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Set of sheets – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Our rest is priceless, especially after a long day of work; so in addition to having a good mattress, it is also essential that our bed is clean and dressed with a set of sheets that provide comfort and invite a restful sleep. For this reason, among the best proposals offered by the market we have the Microfiber Utopía Bedding, one of the sets of sheets best valued by users given its high quality and affordable cost. Another model that deserves your consideration is the Bedsure Vintage, a high-end product that dresses your bed with elegance and distinction.

Opinions on the best sheet sets on the market

Among the bedding, the sets of sheets favor the comfort that our body needs every night, since its textile is in contact with our skin; In addition, they are products that favor decoration thanks to their designs. Next, we invite you to know some of the best models of sheet sets that exist in the market.

150 cm sheet set

Utopia Bedding Microfiber

The best set of sheets could be the one that for an affordable cost offers you an elegant design, durability and great comfort at bedtime. These qualities are present in Utopía Bedding, a set of cheap 150 cm sheets, which in addition to offering softness and a perfect fit to your mattress, also provides you with high quality and long life.

The set includes a 270 x 255 cm flat sheet, a 150 x 200 cm fitted sheet and two 76 x 51 cm pillowcases. However, you can also choose other measures offered by the manufacturer, depending on the dimensions of your bed.

It is a model that offers a soft and silky touch, since it is made of brushed microfiber, a fabric that provides freshness during the summer and warmth in the winter. In addition, it is available in white and gray, so they combine with any decorative style in the bedroom.

If you prefer sober sheet sets in neutral colours, this model could be the most suitable for you. We invite you to continue reading about this product.


Available sizes: You can choose the sheets for four bed sizes: 90, 135, 150 and 180 cm.

Softness: It is made of brushed microfiber that offers comfort and softness during sleep.

Hygienic fabric: Its fabric repels dust mites and does not contain allergens, so it favors allergy sufferers.


Storage: The bottom sheet could be a bit complicated to fold and store, since it has an elastic band all the way around.

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135 cm sheet set

Bedsure Vintage

This model stands out among the best sheet sets of 2022, since it is a product that combines vintage style with a modern and sophisticated touch. It has a luxurious design that will dress your bed with distinction and class, which is why it offers you an elegant finish on the edge of the top and on the covers, handcrafted in relief and thanks to which it creates an attractive 3D effect.

It is a set of sheets of 135 cm x 190/200 cm, which makes it ideal for a single bed; although you can also choose other available measures. It also has a fitted sheet with a deep pocket that favors its use on various mattresses, including models with a thickness of up to 35 cm; so the sheet will stay in place all night. In addition, the textile used for its preparation gives you great softness and comfort.

This model is considered by many to be the best set of sheets at the moment, since it offers softness and dresses your bed in an elegant style. Learn a little more by reading its pros and cons.


Materials: It is a set of sheets made of brushed microfiber, which gives you comfort at all times.

Set: You will receive a set that contains a fitted sheet, a top and two covers, in the case of two-seater beds.

Durability: Its textile allows you to wash it frequently without risk of losing qualities.


Variety of colors: More variety of colors is missing, although the gray tones available are combinable with any decoration.

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Ikea sheet set

Ikea Himmelsk

If you are preparing the purchases for the arrival of your baby and you want to know which is the best set of sheets to dress his crib, this model could be what you are looking for. It is a set of Ikea sheets ideal for the delicate skin of the child, since it is made of 100% natural cotton, a material free of chemical products, so it is reliable for the little one to rest easy.

The set includes a pillow duvet cover with dimensions of 35 x 55 cm, a fitted sheet with elastication of 60 x 120 cm and a duvet cover of 110 x 125 cm; which is why it is recommended when the temperature drops. Likewise, it is a set of sheets that also provides resistance to continuous washing, even by machine, without discoloration and without losing properties. In addition, it is available in shades of pink and light blue.

Ikea is a benchmark of high quality, since its products have strict production controls. For this reason, this firm could be the best brand of sheet sets for children. Read below the pros and cons of this model.


Hygiene and confidence: It is a textile free of bleaching agents and any harmful substance that harms the baby’s skin.

Comfort: It is a set of sheets appropriate for cold seasons, since it includes a very comfortable duvet.

Material: The entire set of sheets is made with 100% natural cotton.


