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Bottle Warmer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Regardless of the type of food you choose to give your baby, a device that you cannot miss is a bottle warmer, since it makes it easy for you to thaw breast milk, keep formula or food at the right temperature, and even sterilize their containers. In this sense, two models that like to cover these tasks are the Chicco 7389000000, a functional and safe portable appliance for use both at home and on occasional outings. Secondly, the Miniland 89150, which, being digital, shows the processes in detail on its screen, in addition to programming when the next shot will be.

The 9 Best Bottle Warmers – Opinions 2022

Nowadays, many mothers rely on certain equipment for hygienic and safe heating of bottles. Therefore, having a bottle warmer that provides easy handling and, in turn, that is efficient is important. And in our selection you could well find one with these qualities.


Chicco bottle warmer


1. Chicco Bottle warmer for home and travel

When you are a new parent, there are many concerns that arise in terms of feeding your baby and even if you choose to provide only breast milk, at some point the use of devices such as the Chicco bottle warmer is required. This appliance gradually heats and maintains a constant temperature of the food until it is consumed, without affecting its nutritional properties. In addition, its intuitive handling and incorporation of a car adapter makes daily routines and outings even easier.

On the other hand, it is a model appreciated by many parents as the best price-quality bottle warmer, since in addition to its convenient cost, the layout of its functions easily guides its use to heat breast milk and formula or jars of food. Likewise, it has an automatic shutdown system, for better care of the equipment, and it has a wide base that provides stability on any surface.

This model could be a good alternative, as it offers portability, functionality and intuitive handling.


Versatile: Due to its adequate portability, it can be useful on outings, thanks to the fact that it has a car adapter.

Functions: It has a double function, as it heats bottles and jars. So it is useful at any stage of growth.

Security: It has an automatic shutdown system, thus avoiding overheating and damage to the equipment.


Heating time: It may take longer to heat larger bottles, so it is an aspect to consider in each shot.

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2. Chicco Digital Bottle Warmer with 12 Programs and Defrost

In the market we can find endless accessories that can make it easier to perform some tasks after the birth of a baby. However, a device that is useful to save time when it comes to having your food ready is the Chicco bottle warmer. The first thing you should know about this product is its qualities, since it is designed to gradually heat milk and foods such as jars or soups directly in the bottle or container (jars).

Analyzing in detail, we can say that this model has 12 different programs that adapt to your needs, since they allow from heating to keeping the baby’s food warm. Also, we do not want to forget to mention that it has an option to defrost food safely and in a few minutes, maintaining all its properties. In addition, this device to avoid overheating has an automatic shutdown, for when it is not being used.

This product has features that could nominate it as the best bottle warmer of the moment. Learn a little more about him.



Gradual heating: This option can gradually heat up to 37°C, without damaging the nutrients and vitamin B of the food.

Timer: It can be programmed to work in a range that goes from 15 to 60 minutes, keeping the food warm for one hour.

Support: Bring a universal, functional and safe support to hold any baby bottle and jar firmly.



Noise: The sound that the bottle warmer makes when used may tend to seem a bit loud.

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Miniland bottle warmer


3. Miniland Digital bottle warmer Defrost, heat and sterilize

The Miniland bottle warmer allows you to heat food evenly, whether in the comfort of your home or during car rides; the latter thanks to the universal adapter that plugs into the car. Among other useful and practical accessories are the functional supports, to securely and firmly hold both the bottles and jars that you want to defrost inside the product.

We must say that this item could be considered the best bottle warmer, since it not only makes it easier to heat food, but it is also capable of helping with cleaning, as it sterilises bottles and other accessories inside it. Likewise, it is important to highlight that its innovative transparent tritan hood is free of BPA, thus being safe, resistant and durable. To conclude, this digital device automatically calculates the time in which it will work, according to the size and type of food to be heated.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about this model, then we invite you to read the following pros and cons of the product.


Programmable: Allows you to program the next milk intake, for greater practicality.

Warnings: It has sound and visual warnings to indicate when the bottle is ready, or when the water has run out.

Water: You will not need measurement, just fill it up to the mark on the device.


