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Office chair – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

At work, if you don’t have a quality chair you will surely end up suffering the effects throughout your day. And it is that a bad office chair, which does not fit what you need, can cost you a lot of back pain and other discomforts. That is why it is essential to spend the time it deserves to decide which is the best office chair that you can find according to your characteristics and preferences. Among the best office chairs of 2022 we find models such as the SONGMICS OBG71B. An updated office chair with a high resistance, a design that allows the back to tilt or includes footrests, for greater comfort. Another interesting model is the Langria 6125589 chair, equipped with a comfortable mesh backrest that fits your back and a structure capable of supporting up to 130 kilos of weight, in case you need it.

The best office chairs on the market

Just as we care about finding a quality mattress, the office chair is another product that is worth looking carefully for. And there is nothing worse than an eight-hour day of work on an uncomfortable chair or one that does not fit your body. Fortunately, today there are many proposals that we have within our reach, such as those that we have analyzed for you and that we detail below.


The SONGMICS OBG71B chair is an interesting mix between modern gaming chairs and the design of traditional models, which looks great in any office. And it is that this chair has all the usual elements to which comfort details are added, such as a lumbar pad that you can place wherever you want, or the extendable footrest in case you want to rest directly on the chair.

For this, it also has an adjustable backrest in inclination with which to have the best possible position. So you can adjust both the height and that inclination and the position of the backrest, if you need it. All this in a model with wheels mounted on a metal base and that support a weight of up to 150 kilos, so you don’t have to worry about the quality and durability of the chair.

If you are looking for the best brand of office chairs on the market today, this manufacturer is one of the most prominent. The reasons can be found in the characteristics of this chair that we see below.


Adjustment : The chair can be adjusted in height, in total inclination and in the position of the backrest, according to what you need.

Style : This chair has black upholstery and high-quality imitation leather, in the style of traditional chairs.

Footrest : The adjustable footrest at the bottom allows you to take a nap whenever you want, and can be stored under the seat when not needed.

Lumbar pillow: The lumbar pillow helps you protect your back, placing it directly where you need it.

Resistance : Thanks to the quality of this swivel office chair, it can be used by people weighing up to 150 kilos.


Seat Position : The seat back is slightly off that seat, which can be annoying for some users.

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Langria 6125589

Designed to give you the comfort that the best office chair should offer you, the Langria 6125589 model combines innovative and very pleasant elements. And it is that this ergonomic office chair has a mesh backrest with reinforcement, so that it adapts naturally to the shape of your back. This material has the added benefit of keeping your back cool, so you don’t have to worry about getting too hot while sitting.

In addition to that ergonomic design, the chair also has height and tilt adjustment, so you won’t have to worry about finding the most comfortable position when sitting. All this in a chair that is among the cheapest proposals that we have evaluated, so this model could well be the best value for money office chair in our selection.

For you to verify that cheap office chairs do not always have to be of poor quality, learn more about this model and everything it offers.


Mesh back: The mesh back gives you an extra quality when it comes to your back being comfortably supported.

Breathable : This same mesh fabric prevents heat and sweat from building up on your back when you work.

Resistance : The chair can support a weight of up to 130 kilos, with adequate safety.

Adjustable : To adjust the position you can both modify the height and the inclination of it.


Assembly: The assembly process of the chair can be more complex than it should be, due to the sometimes imprecise location of the product’s screws.

Backrest care: Even though it is a resistant material, you should avoid hooking the backrest mesh in order to avoid premature deterioration.

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CLP Fire

To change the type of product, we now analyze the CLP Fire model, which is located within the Racing or gaming type office chairs. A different chair that gives a special touch to the product when placing it anywhere. This model has the usual ergonomic and high-quality backrest in which to spend long days of work or play without complications.

In the lower part we also have adequate reinforcements, so that the position of the legs is also comfortable. Something that helps both the height adjustment and the inclination adjustment that the chair has. All this in a product made with high quality materials, very resistant padding and a beautiful finish that you can choose from seven different colors, so you can choose the one you like best.

If you still don’t know which office chair to buy and are looking for something different than usual, this Racing model will probably interest you.


Ergonomic backrest: As with Racing-type chairs, this model has a high-quality backrest that takes better care of your back.

Materials : The chair has an extra reinforcement in the padding, as well as textile and imitation leather elements that give the model greater resistance.

Color arrives: If you are looking for an office chair that is red, blue or with some other touch of color, this model has seven different colors to choose from.


Shape of the armrests: Due to the shape of the armrests, it may take some effort to get closer to the desk.

Total height: According to some users, it is possible that the back of the chair may be lower than desirable for people of a certain height.

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Cash Office Black

The CashOffice Black office chair is another of the models that have changed traditional backrests for mesh, with the advantages that this entails. An ergonomic cut model that also has a backrest in the lumbar area, so that you will have all the necessary support so that your back does not suffer during the day.

This mesh also allows adequate breathability of the back, like the rest of the mesh models, obtaining very pleasant sensations as far as back support is concerned. The chair is finished off with height and tilt adjustment, a metal base with five free-rotating wheels and two armrests to give you the rest you need. And if the black color does not convince you, the mesh comes in eight different colors so that you have more options to decide.

If you still do not know if this chair is what you need, we will give you some more clues about everything that this chair puts at your disposal.


Mesh Back: Mesh back hugs your back for comfort and adjustability as you work.

Lumbar support: The additional lumbar support helps your back rest better and you have an extra that is not typical of this type of chair.

Base: The base of the chair has five free-turning, double wheels mounted on a high-quality metal frame.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual is not very clear, which complicates, in part, the assembly process.

Union of the backrest: The system of union of the backrest and the armrests can deteriorate them during the use of the chair.

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IntimaTe WM

If you need an ergonomic chair with ample height, the IntimaTe WM model is what you need. This chair has an ergonomic design in its backrest, which improves comfort by including a curved area, a mesh backrest with lumbar support and even a support for you to position your head more comfortably. A complete set that takes care of your back and gives you greater comfort.

For this, the chair has been manufactured with quality materials, combining high-quality foam with a polyester exterior and microfiber for the mesh, which gives the product a pleasant resistance. A chair that is finished off with two armrests located on the sides, free-turning and also padded, so that they are also level with the rest of the chair. A chair that, like all, you can adjust both in height and in inclination.

So that you have more clarity if this is the office chair that suits you, we leave you some additional information about everything that this model offers you.


Backrest height: Its higher backrest offers extra comfort and space when supporting both the back and the head, if desired.

Resistance : Thanks to the quality of its materials, this chair has a resistance with which to support up to 130 kilos of weight.

Folding armrests: The folding armrests can be raised if necessary, to give you extra comfort when sitting down or getting up.


Softness of the wheels: According to the manufacturer, the wheels of the chair may not be suitable for wooden or similar floors.

Cylinder noise: Some users comment that the lifting cylinder can be a little noisier than it should, and it is advisable to grease it if necessary.

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