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Footrest – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

If you have back problems, neck problems or muscle tension after a long day of work, you probably need a good footrest to work. A accessory that adds extra comfort and helps you maintain a healthier posture, adjusted both to your position and to your own preferences. But to achieve this, it is necessary to bet on quality models, with the adjustments and measurements you need, both for your height and for the posture you adopt when working. Among these models we have the Ikea Dagotto footrest, an alternative that improves posture when sitting on desk chairs, which includes a support to adjust the angle by simply exerting pressure with the feet, being suitable for sensitive surfaces. Another suitable model is the 5 Star KF6223, a classic black footrest with a textured platform for greater user comfort during use.

The best footrests on the market

Choosing the best footrest is not only a matter of comfort. It is a fundamental issue for your occupational health, since a good footrest for the office will give you the correct position so that the long hours in your chair do not end up taking its toll on your body. That is why we want to leave you our chosen ones among the best footrests of 2022, with models of all kinds so that you always have that comfort under your feet.

Ikea footstool

Ikea Dagotto

If you are looking for a model that guarantees greater comfort for a correct and rested posture, in order to better carry long hours sitting in front of the computer, then it is likely that you should review the specifications included in this Ikea footstool alternative. 

This option tends to be recognized among the best for helping to reduce stress on the legs, back and neck, through a structure made of metal and plastic. In addition, this model incorporates a platform adjustment system, through inclination or angles, which can be modified with just the pressure of the foot.

The surface of the footrest has been treated to have textured properties to prevent slippage. It weighs just over a kilo and its dimensions are 49 cm by 30 cm by 4 cm, making it compact and portable. Includes rubber on the base to prevent damage to the floor.

For a footrest to be among the best, it must provide comfort for good posture. Know the details of this model.


Design: It has a practical design in black and silver details, built with metal and plastic.

Portability: Due to its weight of 1.5 kilos and compact measurements, it is practical and portable.

Base: To prevent damage to the floor, it is equipped with two rubber bands on the base that prevent direct contact. 

Non- slip: The surface material has been treated to be textured and non-slip.


Material: A user stated that it is a model made of plastic that is not very resistant and flimsy.

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office footstool

5 Star KF6223

The KF6223 alternative, which is marketed and manufactured by 5 Star, is usually among the best for being a suitable office footrest to improve posture and avoid discomfort and muscular discomfort during working hours in front of the computer. The structure of this model is made of dense plastic that does not deform under weight. 

In addition, it has four base pieces, two of them long and removable, making it possible to adjust the position or angle by 15 degrees or 20 degrees with a height of 12 cm and 14 cm. These bases have a rubber accessory that prevents the footrest from sliding on the surface and causing damage to the floor. 

Likewise, the two fixed base pieces are a kind of rubber pad. On the other hand, it is an element that stands out for being wide, which allows a relaxed position of the feet and legs.

Within the number of available models, it is necessary to look for quality indicators. Review the pros and cons of this model.


Surface: To prevent slipping, the surface structure has been treated and textured.

Construction: It has a high-end construction, made from strong and resistant plastic.

Folding: Although it is of compact dimensions when it is open, to store it is possible to fold it, making it smaller.

Inclination: The inclination of the footrest can be adjusted or adjusted in two levels, for greater user comfort.


Price: According to the opinion of some users, this is a high cost model compared to others.

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cheap footrests

Zerone Adjustable

If you are looking for a competitively priced model, you should look among the cheap footrests that have a high degree of quality and efficiency, with Zerone’s adjustable alternative being one of the options that you cannot leave out. This model is built with a black structure in high-end ABS plastic and resistance, being even corrosion and dust proof.

The model is equipped with a stable base in which rubber has been incorporated to prevent damage to the surface on which it rests. In addition, it has a carved surface to serve as a massager and prevent feet from slipping. 

On the other hand, for greater comfort and blood circulation, it is possible to adjust the height in three levels, adjusting the inclination of the base, with a range between 7 and 15 cm in height. On the other hand, it has a light weight of 2,300 kilos and a wide surface.