Container: Containers that have a very thick base do not usually heat up very well in the device.

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Avent bottle warmer


4. Philips Avent SCF256/00 Non-electric thermos bottle warmer with lid

When looking for a product that allows us to keep our babies’ milk and food warm, we found the Philips Avent bottle warmer. This product allows you to keep the boiled water hot inside the thermos for 6 hours, without spilling, since the lid has an indicator that, depending on its position, indicates whether it is open or closed and is anti-spill. On the other hand, it brings an airtight container with a protective lid, to store the bottle when adding water, since it is heated through heat transfer.

Now, delving into its characteristics, you may also be interested to know that the thermos of the Avent bottle warmer is made of stainless steel, while the container is made of polypropylene. Another point in favor of this model is the reference guide that the container has, to calculate the approximate heating time according to the size of the bottle.

Being one of the cheapest products on our list, this model can offer pros and cons that you might be interested in knowing.


Speed: The structure of the device is designed to heat the bottles in a maximum time of 3 minutes.

Independence: It is not necessary to use batteries or chargers for it to work, since you only need to open the thermos and empty it into the container with the bottle inside.

Compatibility: The device is compatible with any type of bottle.


Offline: After 6 hours the water in the flask may get cold, therefore you will not be able to heat the bottle.

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portable bottle warmer


5. Himaly Multifunctional Bottle Warmer for Home and Travel

In the specific case of the Himaly brand portable bottle warmer, we can say that it is designed to adapt to your needs, since it is designed to perform different functions. Likewise, its double compartment allows heating two bottles at the same time, being an attractive option if we want to prepare the baby’s milk and boil water simultaneously. In addition, with this device you can also heat safely and at a constant temperature.

Now, we do not want to overlook that this product, despite being among the cheapest on the list, has a functional automatic shutdown system, which is activated once the water has completely evaporated, so we can turn it on while we do other chores. To conclude, this model has a protective cover against dust, capable of ensuring good hygiene and adequate protection of the utensils used for baby food.

Given the features offered by this model, you may be interested in learning more about its pros and cons.


Versatile: Its functionality ranges from heating your baby’s milk, to cooking eggs and making yogurt.

Sterilizer : With it you disinfect bottles and pacifiers, forks and spoons with steam, being more hygienic and healthy.

Accessories: This product comes with a complete kit of utensils for cleaning and a rack that serves as a support for bottles or for cooking eggs.


Portability: It only works connected to the current, since it does not have an adapter to heat the bottle in the car or by itself.

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car bottle warmer


6. Bébé Confort 3103204000 Express bottle warmer

If you are analyzing which is the best bottle warmer, we could consider this product as an option when purchasing one, since it has a double functionality, which allows you to heat the baby’s food both at home and in the car.

Reviewing this model in detail, we can say that it has a design that adapts to almost any jar or bottle, and to turn it on, we just have to plug it into the mains. In addition, it will automatically turn off when the heating process is complete. On the other hand, if we are going to use it as a car bottle warmer, we only have to change the cable for the adapter that connects to the cigarette lighter.

Being a good alternative when it comes to saving time, this model has a lid that closes hermetically, achieving as a result that the heat is concentrated quickly, and a basket to hold any type of bottle or jar.

Having a versatile bottle warmer can be of great benefit at all times, for that reason we have prepared some interesting pros and cons for you.


Gradual temperature: The model is programmed to constantly and gradually heat the baby’s milk and food.

Universal: It is designed to be used with any type of food jars or bottles.

Adapter: The product comes with a special cable that works as an adapter to connect in the car during trips or walks.


Screen: As it does not have an indicator screen, it is not possible to verify the time used by the device to heat the bottles.

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Jane bottle warmer


7. Jané Ultra-fast Bottle Warmer for Home and Car

The Jané bottle warmer works through a steam system, which heats the food in record time, as it takes approximately less than 3 minutes to heat a bottle, and 7 minutes to warm the food inside the jars. Its practical design with wide mouth and standard size, accepts any type of bottle; while the car adapter allows you to take it anywhere you need. 

