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Fireplaces – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

The heat provided by a fireplace is essential for winter days, but if you want to take advantage of the equipment throughout the year, there are also functional models designed to bake bread and any other food with ease. For this to be possible, you must be cautious in your search and not acquire the first piece of equipment that catches your eye. Remember to check the quality indicators and even the ratings of other buyers. A fireplace with great positioning is Klarstein St. Moritz, which has an electrical operation with an adjustable artificial flame, designed to create a warmer atmosphere without having to worry about the generation of soot or smoke. In addition, thanks to its compact and light casing, you can handle it comfortably and even place it in any space without getting in the way. Another piece of equipment that, apart from heating the spaces in your home, will also please everyone due to its attractive design is the COSTWAY HW58932ES, made of black stainless steel.

Opinions on the best fireplaces

If you are interested in purchasing a fireplace, you can not forget that all models offer distinctive specifications that you should examine before making a final decision. In the next section, we will tell you a little about some of the products that have earned the positive opinion of buyers, due to their many qualities.

Electric fireplace

Klarstein St Moritz

The Klarstein house has highly positioned heating equipment due to its operation and long useful life, so it is not surprising that this model has been considered the best value for money electric fireplace and, according to buyers, it is one of the cheaper.

It is an electric fireplace that does not generate smoke or soot and has a practical flame simulation system. Its maximum power is 1850 watts and you can regulate it at two levels by means of a built-in thermostat. In addition, the alternating current supply is between 220 and 240 volts.

The format of the casing is 38 x 54 x 26 centimeters and the weight is 14 kilograms, with specifications that will allow you to easily mount it anywhere in your home. Also, the electric fireplace incorporates a removable base of four metal parts, which give greater stability to the structure.

Among the cheapest fireplaces you will find this model, which stands out among its competitors due to the compact design of the casing, safe flame and intuitive operation.


Flame: The device incorporates an artificial flame, designed so that you do not worry about the smoke or soot that conventional equipment usually produces.

Format: The casing of the device has compact measurements of 38 x 54 x 26 centimeters, corresponding to its width, height and depth.

Thermostat: The regulator thermostat with which the equipment has been provided will allow you to adjust the workforce at two different levels.

Base: In the lower part of the structure, a removable base is incorporated to provide an adequate level of stability, made of metal and with a four-part design.


Noise: Users agree when commenting that the operation of the fireplace is a bit noisy, but it is only about some isolated evaluations.

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bioethanol fireplace


It is a bioethanol fireplace with a pleasant design and easy assembly, either hanging it on the wall or standing it up in any space you consider suitable. Its rectangular structure has been made of robust stainless steel and has a professional paint coating, so you will not have to worry about its deterioration due to the heat generated. The format of said casing corresponds to 95 x 18 x 54 centimeters and its weight is only 20 kilograms.

Regarding the burners, each one has a capacity for a maximum of 1.5 liters of fuel, being an adequate amount to provide you with four to six hours of heating.

We cannot fail to mention the incorporation in the purchase package of some elements such as a funnel to pour the fuel, a metal hook for greater security and a practical instruction manual.

This COSTWAY model has elegant aesthetics, intuitive operation and quick assembly. Learn more details below.


Manufacturing: The structure is made of robust, non-deformable and high-end stainless steel.

Dimensions: The width, depth, height of the fireplace corresponds to 95 x 18 x 54 centimeters.

Accessories: With the purchase, a fastening hook and a funnel to pour the fuel are attached.

Burners: The equipment has two burners with a capacity for 1.5 liters of fuel.


Fuel: The manufacturer does not include the fuel necessary to light the burners with the purchase, so you must purchase it separately.

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This model has a compact format, resistant structure and low energy consumption, which easily adapts to any space in your home. So if you want to buy the best fireplace, you cannot leave this Purline model out of your shopping list.

Its design is modern and attractive. The casing of this wood-burning fireplace has been made of white lacquered stainless steel, it has height, width, and depth dimensions of 70 x 60 x 20 centimeters and weighs 18 kilograms.