Adjustable Zerone has attributes that combine adequate size with practical design, being an option that you should know about.


Size: It has a comfortable size to put your feet efficiently, its measurements being 45.7, by 35.4, by 11 cm,

Weight: Considering its structure, it has a relatively light weight of just over two kilos.

Adjustment: To improve comfort, it can be adjusted in three levels of height and inclination of the base.

Construction: It has a robust ABS plastic construction resistant to dust and corrosion.


Slip: According to a user comment, this footrest does not remain fixed on the ground.

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desk footrest

File 2000 5115GF

The desk footrest is a simple product in appearance but with good quality and resistance in its manufacture, with which to give you the comfort you need when working. To do this, this model has a construction with a tilting system that we can adjust to the angle that most interests us at all times. We also have a textured support surface with a massage effect that prevents the feet from moving from where they should be.

A complete product that is finished off with a non-slip base, so that you can rest your feet without complications. All this in a model that is shipped already assembled, so you will only have to adjust it to the position that suits you best. And when it comes to cleaning it, just wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt that may have accumulated.

If you have not yet decided which footrest to buy, we will give you some more information about this model and its functions.


Adjustable: This footrest can be tilt adjusted to the angle that suits you best.

Textured support: The support area of ​​this footrest has a ball texture that serves to achieve a pleasant massage effect on your feet.

Non- slip: So that you do not have problems with slipping, the product incorporates a non-slip base that does not damage the floor and fixes the footrest.


Materials: The product has been made of ABS plastic and does not have metallic elements, as is the case with other products that we have analyzed.

Depth measurements: The depth measurements, that is, along the length, are 33 centimeters compared to 35 centimeters for most of the footrests that we have analyzed.

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folding footrest

Kensington Sole Saver

The Kensington SoleSaver office footrest is a very interesting product to adjust the position of your legs according to what you need. To do this, this model has a wide base and three levels of inclination of 10, 15 or 20 degrees, being able to choose the one that best suits you at all times.

As for its base, it has measurements of 45 centimeters wide by 35 centimeters deep, also having a contoured material that facilitates the grip of the foot and prevents slipping when placing the feet.

Something that is also helped by its grooved structure, which gives you better support when using the product. And although it is not a folding footrest, in case you want to store it, you only have to disassemble the base so that it does not take up space in the closet.

Featured by many users as the best footrest of the moment, let’s see in detail everything that this product offers us.


Inclination angle: The model has three inclination angles, 10, 15 or 20 degrees respectively depending on what you need.

Grooved Base: The contoured, grooved base makes it easier to place your feet on, while preventing foot slippage.

Easy to store : In case you don’t need it, all you have to do is remove the bar from the base and store it without taking up too much space.

Platform size: The platform has a good size, measuring 45 centimeters wide by 35 centimeters deep.

Protections : To avoid damaging the floor, this model includes four protections, which also give extra stability to the footrest.


Position and height: For certain users the product may be somewhat high, even in the lowest position available.

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Fellowes Footstool

Fellowes Standard

For those looking for an alternative that helps them maintain a proper posture at the desk and at the same time serves to avoid muscle discomfort, allowing the feet to rest, they can take a look at the Fellowes footrest. This model has a simple design, which has been equipped with a floating platform, providing the possibility of stretching the legs, relieving tension and improving circulation. 

In addition, it has a two-level height adjustment, and it is even possible to change from straight to inclined mode, according to convenience. It is made with high-grade materials of quality and resistance in microfiber in granite or black. 

Due to its characteristics, it is an ergonomic model that includes a textured relief surface that provides greater comfort for the feet, giving a kind of massage if you do not have slippers. Its dimensions are 44 cm wide, 31 cm long, and 14 cm high.

With the Fellowes Standard model you can have a correct posture to avoid back strain. Know its pros and cons.