If you are wondering about its security, this model automatically disconnects once the task is finished; It is also important to know that it has a visual light indicator and an audible alarm that alert when the heating cycle has been completed. Finally, we can add that this device has a series of accessories that can be useful to simplify and facilitate the process, such as a basket to hold the bottles, a reducing ring, and a water dispenser.

If you are not convinced as to which bottle warmer to buy, the pros and cons of this product that we detail could help you make a decision.



Fast: The time that this device uses to heat food is less compared to other similar products.

Connector: For comfortable outings and walks, the Jané bottle warmer comes with an adapter that connects to the car’s cigarette lighter.

Dimensions: It measures 19.2 x 19 x 15.2 cm, dimensions that make it an easy device to carry everywhere.


Meter: The water meter tends to be a bit dark, making it hard to see.

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Dr Brown bottle warmer

8. Dr. Brown’s 162584.7 Bottle Warmer

An option that, given the qualities of the product, can perhaps compete as the best bottle warmer on the list is Dr Brown, as it allows you to warm the baby’s food quickly and without any effort. It has been designed to fit any type of bottle, including its own brand, but it can also sterilize small accessories and pacifiers, making it versatile. And as for its size, the device is 31 cm high, so you can store it comfortably anywhere.

On the other hand, regarding its appearance, the Dr Brown bottle warmer resembles a thermos with a lid, and it has capacity for only one bottle. It should be noted that, for greater safety, after 10 minutes of inactivity, the device initiates an automatic shutdown procedure to prevent the bottles from overheating. With this advantage you can perform other tasks, without worrying that an accident or problem will occur.

The best bottle warmer brand should combine different functions that save time when preparing baby food. Let’s take a closer look at this product.


Basket: Includes an adjustable basket among the accessories that the model brings, to be able to adapt any type of bottle.

Storage: The device has a compartment in the lower part of the base to store the cables there.

Screen: It has a small easy to use LED screen to set the heating options.


Capacity: The model only has the capacity to heat a single bottle and small utensils, although it works quickly if another one has to be prepared.

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Philips bottle warmer


9. Philips Avent SCF355/00 Rapid Bottle Warmer

This model of Philips bottle warmer has features and programs that a mother needs to prepare baby food quickly and without any problem. The brand incorporates in this specific device a function to defrost jars and bottles of up to 330 ml. In addition, it is considered one of the best bottle warmers of 2022, since it is a simple product to use and moderately and evenly heats food, without altering or eliminating its vitamins and nutrients.

On the other hand, although the heating time varies depending on the amount and temperature of the milk or food, this device can take approximately 3 minutes to heat a bottle with 150 ml of food. Regarding its appearance, it has a compartment that allows you to introduce almost any bottle; In addition, the rotary button indicates the quantities and the standardized programs it provides, including the defrost function.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons that this bottle warmer has to offer below.


Defrost: This option allows food to be defrosted to its natural state, gently and safely.

Guide: The brand includes a reference guide in its product that details the quantities and the approximate time it will take to heat up.

Adaptability: The size of the interior of the product allows you to use almost all types of bottles inside it.


Time: As it does not have a protective lid that concentrates the heat inside, it may take a little longer to heat the bottles compared to other models.

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Shopping guide


Our guide to buying the best bottle warmer can guide you as to what aspects to consider when choosing one, because being a device for daily use, your choice should not be taken lightly, and even more so if it is for your health. of your baby


It is normal for babies to feed more frequently during the first months after birth. This means that parents have to prepare bottles several times a day and most resort to bottle warmers to facilitate this task, either at home, especially at night, or when going out for medical visits and for a walk.. Hence the reason for finding various types of these devices on the market.

In this sense, the most common are the electric ones, these are not only characterized by having a power cable, to be attached to an electrical network, but also by having a basic operating system; which consists of a button or wheel to adjust the temperature or function that it has.

For its part, technology has also been present in this type of device, giving rise to digital models, which turn out to be more complete as they come with programs that allow, in addition to heating, defrosting and many other options, without affecting the nutritional composition of breast milk, formula or food.

