembly.

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Ergonomic backless chair

EnmsPlus Grande Home

Among the most complex products when it comes to working, we find the Enmsplus Grande Home ergonomic backless chair. This model has a different approach to what we usually see, since by dispensing with the backrest, a compact and lightweight product is achieved. 

In its structure we find a seat with high quality padding, as well as two bases for the support of the knees, in order to achieve good support and a correct position. This position is the most suitable for you to work comfortably, while maintaining an ergonomic and healthy posture for your back. 

For the rest, the model is finished off with details such as its structure, made entirely of birch and which also has a sponge padding with suede padding. A quality product that will adequately withstand use, without complications.

A correct posture is essential to work in a healthy way. Something easy to achieve with this Enmsplus product.


Format: The format guarantees a correct and highly ergonomic position when working.

Materials: The product has a highly resistant birch structure, similar to that of the padding and upholstery.

Finishes: The chair has five different finishes, so you can choose the one that best fits your environment.


Tightening: It is essential that you tighten the parts of the product correctly, in order to avoid possible looseness during use.

Backrest: If you have never used a chair without a backrest, it may be difficult for you to get used to the posture and positioning of the body in it.

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ergonomic desk chair

Songmics OBG56L

The Songmics OBG56L ergonomic chair offers us a pleasant combination of price and quality, as to be the best value for money ergonomic chair in our selection. Something that is perceived in details such as its backrest design, specially designed for shorter users, which has everything necessary to ease the position and give the necessary support to the back.

One thing this ergonomic desk chair has to offer is its quality padding, which properly accommodates the body with a proper fit. The height adjustment system also contributes to this, as well as the inclination system, to customize the chair according to your preferences. A simple ergonomic office chair with which you will not have to worry about comfort or cost, because it is among our cheap options. 

If you are looking for a complete and quality ergonomic computer chair, this model offers you everything you need to work, and is also among the cheapest options.


Ergonomic design: The ergonomic design of the chair offers you all the comfort you need to enjoy a good rest.

Padding: The quality padding better supports the weight and molds to the shape of the user’s body, thus providing greater comfort of use with a load capacity of 150 kilos.

Adaptable design: The model has been optimized for those users who have a height of 175 centimeters or less, giving them greater comfort.

Armrests: The padded armrests add extra comfort when resting.


Backrest: Users of greater height may find the chair somewhat lower than desirable, which affects its comfort.

Assembly: The assembly process is somewhat more complicated than expected according to some comments.

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ergonomic computer chairs

CLP 191942602

If you are looking for what could be the best quality-price ergonomic chair, take a look at the CLP model. Among ergonomic computer chairs, this one is made of synthetic leather fabric, offering a modern look and easy to clean. Also, depending on the availability of the manufacturer, you can choose it in different colors: white, gray, brown, black and more.

The seat has comfortable padding to rest on, as well as a high and adjustable backrest where you can lean back to work or study more comfortably. It also has combinable armrests with a part of the fabric lining that will prevent it from getting too cold to the touch, which is very useful during winter.

The dimensions of the seat are 50 x 49 centimeters and it can support a weight of 136 kilograms. The adjustable heights are between 48 and 58 centimeters for the seat, 66 and 70 centimeters for the armrests and 105 and 115 centimeters for the total height of the chair.

If you want to know what the positive and negative characteristics of this model are, review its pros and cons.


Finishes: The structure has a chrome finish that, in addition to providing elegance, also makes it resistant.

Rocking: A rocking mechanism has been incorporated into the backrest for your comfort.

Wheels: The chair has five swivel wheels that, according to its manufacturer, can move freely even on carpeted floors.


Noise: It seems to make a bit of noise when reclining in the backrest, but it’s not too annoying.

Color: We do not advise you to choose a light-colored model, since it would get dirty more easily.

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Other products

Intey NY-BG37

The Intey NY-BG37 ergonomic chair is a model that changes the conventional backrest for a mixed mesh design with a support bar that generates a correct position for the entire back. Starting at the top, this backrest has headrests for the cervical spine with reinforcement in the shoulder area, lumbar support and special and reinforced care for the coccyx.

This helps you maintain a comfortable and correct posture, also having the capacity to support up to 150 kilos of weight on its surface, being, therefore, suitable for all types of users. A highly resistant product that is also perceived in its seat, duly prepared to welcome you comfortably, as well as the design of the armrests that also generate a good posture for working.

For those who need a quality ergonomic chair with a high load capacity, this Intey model more than meets both requirements.


Seat : The seat has a foam of 43 kilos per cubic meter of density, with which to have adequate comfort and resistance.

Backrest : The textured mesh backrest with ergonomic supports adds an extra quality to your rest.

Load capacity: This chair easily withstands a weight of up to 150 kilos, so you don’t have to worry about the load on the chair.