Materials: It has been built with a high-density microfiber structure, with light properties.

Design: It has a simple and classic design that is available in granite black. 

Massage: It has a textured surface with high relief, which is used to massage the feet and give more comfort.

Height: For greater comfort, the height can be adjusted in two levels, being able to select the inclination.


Resistance: In the opinion of some users, this is a model that can be weak because it is made of plastic.

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Other products

Amazon Basics DSN-02310

The AmazonBasics DSN-02310 footstool is a pleasant surprise that combines a price that is among cheap footstools with features that are typical of higher-class models. Among these characteristics we have a metallic construction in its structure with textured rubber finishes, which fulfill the double function of preventing the feet from slipping while generating a pleasant massage effect.

A complete product that you can also adjust to the inclination that suits you best, with more possibilities than other fixed position models. And as we said before, all these functions are presented at an adjusted cost, in a model that is close to being the best price-quality footrest that we have valued.

If you don’t know which is the best footrest on the market, in this Amazon model you have a complete and interesting product, also one of the cheapest at the moment.


Massage effect: The textured design of the upper area generates a pleasant massage effect on the feet.

Construction materials: Compared to other models, made of plastic, the structure of this footrest is metallic with rubber inserts in the support part.

Stability : Thanks to the quality of its materials, this product maintains adequate stability, while avoiding slippage of both the feet and the footrest itself.

Assembly : The assembly of the product is as easy as adjusting the tilt position of the product, without having to do anything else.


Slack : Due to its design, the product has a slight slack designed so that you can move your feet, which may not be to the liking of all users.

Height : It is not possible to modify the height of the product, which can be inconvenient for smaller users.

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Kensington Solemate Plus

Within the range of this manufacturer, the Kensington Solemate Plus model takes a step forward in terms of quality and functions. This model has a very robust construction that allows you to place your feet comfortably, and can also adjust the inclination of the support area by simply pressing the lever located at the bottom.

A model that incorporates a textured support surface with a coating that prevents slipping when using the footrest, which is also helped by the non-slip capacity of the support. And for you to customize it in the way that suits you best, the product has tilt lock at the angle that suits you best, as well as six different height levels, so you have the height that suits you best.

Featured by a large part of the public as the best footrest brand of the moment, let’s see some details of this model, as a good representative of it.


Adjustment pedal: The adjustment pedal allows you to set the inclination you need without having to bend under the table.

Support surface: The Foot Grip support surface has a non-slip construction and has a good massaging effect on the feet.

Height adjustable: For you to have adequate comfort, this model incorporates six positions as far as height adjustment is concerned.


Appearance : The black rubber that forms the upper part of the footrest does not hide the dirt from the soles of the shoes very well, according to some users.

Instructions : According to some comments, the product instructions are not as clear as they should be, especially when adjusting the product in height.

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Connect KF04525

If you want to maintain control over the height and inclination of your feet, the Connect KF04525 model is all you need. This product has a versatile design that makes the adjustment process easier by simply loosening the different elements that keep the base in place. This base has a rubber texture that prevents slipping and gives you the necessary strength to position yourself without complications.

The same happens with the feet of the product, which maintain the position of the footrest without it slipping when leaning on its base, while avoiding scratching or damaging the floor of your workplace. As for its maintenance, the product is not difficult to clean, since it does not accumulate too much dust on its structure and its different finishes make it easy to remove without too much effort.

If you are looking for a height-adjustable footrest, this model offers you this possibility, along with other interesting features that we will see below.


Height adjustable: It is one of the few footrests that we can adjust in height, giving you even more versatility when choosing the correct posture.

Rubber base: The base for the feet has a rubber coating that prevents slipping during use.

Inclination adjustment: In order for you to obtain the most suitable position, the product is also adjustable in inclination, according to what you need.


Materials : The product has been made of plastic, with finishes that visually convey somewhat less quality than this footrest has.

Assembly : This ergonomic footrest is delivered completely disassembled, so you will have to spend some time to get it ready and in the position that suits you.