Price: It is not exactly one of the cheapest children’s sheet sets on the market. However, its high quality is worth the investment.

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90 cm sheet set

White Burrito T1201

Burrito Blanco is a recognized brand in the world of textiles, it has more than 60 years of experience and today it presents you with a set of 90 cm sheets, especially recommended for a professional environment. For this reason, if you have a hospitality business and are looking for a set of cheap and durable sheets, this product could be a good option.

It is a model made of a mixture of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, which gives it a long lifespan, ease of ironing and comfort for the sleeper. Likewise, the brand offers you several available sizes, so you can choose the most appropriate size according to the bed you want to dress. In addition, it also offers you the option of selecting a set of 100% cotton sheets.

Because it is a product with an affordable cost and features valued by users, many consider it the best value for money sheet set.

If you are one of those who prefer to sleep on white sheets and with a hotel style, this bedding set could be your best ally to achieve a better rest. Read on for more information about this product.


Set: You will receive 2 pillowcases (fits 180cm beds), a fitted sheet and a top sheet, the whole set in white.

Maintenance: It is a textile of easy maintenance, since it is easy to wash and iron.

Utility: It is a set of sheets that could be ideal for hotels, hostels, hospitals and also for domestic use.


Adjustable bottom sheet: The bottom sheet is a standard model, so the elastic band in the corners is missing for a better fit with the mattress.

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crib sheet set

Pekitas SABC18MOD2-BL

The arrival of the baby should not take you by surprise, so you should prepare everything you need in advance to provide maximum comfort to your child and a set of crib sheets is something that should not be missing from your shopping list. But not just any set of sheets is valid, it must be a high-quality model, which not only has an attractive design, but also provides soft and reliable materials; just like this Pekitas model.

It is a set of sheets made in Portugal, with 100% fine and breathable cotton, making it ideal for the spring and summer months. The set is made up of 3 pieces: a 30 x 60 cm pillowcase, a 60 x 120 cm fitted sheet and a 100 x 160 cm top sheet. In addition, the fitted sheet adapts to mattresses with a thickness of 10 to 18 cm.

If you want to surprise a future mother and you don’t know what set of sheets to buy for her baby’s crib, this model could be an excellent gift. Here are its pros and cons.


Design and color: It has a beautiful design with children’s motifs and is available in pink, blue and white.

Lightness and softness: They are sheets made of fine cotton, so they offer softness and lightness for the hot months.

Adjustable: Its adjustable bottom sheet adapts to the thickness of various mattresses.


Dimensions: It is recommended that you check the dimensions of the crib beforehand, since these sheets offer one size fits all.

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Children’s sheet set

PimpamTex Polycotton

In the sheet market, you can also find a set of children’s sheets without drawings and suitable for older boys or girls and even for teenagers. Such is the case of the sheets presented by the Pimpam Tex brand, a manufacturer that offers you a wide catalog of designs and colors to choose from, regardless of whether it is a child or an adult.

It is a model made of high-quality polyester and cotton, in order to offer a pleasant sensation to the touch and resistance to washing. It is also a set of sheets that has a low cost, so it could be a good option to give to a friend or family member at any time of the year. The set includes an adjustable bottom sheet, a top and a pillowcase. In addition, you can select between several available measures.

Regardless of the decoration present in your room, you can always find the style you are looking for in Pimpam Tex. Know the pros and cons of this bedding.


Variety: You have a wide range of options to choose the pattern and color of your choice.

Utility: They are sheets that can be used at any time of the year, given the quality of their materials.

Materials: It is made of 50% polyester and 50% high quality cotton.


Texture: It appears that sheets may initially have a stiff, starchy texture, which gradually fades with washing.

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Coralline thermal sheet set

Sabanalia Hoops

When the winter months arrive, it is essential to sleep in a bed that gives us warmth and keeps us comfortable at night. For this reason, there is nothing better than having a set of thermal coral sheets, such as this model that Sabanalia presents to you.

It is a high-end bedding, specially designed to cope with low temperatures, since it offers a thickness of 240 grs/m², which makes it perhaps the thickest and warmest sheet on the market. It is made of polyester microfiber, with double thermal side, in order to provide optimal warmth when you need it most.

Likewise, it offers a soft touch and resists washing without wrinkling and without generating balls. It also has an attractive, modern and avant-garde hoop design, available in shades of blue and lilac with grey; In addition, you can choose the appropriate size according to the measurements of your bed.

