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Folding chair – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Whether for a meeting, for a conference or to expand a waiting room when people accumulate… In any of these circumstances, having folding chairs is of great help in any office. Especially because when you don’t need them you just have to fold them and store them, without taking up as much space as conventional chairs. Some chairs that offer different designs that can fit into any decoration without problems. If you are looking for a model with a traditional cut, the Innova 9145 chair offers you the format of the traditional aluminum folding chair with a comfortable black upholstery, also presented in an economical set of six chairs. Something similar to what the model La Silla Española Sevilla offers us, also presented in a set of six chairs and which, due to its quality aluminum construction with white padding, can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The best folding chairs on the market

Having a comfortable chair at hand is essential for different uses in your office. The problem is that when they are chairs for occasional use, what really interests us is knowing which is the best folding chair that we can find to get out of trouble. Luckily, today it is easy to have those occasional additional seats thanks to products such as those that we have included in our selection of the best folding chairs of 2022, which we offer you below.

Innovate 9145

The Innova 9145 chair responds to the design of the traditional model of these folding chairs, in which we find a comfortable chair made of resistant aluminum, designed to adequately withstand more or less intensive use.

This padded folding chair adds extra comfort when sitting, as it includes support for the backrest, also padded, being a comfortable option even for more intensive uses such as those in a conference or a waiting room, for example.. All this without the upholstery or the structure deteriorating prematurely.

And the best thing is that in this presentation you will be able to access a proposal located among the cheap options to furnish your office, given that this lot includes six chairs at an adjusted price. For this reason, we could well be talking about the best value-for-money folding chair that we have analyzed.

If you need solutions to expand the seating in your office, this lot is one of the most interesting options we have found.


Structure : The aluminum structure offers an interesting mix of strength and lightness when using or storing the chairs.

Comfort of use : The upholstery of the chairs offers adequate comfort when sitting down, even during long hours.

Resistant : The chairs withstand intensive use, so that neither the upholstery nor the structure of the chair deteriorates prematurely.

Compact size: Once folded, the chairs take up little space, making them easy to store and transport.

Rubber feet: The rubber feet give the chairs extra security, preventing them from slipping and damaging sleep.


Paint finish : Although it is in line with the rest of the quality of the product, the exterior paint can be scratched if care is not taken.

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The Spanish Chair Seville

Finding the best folding chair for your office doesn’t have to be difficult. And the proof is found in models such as the Sevilla folding chair from La Silla Española. A product of traditional design, tested and proven both for its quality and its resistance.

This white folding chair has the usual aluminum structure in which we find a backrest and an upholstered seat in this same color, which offer you adequate comfort when using the chair. It has an easy deployment system, so you will not have to make much effort to place them.

And so that you don’t use more space than necessary, once folded you can store them comfortably anywhere, either hanging or stacked against the wall. Furthermore, these chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors.

If you are looking for the best folding chair of the moment and you do not want to complicate yourself, this complete set from La Silla Española can adequately cover your needs.


Traditional design : This traditional chair has an aluminum structure and the usual seat and backrest upholstery, to give you good comfort.

Complete kit: This kit includes six chairs, so you will have enough seats to cover your needs at a cheaper cost than other models offer.

Versatile : Thanks to its quality, this chair can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on what you need.

Compact : Once folded, the chair does not take up too much space, so you will not have a problem storing it without taking up too much space.


Upholstery : The upholstery must be treated with care, especially preventing it from coming into contact with metallic elements that could crack it.

Prolonged use: Although they are chairs suitable for occasional use, they are not so suitable for spending a full working day, according to some users.

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The Ikea GUNDE folding chair is an interesting novelty with which to easily have additional chairs, while making the most of the storage space in your office.

And it is that these metal chairs are very light, with a weight that does not reach 2 kilos, also having an extra-flat format that reduces the space needed to store them. Once opened, the chairs offer a comfortable and pleasant space to sit down, with an easy-to-clean plastic seat and backrest capable of offering good comfort.

A complete design that includes improvements such as the safety lock, which prevents the chair from folding unexpectedly. It also incorporates a small handle in the back area, so you can move it comfortably or even hang it on the wall, if required.

If you don’t know which folding chair to buy, this Ikea model is an interesting novelty that significantly evolves the design of the conventional folding chair.


Seat lock: To avoid involuntary folding of the seat, this model has a locking system that prevents this risk.

Compact : It is one of the most compact chairs once folded, so it will not take up space once you have to store it.

Materials : The mixture of the plastic seat with the aluminum structure creates an elegant and resistant combination when used.


Upholstered : This model is not upholstered, but the seat is placed directly on its plastic structure. Still, it maintains good comfort.

Unfolding : Both the folding and unfolding process of the chair is different from conventional models, being necessary to know it to assemble the chair properly.

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SoBuy FST40-HG

Within the folding chairs that we have analyzed there is also space for the higher category models. Obviously, it is not among the cheapest folding chairs on the market, but the truth is that the construction and quality of the SoBuy FST40-HG chair make the difference.

This birch wood folding chair offers an elegant finish when placed in any room, also having a pleasantly padded seat. In addition, it has a fabric cover made of polyester that you can easily remove and wash from both the seat area and the backrest.

A different model that is also practical, since it does not take up too much space once folded and can be stored with the same simplicity as conventional models.

Although it is not clear which is the best brand of folding chairs at the moment, the truth is that this SoBuy model makes a difference in terms of quality.


Materials : This chair has been made of high quality birch wood that gives an additional touch of elegance to any room.

Padding : The quality padding, both on the backrest and the seat, generates comfortable sensations when using the chair.

Removable covers : The seat and backrest are removable, so you can clean these fabrics comfortably just by removing them from the chair.


Resistance : According to the labeling of the chair, it has a resistance of 90 kilos of weight, which may fall short for larger users.

Location of the backrest: Compared to the models with a straight structure, in this model the backrest is somewhat further back, which can be strange in the first uses of the chair.

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meco brown

The Meco Brown folding chair is an interesting alternative for those who want a different and pleasant model when furnishing their office. A contemporary style model with brown upholstery, more elegant and resistant compared to the conventional design of cheaper chairs.

This model has a resistant tubular structure in which a sponge padding is housed and a beautiful finish in brown tones with which to make a difference compared to the usual imitation leather design of other models. Something that gives you extra comfort compared to conventional chairs, being suitable for when you have to use it for a longer time than usual.

And when you’re done using it, the chair doesn’t take up much more space than conventional ones either, so storage isn’t a problem either.

For those looking for a chair that is somewhat more comfortable than usual thanks to its greater padding, this model includes what you need.


Structure : The structure is somewhat more resistant and robust than that of conventional models, maintaining an adequate lightness of the product.

Finish : The cinnabar powder paint finish gives the product extra resistance to friction and scratches.

Padding : The padding is somewhat thicker than usual, thus providing better comfort when using the chair.


Height: Some users comment that the height of the chair is slightly lower than usual, but not so much that it is uncomfortable.

Fabric : The type of fabric, rather textile, has a lower resistance to dirt than models upholstered in imitation leather.

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