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Guide to buying footrests

Spending hours and hours in front of a desk, whether signing papers, doing analyzes or typing on the computer, can be a strenuous task that leads to loss of posture and discomfort in the shoulders, neck, back and legs. To avoid this, the use of a chair with a backrest and a footrest is recommended, but not all the available options are suitable, hence it is necessary to know before buying. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best footrest on the market, a section with which we help you make an efficient choice.

Shopping guide


Many people base their search around price. For this reason, if before deciding to buy you want to know how much a footrest costs, it would be convenient for you to know what materials the manufacturer has incorporated in the elaboration of this product. In general, the raw material is an indicator that denotes quality, being possible to distinguish qualities of durability and useful life through it. In the case of footrests, they are made with lightweight structures made from metal or plastic of different densities and proportions. 

For example, on the market you can get some options that have a metal surface, with a plastic base or vice versa. Likewise, there are other alternatives that are made entirely of a dense ABS or microfiber plastic structure. Plastic is not an unsuitable material when it has been worked properly. In these cases, since it is a product that will support the weight of the legs, it must be of strong properties and not a flimsy model that deforms with the weight.

design and size 

The footrests have simple but functional designs, which serve to improve posture when sitting at the desk, allowing the rest of the legs and feet, to avoid muscle contractions and back, neck and cervical pain. Most designs have a small bench-like appearance and it is appropriate that they have large and wide dimensions, so that the feet can rest comfortably and ergonomically on its surface. 

In this sense, it is convenient to acquire options that have a height between 7 and 15 cm, the width can vary between 35 and 40 cm, while the length can also be between 30 and 40 cm. Due to their construction and simplicity, these products tend to be light, weighing between 1 and 3 kilos. Thanks to this, its portability is assured. Similarly, there are some models that can be folded, reducing their size to store safely.


Although the price is an important quality, beyond the fact that it is an economical footrest, it is prudent to analyze whether the option has a tilting or height adjustment system. Some models are equipped with tilt degree adjustment to provide a more comfortable user experience. In some cases, it is even possible to move the surface with your feet to help improve circulation while sitting. 

Also, some manufacturers have equipped their footrest designs with straight or inclined adjustment from 10 to 20 degrees, with heights that can range from 7 to 15 cm. These specifications can be adjusted through an easily accessible button, which can be operated with the feet or the hands, providing a better fit and ergonomics. On the other hand, there are other models that are static, so they have only one level and there is no possibility of adjustment. 


No comparison of footrests will be complete if the base of the models is not included within the properties to be compared. In this sense, it is necessary that these elements have stable and firm bases that remain attached to the ground to avoid sudden slips. The bases can be fixed or mobile, that is, have a fixed structure or mobile parts through supports. Likewise, it is recommended that the bases have a rubber accessory, an additional element that will allow better stability on the ground, while protecting it from scratches and friction damage.


Although footrests have simple structures, many manufacturers have equipped their products with textured relief surfaces, in order to provide greater ergonomics and prevent feet from slipping. These reliefs can be in the form of lines, circles or similar textures and, if you do not have shoes, the sensation on the soles of your feet will be relaxing and pleasant.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a homemade footstool?

There are several ways to achieve this. However, some tools such as a spatula, pencil, template, ruler, flexometer, cutter, jigsaw and a sanding block are necessary. As for the materials, carpet glue, carpet and wood are required. To do it, you have to use four pieces of wood and a couple of strips that must be cut following a guide made with the pencil and the ruler the lines.

All pieces must be cut and sanded, so they do not cause damage or expose splinters. When the structure has been created, the top part must be measured and with a cutter, cut the carpet to the same dimensions. Glue down the carpet by applying the carpet glue with a notched putty knife and the footrest is ready.  

Q2: How to upholster a footstool?

It is necessary to have screws, cloth, screwdriver, foam rubber, thermal insulation, scissors, double-sided tape and upholstery stapler. First, the foam must be cut one centimeter larger than the surface of the footrest. Next, the double-sided tape must be placed on the wood and the filling must be glued.