If you don’t want to get cold on winter nights, this set of thermal sheets can offer you the necessary comfort and warmth for a proper rest. Next, we present its pros and cons.


Thermal Materials: Thanks to the polyester microfiber, this sheet set prevents the loss of body heat, thus keeping you warm all night.

Design: Its attractive hoop design dresses your bed with a modern touch.

Measurements: It is a model that offers you up to 6 different measurements, depending on the size of your bed.


Fitted sheet: Apparently, the fitted sheet has turned out to be smaller than expected, especially for 25 cm thick mattresses.

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cotton sheet set

Cotton ARTean 200 threads

If high-end bedding for those balmy nights is what you’re looking for, this cotton sheet set could meet your expectations. For this, it is a model made of organic cotton, a breathable, natural material and free of chemical products. On the other hand, its density is 200 threads, so you will have comfortable and breathable sheets for a night of total rest.

It is a set that includes two 45 x 80 cm pillowcases, a large 240 x 260 cm top sheet and a fitted sheet measuring 150 x 190/200, which offers a pocket that perfectly covers mattresses with a thickness up to 30 cm.

Likewise, the organic cotton used to make these sheets is grown without fertilizers or pesticides, which gives you greater confidence in being in contact with your skin.

This set of sheets could be very useful for people with dermatological problems, given the high quality of its fabric. Next, analyze its pros and cons.


Certificate: It is a set of sheets certified with the GOTS standard, which guarantees it as a product made of 100% organic cotton.

Colors and sizes: It is a model available in combinable neutral tones and you can also choose between several sizes offered by the manufacturer.

Comfort: These are sheets that offer great comfort, freshness and softness.


Cost: If you have a limited budget for the purchase, you could look for other options on the market, since this model is the most expensive of our entire selection.

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How to choose the best sheet sets?

Today there is a wide variety of sheet sets in different sizes, designs and materials, so choosing the one that fits perfectly to your mattress, your budget and your tastes is not an easy task. For this reason, below we offer you a guide to buying the best set of sheets, where you can find the most relevant aspects that you must take into account before making your purchase.

Shopping guide


A quality sheet set makes any room look more elegant and inviting. This bedding helps keep your mattress protected, preventing it from being ruined by dust, stains, sweat or dirt. Likewise, nothing more comfortable than sleeping on a bed with soft sheets, made with textiles for any time of the year, whether winter or summer. On the other hand, keeping your bed perfectly dressed and in harmony with the rest of the decoration says a lot about your personality and order.


The materials with which a sheet is made are one of the most important aspects that you must evaluate in your comparison of sheet sets, since the softness, comfort and durability that they can offer depend on it. Originally the sheets were made with double thread, but this type of fabric was not very functional, since drying took too long and ironing was very difficult.

Currently, the best brands offer a wide variety of materials, adapted to different budgets, tastes and needs. Starting with cotton, the undisputed king of textiles when it comes to sheet sets. It is the preferred material for summer, given its softness and breathability, and if what you are looking for is higher quality, you can bet on Egyptian cotton sheets, organic cotton or models with cotton threads.

To achieve an elegant and distinguished touch to your bed, satin cotton sheets could be the ones. They are characterized by their shiny and smooth appearance, due to the fact that they are made of rayon, silk fibers and other materials of great softness. For winter, flannel, microfiber fleece or coral sheets are the best option, as they retain heat and are cozy on those cold days.

On the other hand, a material that could make the difference in relation to how much a particular model costs is polyester; a synthetic material well known in the textile world for its low cost and its resistance to discoloration and chemical agents. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, you can get a good and cheap set of polyester sheets.


The size of the sheet sets is relative. You can have them made to measure or choose the most suitable size from a wide variety of pre-established sizes by manufacturers, who have taken into consideration the diversity of sizes offered by mattresses on the market. In this sense, there are standard measures for single beds and also for double beds.

However, there are mattresses with special formats, such as viscoelastic ones that are usually higher than the average or Ikea beds, which have particular dimensions. For this reason, before choosing a specific model of bedding, you should consider the dimensions of the mattress, since for each particular bed, there is the perfect set of sheets.


The design of a sheet is related to visual aesthetics and the appearance you want to give to your bedroom. In this sense, the wide range of options offered by the market is practically unlimited, so you can find hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, depending on the user and the decoration of the environment.

