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Shower faucet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022


The shower is one of those special moments of the day, in which to enjoy pleasant sensations and relax. But for this, it is essential to have a quality shower faucet, capable of giving us the amount of water we require at the precise temperature. A task in which we can rely on products such as the Amzdeal Silver faucet. This thermostatic model is very easy to use, as it has two wheels that control the output of water and its temperature in a simple way. If you prefer a traditional mixer, the  CON:P Piccolo model is what you need, offering easy handling, good quality and even a bath outlet, among other elements.

Opinions on the best shower faucets

Enjoying a good shower is easy if we have a quality faucet. Therefore, it is convenient to spend some time to find which is the best shower faucet according to our budget and our preferences. Especially if we take a look at the market, where there are options that range from the cheapest and simplest, such as single-lever or wheeled taps, to the most complex and advanced, such as thermostatic taps. In any case, with our selection of the best shower faucets of 2022, you have a good list to find the faucet that best suits you in your bathroom.

thermostatic shower faucet 

Amzdeal Silver

If for you the best shower faucet is a thermostatic product, the Amzdeal Silver model is all you need. This high-quality thermostatic shower faucet has a simple control system, with two separate wheels on which to choose both the flow or intensity of the water output and its temperature, with a safety limit of 38 degrees. which is common in these products. A faucet made of high quality brass, which resists moisture and stains without deterioration, according to various opinions. 

It also has a simple installation, with adjustable water intakes and additional trims, for when it is necessary to use them due to the distance to the wall. For this installation, the rest of the necessary accessories are included with the tap, in order to simplify the assembly process.

Let’s know some more details about this faucet, located among the cheap options in its segment.


Control: The thermostatic system allows you to easily control the flow and temperature of the water.

Safety stopper: The safety stopper prevents water from escaping at a temperature of more than 38 degrees.

Installation adjustment: The water intakes are adjustable, to adapt them to different spaces between intakes.

Safety : The safety cap prevents the water from escaping at more than 38 degrees, thus avoiding shocks during use.

Resistance : The product has a high resistance to use, without the need to clean it frequently.


Assembling the intakes: It is key that the hot and cold water intakes are installed in the position indicated and not the other way around.

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DP Taps TTMEDI-0001

If you are looking for a different thermostatic shower faucet, the DP Grifería TTMEDI-0001 model may be of interest to you. In this case, we are talking about a faucet that is not round, as is often the case with thermostatic ones, but rather is made with a beautiful square design, just as practical as conventional faucets. This does not prevent it from having a safety lock and a selector for the water temperature, as well as the rest of the elements of these taps, leaving the activation buttons placed on the top of the tap. 

An elegant product that is finished off with details such as a silver finish that is resistant to moisture and limescale. It is accompanied by all the necessary elements for its assembly, including the trims for the back of the faucet.

If for you the best shower faucet of the moment has to be square, this model will surely be of interest to you.


Square design: The square design changes the traditional image of models with rounded shapes.

Thermostatic: The included thermostatic system makes it easy to choose the temperature and water flow.

Complete kit: The equipment is accompanied by all the necessary elements for its assembly and installation.

Lower outlet: The water outlet is lower, which facilitates the assembly of the hose.


Distance from the wall: Due to its characteristics, this tap is always somewhat separated from the wall, which you will have to see if it fits into your approach.

Buttons : The regulation buttons are somewhat raised on the base, partially breaking their image.

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Single-lever shower mixer

WITH:P Piccolo

If you are looking for the best value for money shower faucet, in the CON:P Piccolo model you have a very remarkable option. This single-lever shower faucet is very easy to use, using the single-lever system that is common today. With this system, it is enough to move the lever to the position that suits us at all times to obtain the amount of water we need, at the desired temperature. A water outlet that can be obtained through the shower outlet but also through the bathtub spout, depending on what we prefer, giving the product more versatility. 