Headrest Adjustment: Although the headrest is adjustable, if it is moved too far from its original position it can lose stability.

Noise : The wheels can make some noise when moving the chair on the ground, according to some user comments.

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IntimaTe WM Heart

Unlike the usual models with a padded back, the IntimaTe WM Heart ergonomic office chair has a mesh back design that offers greater breathability and reduces the amount of heat when working. Something that does not affect the quality of the support, so that you will have a correct position at all times. Among other things, because this model also has a lumbar support designed especially so that you have a healthy position at all times.

It also has details such as a headrest area to lean on when you need it or two free and adjustable armrests to give you extra comfort when working. As adjustable as the height of the chair, so you have the comfort you need to work long hours without worry.

Although it is not clear which is the best brand of ergonomic chairs today, this IntimaTe model would be worthy of belonging to it. Let’s see some of its features.


Mesh backing: The mesh backing adds extra perspiration when working and prevents heat from accumulating in the area.

Finish : The polyester and microfiber finish adds extra quality to the product compared to models made with other materials.

Lumbar support : The ergonomic design with lumbar support helps you maintain a healthier posture when sitting.


Castors and wooden floor : According to the manufacturer, the included wheels may not be suitable for use on wooden floors.

Reclining : The backrest is not reclining, according to some users, which reduces the customization options of the product.

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Guide to buying ergonomic chairs

Starting from the fact that ergonomic chairs can have different designs and even specific approaches to treating particular points on the back or legs, we have prepared a guide to buying the best ergonomic chair on the market based on your own needs and the opinions of other buyers..

Shopping guide 

chair back

If you review any comparison of ergonomic chairs, you can see the importance of having a good backrest. This may be because most illnesses and ailments from sitting poorly occur in the back.

Therefore, when you go to choose an ergonomic chair, you should take into account that the backrest has a design that is capable of providing support in the key points of the back, as well as helping you maintain a straight posture, since it is the recommended to relieve pressure.

Another practical and comfortable aspect at the same time could be to choose a backrest that is breathable to keep your back with good air circulation and avoid heat build-up in summer.

Seat and padding

As expected, the seat is another of the most important features that must be evaluated in order to invest in a good ergonomic chair. Since most of your body weight will be supported by the seat, it must be comfortable as well as resistant.

If you are going to spend many hours a day sitting in the chair, we advise you to choose a model that is equipped with a seat that offers appropriate padding to avoid ailments and discomfort after a few hours of working, studying or playing on the computer or the computer. console.

Manufacturing materials

The manufacturing materials in an ergonomic chair are very important, since they are responsible for offering comfort in conjunction with a structure designed especially for it.

The models of ergonomic chairs are so varied that you could choose the one of your preference according to your needs. For example, if you work in a hot environment, a chair with a mesh back would be recommended, since it would let air pass through so you don’t feel as hot.

If you need to get comfortable as the hours go by, don’t rule out chairs with thick padding, as you’ll be able to lean back and spend time more comfortably no matter what task you’re doing.

Likewise, you should not forget that the material used to make the seat, the backrest and the structure must be resistant so that you can enjoy the chair for a long time.

system settings

Another point that is also relevant when choosing an ergonomic chair that is good and economical is the adjustment system. As you can guess, most models allow adjustments, either in terms of the height of the seat, the armrests or the inclination of the backrest.

If you want to acquire a chair that can adapt to the different stages of fatigue that you could present during the day, it is very important that you consider the adjustment system in order to choose a product that can adapt to your needs.

Many people, when they feel tired, tend to lean back in the chair, either to rest their neck or back and, in these cases, chairs that can recline are also a good option.

Mobility and practicality

Something that cheap chairs do not usually lack is mobility, since it is a basic aspect for office chairs and for use with the computer and best of all, this does not affect much how much a certain model costs.

When you are reviewing the different advantages and disadvantages of the ergonomic chair you want to buy, do not forget to check the quality and mobility of the wheels, since these are the ones that will allow you to move around in the chair without having to get up to, for example, get to the printer, turn off the television or whatever use you want to give the product.

Accessories included

Finally, the included accessories. By this we mean structural or electronic details that the chair may have, such as armrests so you can rest the weight of your arms when writing or playing on the computer, cup holders so you have a safe place to place your drink, cushions to increase comfort in certain areas, among many other things.

If you take into consideration the accessories, you could acquire a chair that is more practical, comfortable and pleasant to use in your day to day.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to sit in an ergonomic chair?

Sitting properly will prevent you from suffering from back and neck pain and an ergonomic chair can help you with this. To use it properly, you must have your back completely attached to the backrest, so that your spine is always straight.

If you are using the chair in conjunction with a desk, you must adjust the height so that your hands can rest comfortably on the surface and, in the same way, you can have the support of the armrests. Keep your legs relaxed and with the soles resting on the ground to have good blood circulation.