Regarding the level of electrical power, we have that the equipment has been provided with a maximum of 1.75 kilowatts and a combustion system equivalent to 1.2 liters, using bioethanol for this and thus generating a real adjustable flame.

A particularity of this wood-burning fireplace is that it does not require any type of assembly, so you can place it directly on the ground without any inconvenience. In addition, it incorporates a kit with some decorative firewood logs.

To get the best fireplace of the moment, you just have to be patient and carefully check the variety of existing heating equipment. Next, we present a model with great positioning.


Housing: The structure of the fireplace was made of robust stainless steel, offering a high degree of resistance to impacts and to the temperature acquired.

Accessories: The manufacturer included a decorative kit made up of a total of nine logs in the purchase package for this fireplace.

Power: This model has a heating power that is equivalent to 1.75 kilowatts, allowing it to function properly.

Dimensions: The format of the fireplace has height, width, depth measurements of 70 x 60 x 20 centimeters, thus being a compact piece of equipment that will not take up much space.


Weight: The weight of 18 kilograms of the device has been negatively valued by some users, since according to them it is high.

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pellet fireplace

K-Stove Vesuvius

The K-Stove house brings to the market this pellet fireplace with a robust design and great resistance, for which high-end raw material was used, such as the stainless steel present in its casing. It is a product designed to be used outdoors, thus providing you with a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy with family or friends at any time of the day. Its operation by means of fuel is intuitive and with respect to assembly it will not take much time.

The format is rectangular, the structure has a weight of 25 kilograms and in the lower part it incorporates four fixed bases that provide stability, preventing the heat generated from damaging the floor. The front door has a secure closure and a small glass transparency with thermal protection, so you can enjoy the flames at all times. In addition, it includes a 100-millimeter vertical smoke outlet.

If you want an outdoor heater with a robust and easy-to-handle design, then we recommend placing this model among your purchase options.


Base: In the lower part you will find four legs that offer great stability and avoid direct contact of the burning chamber with the ground.

Manufacturing: The manufacturer used high-end stainless steel, varnished with professional black paint.

Weight: This fireplace has a weight of 25 kilograms, which you can handle without inconvenience.

Smoke outlet: The smoke outlet is arranged vertically and has a diameter of 10 centimeters.


Security : You will have to be careful when opening the door, since the knob tends to get a bit hot.

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gas fireplace

Thermal Dynamics IG106272

It is an outdoor gas fireplace with an elegant and attractive design. Its width, depth, length format is 43 x 43 x 221 centimeters and the weight of only 18 kilograms is quite light. In addition, the structure incorporates a bearing system, which will allow you to move quickly.

Regarding the manufacture of the casing, a combination of stainless steel and aluminum stands out, both being robust, non-deformable materials and capable of offering a long useful life.

We cannot fail to mention the work force of the device, which corresponds to 14 kilowatts, the incorporation of a regulation switch for the size of the flame and a practical auto-off mechanism, in order to avoid overheating. The best of all is that you will not have limitations in terms of the fuel to be used, since the equipment is suitable for both butane and propane gas.

This model has an elegant aesthetic and efficient operation when heating your terrace or garden, so you should consider buying it.


Mobilization: You will be able to move the fireplace from one place to another easily thanks to the fact that it incorporates a lower bearing system.

Manufacturing: For the elaboration of the chimney, stainless steel was used, together with galvanized aluminum.

Power: The maximum working power reached by the device is 14 kilowatts.

Fuel: The equipment works with both butane and propane gas, so the decision is up to the buyer.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual is not very explanatory, as commented on the web.

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modern fireplace

Endeavor Fires and Fireplaces E114R/115S

Endeavor Fires and Fireplaces presents us with a modern fireplace made of robust MDF wood, with an attractive design and quality finishes. The casing has a format of 100 x 82.5 x 27.9 centimeters, which you can place in any room without taking up much space.