Finally, there are the portable or travel options, being the most varied type, since they can range from those that work with batteries, with vehicle adapters, those of the thermo type, isothermal covers and the lesser known, such as heating packs. with air. Although, currently, some electric versions have car adapters, something that increases the versatility of the devices.



Observing the wide variety of bottle warmers on the market, it can be seen that these devices also have several functions aimed at facilitating the work of heating food safely and in the shortest possible time. Hence, you can opt for a basic and economical model, which provides the appropriate temperature for bottles and food containers, or opt for one with additional programs, without skimping on how much it costs.

In this sense, it is about bottle warmers that provide extra comfort, by notifying when the food is ready to be consumed, since they are equipped with timers with sound or light warnings. In addition, they can also turn off automatically or keep food warm for up to an hour.

On the other hand, they can contain LED screens that keep parents up to date on the progress of each task, by displaying time, temperature and type of program on it. Likewise, the fact that they also fulfill the function of thawing breast milk and sterilizing both bottles and utensils for the baby’s use, provide a plus of efficiency that any parent could appreciate.



In any comparison of bottle warmers, it can be seen that the design varies depending on the brand and other aspects such as the capacity to hold two bottles, an important quality to consider if you have two small ones, and the sterilization system. The latter is due to the fact that some equipment incorporates this function on one side of the heating tank which, although it provides more space to sterilize bottles, pacifiers and other things at the same time, increases the dimensions of the equipment.

Another outstanding feature of bottle warmers is that they mostly come in white with some details in neutral tones. This makes it easier for them to integrate with the rest of the usual household appliances, accessories and other baby utensils.


As it is a piece of equipment that will work with high temperatures and will house bottles, baby food containers or others, it is necessary to take into account some aspects related to safety. First of all, it must be certain that its materials are free of heavy metals, BPA or any other element harmful to health.

Likewise, that the device provides good support or is equipped with suction cups that anchor it to the surface where it will be put into operation. And, finally, lean towards those models whose components facilitate their individual cleaning or that are suitable for the dishwasher, because when used periodically they must be kept as hygienically as possible, but without being an exhausting task for parents.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How does a bottle warmer work?

The operation will depend on the type. Thus, for example, the conventional and digital ones use water to perform a bain-marie function or generate steam, due to the effect of an electrical resistance. You only need to connect them to an electrical network and configure the mode, according to the program that the device has, or the desired process (defrost, heat, sterilize, temperature maintenance). A similar case occurs with thermoses that store hot water, but these do not require programming or connection.

On the other hand, in bottle warmers with a car adapter, the heat supply is provided by an electrical mesh that surrounds the bottle, which starts up once it is plugged into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. However, in the case of isothermal neoprene covers, the accumulator that they contain inside must be previously introduced in hot water and when it is necessary to heat the bottle, a tab is tightened to release the heat. This model, like the air heating packs, are convenient for excursions or plane trips, especially the latter, since it does not need water, electricity or gel.

Q2: Do I have to add water to the bottle warmer?

The application of water to the bottle warmer will depend on the type and model. Therefore, you must be sure if the device warrants it, as well as supplying the appropriate volume of liquid in order to avoid damage, either due to lack or excess, since it should never exceed the neck of the bottle. In the same way, it is convenient that the water is preferably filtered or distilled, to avoid the obstruction of the ducts by the action of calcium residues.

Q3: How to use a bottle warmer?

Once you have the bottle warmer at home, the first thing you should do is read its instruction manual to use it safely and prolong its useful life. Next, it is placed on a flat surface and the bottle with breast milk, formula or the jar of food is inserted inside and water is poured, up to the volume indicator according to the size of the container.

Then, it is connected to the electrical power supply and the temperature (or process) level is established. It may be necessary to carry out previous tests in the first uses, in order to establish the appropriate heating point for the baby’s food. Once heated, the device is turned off and the temperature of the milk is evaluated.

It is important to clean the heater with a damp cloth after use, in order to avoid the accumulation of lime residues or other materials that could affect its operation. To do this, it must be turned off, disconnected from the electrical network and completely cold. Similarly, as a preventive measure, it should be descaled from time to time with the help of a specific product or homemade solution.

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