Q2: How to adjust the ergonomic chair?

If what you want is to adjust the height of your ergonomic chair, the process is quite simple. First, you will need to locate a small lever that is usually under the seat. If you want to raise it, you will have to pull it up and the same pneumatic suspension system will take care of taking it to its maximum height.

In case you want to lower the seat, you will have to sit on the chair and proceed to perform the same movement and stop the lever right where you want the level of elevation to be.

Q3: Can the ergonomic chair be used to prevent occupational diseases?

Illnesses caused by a poor work environment are many, and if ergonomic chairs are not available for a worker who must spend most of the day sitting, it can have very serious consequences.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to keep the body in a correct posture that is capable of aligning the spine to avoid putting pressure on the discs, which would cause back pain, discomfort, fatigue, etc. The same applies to the neck and the rest of the body. That is to say, basically, with an ergonomic chair occupational diseases would be prevented, given that the worker is being offered a comfortable and safe space in which to carry out their tasks.

Q4: How to make an ergonomic kneeling chair?

To make an ergonomic kneeling chair, you will need to purchase pre-cut pieces of wood. These can be obtained by taking a pattern that you download from the internet to any lumberyard. Do not forget to treat the wood with sandpaper and varnish so that it has a pleasant touch, that it lasts longer and does not present splinters.

After you have them, you can proceed with the assembly of the chair by securing all the pieces with screws and washers for added security. Also consider adding padding to increase comfort.

Q5: What problems does an ergonomic chair solve?

The main problem that the use of an ergonomic chair solves instead of an ordinary office chair is correcting poor posture. Generally, standard chairs do not have the proper design to force the spine to take a correct position so as not to press on sensitive areas that can later trigger chronic ailments.

By this we mean discomforts such as pain in the back, neck, arms, forearms and even the wrist can be affected. With the use of an ergonomic chair, these problems can practically disappear, yes, by making correct use of the product and respecting the recommended position for sitting.

Q6: Why is an ergonomic chair so uncomfortable?

An ergonomic chair may feel uncomfortable at first because your spine is not used to maintaining a certain position, but don’t worry, as the days go by, you will get used to it and you will begin to notice the improvement that a good ergonomic chair provides..

Q7: Can ergonomic chairs be of the gamer type?

The answer to this question is yes, of course. In fact, most chairs designed for playing video games have ergonomic structures that offer support in the most vulnerable areas of the back and arms, as well as a comfortable seat for all those hours leveling up your character or completing missions in your favorite video game

In addition to this, it should be noted that many ergonomic gaming chairs have ventilation systems to improve air circulation in the back and neck and you could even find models with integrated devices, such as speakers, Bluetooth, cup holders, etc.

Q8: Is it safe to use an ergonomic backless chair?

Yes, it shouldn’t be a problem to use an ergonomic backless chair. In fact, this type of model offers advantages such as relieving the pressure that is applied to the pelvis, helping you work your abs while sitting, and also gives you variety so that you can rest your back and support your weight mainly on your knees.

In addition, these types of chairs usually keep your feet under the knee seat, so if you forget and decide to lie down, you will not go backwards as you are supported by your own feet.

How to use an ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chairs are usually sold unassembled, so if you purchased one, you may need to spend a few minutes putting it together before you can use it. If you want us to help you with some useful tips, continue reading this practical guide to know how to use an ergonomic chair.

separate the pieces

Before trying to join any piece with another, it is best to separate them into parts: screws, washers, Allen keys, seat, backrest, armrests, base, hydraulic pump and wheels. In this way it will be easier for you to follow the instructions expressed in the user manual. In addition to this, we advise you to verify that there are the number of pieces indicated on the box to avoid inconveniences when assembling the chair.

Arming the base

The base is the first thing we advise you to assemble. Normally, the base is a large piece that can be made of metal or plastic with arms that will support and distribute the weight on the wheels of the chair.

Place the base face up on the ground to make it easier for you to maneuver it and take one of the wheels. If they are of standard design, they will enter with pressure, so you will only have to place them in each of the leg inlets and press them until you hear a latching click. Do the same to install all the remaining wheels and check that they can turn freely; if not, we advise you to apply a little oil.

Installing the hydraulic pump

The base should have a support for the pump, so you’ll need to place it there until it fits and stays put. If the chair also includes a plastic trim, take advantage of putting it on at this time, since it will be impossible for you later. At the end, only the tip of the pump should stick out and will be secured to the metal base of the seat.

Placing the seat

Take the metal bracket and place it facing the correct direction according to the instructions. To secure it, use the indicated screws with washers and tighten them firmly. Turn the seat upside down, take the base with the wheels on it and connect the pump hook with the seat base.

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