Its nominal power is 2000 watts, the alternating current voltage ranges from 220 to 240 volts and the frequency corresponds to 50 Hz. The power cable is 107 centimeters long and incorporates a rotating mechanism.

Regarding the operation of the heater, we have that it is an intuitive procedure that you will carry out by means of a remote control. In this way you can turn the equipment on and off, as well as program the timer according to your usage needs, control the intensity of the artificial flame, the brightness level and select the color of its lighting. Finally, you will find a warranty card valid for 12 months included with the purchase.

For this model of fireplaces, the manufacturer used an LED lighting system that makes the artificial flame more attractive, as well as an intuitive method of operation.


Dimensions: The structure of the equipment has measures of height, width, depth equivalent to 100 x 82.5 x 27.9 centimeters.

Flame: This model has an artificial flame that you can program according to your taste, adjusting the brightness, size and even the color that you want it to project.

Remote control: You will be able to control all the operation of the heater in a comfortable and simple way, thanks to the incorporation of a remote control.

Warranty: In the event of any technical failure, you have the possibility of requesting a refund of the money or a change of the product, since you have a guarantee valid for one year.


Power cord: According to the use experience of some buyers, the extension of the power cord is a bit limited. Of course, it depends on the location of the power source.

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decorative fireplace


To decide which is the best fireplace, you should check the characteristics of this model that has been developed by BRONPI, suitable for heating spaces and baking with great comfort.

This decorative fireplace has a nominal power of 14 kilowatts, provides heating of 350 cubic meters for an efficiency of 80% and has a smoke expulsion area of ​​200 millimeters. The structure has four legs and is made up of two spacious compartments. In the first of them a tray made of stainless steel is incorporated and in the lower chamber you have a removable grill together with another rotating one.

Also, we have some accessories included with the purchase, such as gloves, a rake to facilitate the cleaning process and a practical barbecue kit. Also, you will find spray paint in the package, to touch up the casing in case of having a scratch and a warranty card.

We know that selecting which fireplace to buy can be a cumbersome process, so we decided to show you the pros and cons of a product that has everything you need to provide you with a pleasant user experience.


Power: The work force of the fireplace is 14 kilowatts and can be used to enjoy an adequate level of heating or for baking.

Bases: The design integrates four bases with non-slip rubbers to the structure of the fireplace, to provide stability and prevent slipping.

Smoke expulsion: The smoke outlet is placed vertically and has a diameter of 20 centimeters.

Accessories: Among the accessories included by the manufacturer you will find a can of spray paint, safety gloves, a rake for cleaning the chambers and a kit for barbecues.


Format: The size of the case is a bit robust, as indicated by a couple of buyers on the web.

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Other products

Baker SINTRA 20902

To enjoy a heating equipment with efficient operation, you should check the best fireplaces of 2022, in which a model patented by Panadero stands out that may suit you. The equipment is made of cast iron and has an anti-heat varnish treatment, resistant to temperatures not exceeding 800°C.

The casing has dimensions of 80 x 81.5 x 52 centimeters, weight of 97 kilograms and smoke outlet of 150 millimeters with vertical design. On the front you will find the vestibule with an easy-to-adjust door and a cool-touch handle, as well as a lower compartment so you can keep your firewood close at hand.

In addition, the structure has been designed so that you can install it as a corner type in any room in your home. We cannot fail to mention the nominal work force of the device, corresponding to 10 kilowatts and capable of generating heating of up to 280 cubic meters.

The Panadero manufacturer is considered by some people to be the best brand of fireplaces, which this time brings a powerful and durable model to the market.


Format: It is a robust fireplace with a height, width, depth of 80 x 81.5 x 52 centimeters and a weight of 97 kilograms.

Power: The fireplace has been provided with a maximum power of 10 kilowatts, adequate to produce approximately 280 cubic meters of heating.

Fuel: To carry out the combustion process of this model, you require the use of some logs with a format that does not exceed 60 centimeters.