Cut the fabric considering that this will be the one that will cover the entire surface of the upholstery, so that it must exceed the size of the structure, so at least 4 cm must be left for stapling. Lay the felling out on the surface, crease the edges and staple to the bottom. Then you can place the base and it will be ready.

Q3: When is it advisable to use footrests?

The use of this element is recommended in any case that requires sitting with a proper posture, whether at desks, sofas, computer tables, and others. The intention of the footrests is to create a support to drop the weight of the legs and feet on it. The benefits will be felt in the back, neck and neck, in addition to rested legs. Its use is recommended above all for those who spend long hours in front of a desk, helping to obtain a proper posture and reduce pathologies of accumulated tension in the legs and back.

Q4: How to fix a rocking footrest?

Some models include the possibility of swinging, which allows mobility in the area. To do this, they are equipped with rocking foundations, which help maintain blood circulation while sitting. To go from fixed to rocking or vice versa, you must activate a kind of button that is usually placed on one side of the footrest and that locks or releases the mobility mechanism.

Q5: What is an ergonomic footrest?

It is a stool that allows greater comfort to the user during the time he remains seated. In general, ergonomic stools are endowed with wide designs where the feet drop. In addition, they usually have some type of padding material or have textured relief to generate a sensation of comfort, massage style, on the soles of the feet.

Q6: Can I use a footrest to study?

In fact, it is recommended that a footrest be used for any situation that requires sitting for long hours in the same position. So if the study time is stipulated for more than 30 minutes, it is appropriate to incorporate a footrest for greater comfort and proper posture, free of muscle tension.

Q7: Who should use footrests?

It should be used by everyone who spends many hours sitting in front of a computer or desk. The intention with these stools is to prevent injuries and allow a correct and adequate posture, free of muscular tension, fatigue in the spine, legs and neck. So if you don’t use footrests, spend a lot of time in the office, and have started to feel sore muscles, getting a good backrest and footrest might help.

Q8: What are the advantages of a heated footrest?

The high-end models include a system that emits heat or air, which can be regulated to keep the feet at a comfortable and comfortable temperature, thus helping to make sitting at a desk more comfortable. With these models, people will feel more relaxed, since the heat not only helps to combat the cold, but also provides a greater state of relaxation. Some footrest alternatives include three levels of temperature regulation. A first level is for the air, being recommended for days of intense heat. Likewise, they have a temperature for low heat and another additional level for greater heat and a cozy thermal sensation.

How to use a footrest

If you spend hours sitting in front of the computer, your work requires being in front of a desk or you do hours of study at a table, it is likely that you need a footrest, which is a kind of stool that allows you to adopt a correct posture, giving you the possibility of releasing tension and rest your legs and weight on the element. These elements are not very popular and many do not know how to use a footrest, so below we will give you some keys that will facilitate their use.

Remove and check the footrest 

As they are objects with compact dimensions, these resting elements are usually sent already assembled, so that when receiving the box, the first thing to do is check the content. Mobile models usually include some replacement parts, such as screws. With the help of scissors, open the box and remove all the contents. Next, hold the footrest with both hands and carry out an exhaustive review of the entire structure, looking for any damage that could alter its use.

Locate a place, vacate and install

Once the review is done, it is time to select the place where it will be placed. This element must be located under the desk or work table, at a reasonable distance from the chair, so that the weight of the legs rests on it. So once the place is selected, it is necessary to vacate it, removing all the elements that are not necessary or that may cause discomfort. Next, hold the footrest with your hands, add the base or unfold its structure and doing a squat, place the element under the desk, just at the end of the chair. 

sit on the chair 

Once the footrest is in place, it is time to get up and then sit in the chair, knowing that the indicated thing is that it has a back. For this step, assume your regular study or work position and drop the weight of your legs onto the footrest.

Adjust the footrest and

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