This faucet is finished off with a handsome traditional-cut chrome finish and a highly durable inner ceramic cartridge, so the faucet will keep running smoothly and drip-free for longer.

If you are not sure which shower faucet to buy and you do not want to spend too much, we will give you more information about this economical model from Con:P.


Single-lever: The single-lever system is very easy to use, both when choosing the flow and the temperature of the water.

Inner cartridge: The cartridge has a high quality and resistance, to prevent dripping and increase its durability.

Measurements : The connection measurements are standard, so its assembly is very simple.


Weight: The weight is lower than that of other products, although it is not something that affects its durability.

Control : This faucet lacks the control of the thermostatic models, so you must be careful with extreme temperatures.

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Grohe thermostatic shower faucet

Grohe Grohtherm 800

The Grohe Grohtherm 800 thermostatic shower faucet is an efficient and quality tool with which to take control of your showers. This circular design model offers you a precise system to control the temperature, with a safety stop at 38 degrees. Ideal for not burning yourself when showering. 

This model also has a high-quality compact cartridge, which prevents dripping and makes the device more efficient during use. A task in which the dirt collectors collaborate, which filter the possible residues present in the water.  

It also has EcoJoy technology, which reduces water consumption by 50% compared to a conventional tap. Its design is finished off with non-return valves, which prevent the water from going back and varying the outlet temperature of the water, as well as energy being wasted.

Give your shower a touch of technology with this complete tap from Grohe, elegant and efficient.


Ecojoy: This technology reduces water consumption by half, without affecting the performance of the tap.

Cleaning : The finish of the product makes it very easy to clean, for which it is enough to use a dry cloth.

Installation : The installation is simple, since the sockets have the usual measurements and distribution in these taps.


Beep: Some commenters have heard something like a beep when using it for the first time, although it disappears over time.

Wet faucet: It is possible that the faucet is a bit wet, due to the tests it undergoes at the factory.

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Roca shower tap

Rock L20

If you have already had a Roca shower faucet, you may want a product from the same brand to replace your old faucet. Within the options that the brand offers, the Roca L20 model is a very interesting product. This simple single-handle faucet has a beautiful chrome finish and comes in a traditional, easy-to-use format. 

A design line that is present both in the hose and in the shower outlet and the support with which the set is finished off, in order to have a uniform image throughout your bathroom, with the usual quality of Roca products. 

As for its installation, it has a universal cutting approach, so you will have no problem installing it or replacing any old faucet without difficulties. A task for which the faucet includes all the necessary accessories, from trims to shoes and connection rubbers.

To make it easier for you to know if this model is what you need, we give you some more details regarding its characteristics.


Simplicity: This mixer tap is very easy to use and does not have the complexity of thermostatic models.

Universal design: Since we are talking about a universal design, it can be installed in almost any bathroom.

Accessories : In addition to the faucet, the hose, the shower and its support are included.


Insulation: Although it is something that you surely have in mind, it is recommended to use expansive Teflon in the connections, to avoid leaks.

Materials : Although the faucet is metallic, the trims are made of plastic, which makes them less resistant.

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Roca thermostatic shower faucet

Victoria Rock A5A1409C00

Designed for those who want to bring their bathroom to the latest technology, the Roca Victoria A5A1409C00 thermostatic shower faucet is a good help. This elegant faucet features a T-shaped design and the brand’s latest technology in water control. Something that we can do through the two external controls, designed to easily control the flow of water and its temperature.  

These controls are integrated into the general image of the tap, which has the usual chrome finish, both in appearance and quality, that the brand’s models usually offer. A quality that is also perceived in its construction, which has a high resistance both in the body and in the control area.  

As usual, the tap is accompanied by everything necessary to proceed with its assembly, with universal connections.

Give your bathroom a different touch with this efficient Roca faucet, which we analyze below.


Control: The control system allows the temperature to be regulated degree by degree, from the corresponding control.

Resistant : This product has a high resistance, far from the fragile touch of other models of poorer quality.