Casing: The material selected for the manufacture of the casing of this fireplace is cast iron with anti-heat enamel treatment.


Installation: Users recommend taking some precautions when installing the device, since the heat can deteriorate the walls that are in direct contact with the structure.

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Fireplace accessories

chimney door

Upman 10250

Upmann is a manufacturer that has achieved a significant position in the market, as buyers recognize the high quality standards present in each of its products. This model is an example of it.

We are talking about a fireplace door made with a gray galvanized steel sheet, a robust body and a practical four-sided drip edge. The product has been tested and certified, so it promises a high level of resistance and, therefore, a long service life. Its format is 18 x 25 centimeters and weighs 2.15 kilograms.

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chimney tubes

EiFi FERRO1405150

This EiFi chimney pipe model has a robust body, due to its stainless steel construction. Said selected metal offers a thickness of 2.0 millimeters, thus being a resistant and non-deformable product, capable of withstanding exposure to a temperature of 400 to 600 °C.

The exterior of the tube is characterized by having a rustic style, since it has been varnished with matt black thermal paint. Its height is 25 centimeters, while the diameter of the smoke outlet corresponds to 15 centimeters. In addition, it is a fairly light structure, weighing only 1.92 kilograms.

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Fireplace spark arrester

Imex El Zorro 10404

With a geometric and attractive design, you will find this model of spark savers for fireplaces. The equipment consists of an 81 x 68 centimeter structure, made of metal tubes welded together and varnished with professional black paint.

In addition, its aesthetics is complemented by a series of transparencies in special glass with thermal protection, two folding doors with small rectangular knobs and a pair of bases in the lower part that provide the necessary stability.

In this way, you will only have to place it in front of the fireplace, without fear of suffering an unexpected overturn. Thanks to this last feature, the spark arrester has a very practical assembly.

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Guide to buying a fireplace

A fireplace is not only a heating equipment for the different rooms of our home, but also ends up becoming a decorative element due to its cuts or ornaments. The models present in the market are varied and each one has distinctive characteristics that you should know and evaluate, thus achieving to carry with you a device that really suits your needs. For this reason, we have made the following guide to buy the best fireplace, in which we emphasize the main quality indicators that are recommended to be evaluated before deciding on a specific piece of equipment.

Shopping guide

Raw material

When starting your own comparison of fireplaces, you must evaluate the type of raw material used by the manufacturer. Remember that it is a structure that is going to be exposed to high temperatures, so it is essential that its body is robust and non-deformable.

Among the most used materials for the construction of this type of structure, steel stands out in the first place, as well as chromed aluminum. Similarly, some manufacturers sometimes combine both elements.

Whatever the case, what really matters is that you make sure that the sheet metal used has been treated to resist corrosion. Also, that the paint with which the casing was varnished is of a professional range, to avoid its rapid deterioration.

Finally, if the fireplace you selected incorporates a window in the door, then you will have to check that the glass has thermal protection, so that it does not break due to the heat.


When selecting a fireplace for your home, it is important that you take into consideration its dimensions, since these will influence the handling, assembly process and even how much said model costs.

We then refer to technical specifications such as the width, height and depth of the casing, as well as its weight. Keep in mind that the market offers you a large number of models and each one of them has a format that differs from the others.

Although the selection is a personal decision, you will need to take some precautions, such as contrasting the measures present in the product of your interest with those of the installation area. In this way, you will be able to adjust them to each other and you will not have problems when assembling.

On the other hand, if it is a fireplace that requires dry logs, you cannot let the measurements of the burning chamber go unnoticed, thus avoiding setbacks when inserting them into it.


Every buyer wants the purchased fireplace to be good and cheap, but it is also important that it incorporates some accessories. This, in most cases, is quite beneficial, since it allows you to enjoy a better user experience and even carry out the assembly process without having to make an extra investment by purchasing certain accessories or necessary tools.