You can choose plain white sheets or sheets in neutral tones or if you prefer to brighten up the rooms, you can opt for printed designs, such as stripes, geometric shapes, polka dots, checks, themed motifs, animals, fruits, flowers or landscapes. It all depends on your personal tastes and in the case of children, there are children’s sheets with appropriate designs for them.


Density is the aspect that defines the softness and durability of the fabric. It is the number of threads used vertically and horizontally for each square centimeter of textile; that is, the higher the number of threads, the tighter the fabric and therefore, the softer the touch. On average, experts recommend 300-thread-count sheets, as they are comfortable and durable. However, there are models that offer 400 to 900 thread counts, which turn out to be more expensive and even some luxury sheet sets have more than 1000 thread counts.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a sheet set?

Start by laying out the bottom sheet, making sure its elastic edges are tight and cover each corner of the mattress. In the case of standard sheets (without elastic edges), you just have to put them under the mattress, taking care that they are well stretched.

The top sheet goes over the bottom sheet and is larger than the mattress, as it needs to have fabric on all sides. You must align the sides and the bottom side of the mattress, to then proceed to fold the fabric at the top about 50 cm from the edge. Next, place the covers on the pillows.

In the case of having more than two pillows, try to match the design with the rest of the bedding, also for the cushions that you want to include.

Q2: How to make a double bedding set step by step?

For this, the standard size of a double mattress has been taken into consideration.

-For the covers, we recommend a piece of fabric measuring 1.60 x 0.55 m, which you should sew on three edges and hem 5 cm.

-To sew the top sheet, you need to cut a 2.20 x 2.40 m fabric and make a 2 cm hem.

-To make the bottom sheet, you must cut a piece of fabric measuring 1.90 x 2.40 m.

– To form the corners, proceed to cut a 25 cm square area at each end and join the sides.

-Sew a 2cm double hem across the fabric, leaving a 10cm opening before and after each corner.

-Then, proceed to insert the elastic band through this opening that provides the fastening of the sheet to the mattress.

Q3: How many meters of fabric do I need to make a set of sheets?

To make your own set of sheets, you must first consider the measurements of your mattress, whether it is an individual or double model.

In any case, experts recommend as a standard for a double bed, to have 5 m of fabric with a width of 2.40 m. While for a single sheet set, you will need to get 3.75 m of 2.40 wide fabric.

Q4: What is a sheet set made of?

A set of sheets is made up of 3 basic pieces: the bottom sheet, the top sheet and the covers; although some models also include a duvet. The bottom sheet usually goes directly on the mattress, the top sheet is placed covering the bottom sheet and the covers are intended to cover the cushions or pillows on the bed.

Q5: How to wash a set of sheets?

It is important to take care of our bedding, especially the sheets, since they are the ones that are in the greatest contact with our body. For this reason, they must be washed periodically with neutral soaps and put to dry in the open air. However, it is advisable to respect the washing recommendations of each manufacturer, depending on the type of fabric with which the sheet is made.

Q6: How many thread count should a sheet set have?

An average bed sheet contains 60 horizontal threads and 60 vertical threads, for a total of 120 threads per square centimeter. Some sheets contain up to 1000 threads, but more does not always mean that it is better, since the higher the thread count, the sheet could tear; likewise, those with few threads may be less soft. For this reason, it is advisable to use those that contain between 180 and 420 threads, with 300 threads being the most recommended.

Q7: How to fold a sheet set?

The bottoms with elastic are complicated to fold. For this reason, to facilitate the work, start by turning the sheet inside out and insert corner 1 into corner 2 and do the same with corners 3 and 4; now, only two corners will remain. Then insert one inside the other and you will have a single corner; then place the sheet on a table or bed and fold the sheet lengthwise into two parts. To finish, fold the entire fabric into three parts. The top sheets do not present a major problem, you only have to join the four points and stretch the fabric to fold; Same with covers.

Q8: Is a double sheet set the same as a King size?

Sheet sets come in different sizes, according to the dimensions of the mattress. In this sense, we have as a standard measure for double beds, 150 cm wide x 190 cm long; while for a king size mattress, the measurements are 200 cm wide x 200 cm long. For this reason, it should be clear that a set of double sheets is not the same as a king size.

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