The elements attached depend on the device model. So if it is a suitable fireplace to be mounted on the wall, then it is very possible to get in the purchase package a metal fastening hook, a couple of supports and some screws to fix these pieces.

Likewise, it is common to find a funnel to easily pour the fuel into the burner compartment or some decorative logs, in the case of equipment with an artificial flame.

Operation and power

The operation of the equipment is another factor that becomes important when reviewing the quality indicators of the fireplace, being necessary that it be an intuitive process, that you can carry out without taking much time.

So check that the selected model first incorporates an ignition switch and, if possible, a regulating thermostat, which allows a quick adjustment of the temperature level and the size of the flame. Similarly, it is important that you make sure that each of the integrated burners has an independent control.

With regard to the workforce, it is advisable to acquire a high-end fireplace, as is the case with those of 14 kilowatts and above. However, there are other higher or lower power ranges. Remember that ultimately the decision depends on your usage needs, according to the size of the room or outdoor space you want to heat.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When to close chimney draft?

The chimney draft regulates the entry of air from outside the room to the combustion chamber, thus allowing the heat generated during operation to be increased or decreased. Similarly, it is responsible for controlling the fast or slow consumption of fuel. So depending on your needs, it should be the opening level, it being advisable to close it completely when you are not going to turn on the device.

Q2: Which option is cheaper, a pellet or wood burning fireplace?

Without a doubt, wood-burning fireplaces have a lower cost than pellet fireplaces, since their operation is manual and, therefore, they do not incorporate the electrical components for the respective ignition of the heating device.

Similarly, once installed, the wood-burning fireplace will require a constant investment regarding the dry logs and ignition tablets necessary for its start-up. For its part, the pellet equipment requires a direct supply of electricity, which, depending on its efficiency classification, will be reflected in the monthly electricity bill.

Q3: Why doesn’t my chimney smoke?

If your chimney does not smoke, it could be due to several reasons. The first thing you have to check is the exact moment since this fault began to appear. If it is from your installation, then it could be a problem with the mounting of the air outlet tube or that you have inadvertently left the vent closed.

But if said inconvenience passed some time later, it is possible that it is some type of obstruction due to soot. So you will need to perform maintenance on this plugin to rule out this option.

Q4: How to clean chimney?

Cleaning will depend on the model. If the fireplace incorporates an ash catcher, then you will only have to remove it, empty it and reinsert it in the indicated compartment. Regarding the structure, you can take a soft sponge and pass it through the entire casing both in the internal and external area.

In this way, you will quickly remove dust and dirt. There are special products for the metal and tile or ceramic of the interior lining of the burning cabinet, so it is recommended that you check the manufacturer’s specifications in order to acquire one of them, to provide greater protection to the equipment.

Q5: How to make wood fireplace?

Building a wood fireplace is a process that requires time and dedication. It is advisable to review several models, which will allow you to define the concept of the facade that you want to manufacture.

He begins by creating a wooden base on the ground and on it he builds the walls of the structure, using a series of wooden slats to do so. He places a full sheet on top, to provide greater stability and creates an arch-shaped formwork in the front area.

Remember that to carry out the fixing you will need some tools such as nails, hammer, screwdrivers, drill, bits and screws. To finish, varnish the wood, incorporating a grill and some decorative logs on the inside for greater appeal.

Q6: What is the tallest chimney in the world?

Gres-2 Power Station, with a building 419.7 meters high, is considered the tallest chimney in the world. Its construction dates back to 1987 and it works in the Ekibastuz coal mine, whose power station has a voltage line that at the time corresponded to 1150 kilowatts and that today works with only 400 kilowatts.

Q7: Why does the fireplace not heat?

The dirt accumulated in the chimney’s air inlet and outlet ducts is one of the main causes for the equipment to reduce its efficiency, thus failing to heat properly. So you must be attentive and periodically check the percentage of soot and sulfate adhered to these pieces, to avoid this type of inconvenience.

Q8: When to chimney swe

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