Appearance : This faucet maintains the classic finish of Roca pieces, with an elegant and quality chrome finish on all its elements.


Handling: Hands may be a bit slippery on the faucet when wet.

Eccentrics : It is recommended to take extreme precautions with the eccentrics in the installation to avoid dripping, according to some comments.

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Built-in shower faucet

Hansgrohe 71605000 Logis

Compared to the conventional shower faucet, the Hansgrohe 71605000 Logis model is among the built-in products. An approach that has the advantage of being placed hidden on the wall, leaving only the part we use, which is the control part, visible. Something that is ideal for places where space is scarce, thus making it easier to manage the shower and preventing us from ending up sticking the tap in our backs.

This model, in particular, consists of a single-lever faucet with a rounded design, which allows you to modify the intensity of the water output and its mixture by simply varying the position of the lever. This lever sits on a chrome metal plate 22 centimeters wide by 18 centimeters high, while the lever protrudes about 13 centimeters from the wall. 

It is finished off with details such as its water saving system or an interesting outlet protector against extreme temperatures, to avoid accidentally burning yourself.

Change the image of your bathroom with a beautiful faucet from damage, like this model from Hansgrohe, which we analyze below.


Format: The built-in format is much more discreet than the conventional one, without visible tubes.

Rounded : The rounded design facilitates its use and avoids risks in case of accidentally hitting us with the lever.

Flow limiter: The product has a maximum water output of 5 liters per minute, to save water during use.

Safety: Despite not being a thermostatic model, it does include a water cut-off system at dangerous temperatures.


Installation: Obviously, the installation is somewhat more complex than that of a conventional rim tap.

Manifold : You may have to purchase additional parts for this assembly, depending on the installation you have at home.

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Grohe shower faucet

Grohe Grohtherm 2000

The Grohe Grohtherm 2000 shower faucet is a very interesting product both to give our bathroom a different look and to save water and energy. This faucet has a quality thermostatic system, with which it is possible to establish the water temperature that we need during our shower, keeping it stable through TurboStat technology. 

Something that is combined with its cold touch, so that the faucet does not burn, no matter where we touch it. It also includes the EcoJoy system, which reduces water consumption by half but without compromising its output performance. 

All this in an elegant product, with a beautiful high-level chrome finish and that looks perfect in any bathroom, as befits a product manufactured by what is the best brand of shower taps for much of the current market.

Elegance and comfort go hand in hand in this product, which we analyze in detail below.


Thermostatic: Since it has thermostatic technology, the faucet allows you to choose the outlet temperature of the water to your liking.

Technology : This model is loaded with technologies that reduce consumption and increase safety and comfort.

Design : Its complete design, with support for the shower and other elements, give a touch of elegance to any bathroom.


Faucet installation: The faucet installation process is somewhat more complex, due to its characteristics.

Adjustment process: As with all thermostatic faucets, it is necessary to regulate the outlet temperature during installation.

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Shower faucet accessories

Inverter for shower faucet 

Rock A525087300

The Roca A525087300 shower faucet inverter kit is everything you need to get any shower faucet back on track. An original product of the brand and that has the usual quality of its components, as corresponds to this manufacturer. Also, the inverter has good compatibility with different models of faucets.  

So you won’t have to worry about anything when it comes to recovering the good use of your shower faucet, since it will be enough to assemble this piece, with the comfort that its design offers you, to give your showers a new life.

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adapter for shower faucet

Yardwe Silver

If you need an adapter for a shower faucet, with the Yardwe Silver model you have what you need. We are talking about a product made of top quality brass, offering a good alternative to connect any tap easily and without problems. 

The product also has an adjusted size, 5.4 centimeters long by 4 wide and the standard measurements for the most conventional hose sizes. In addition, it includes a key with which to properly manage the passage of water, as well as an internal aerator, with which to reduce the consumption of this scarce liquid.

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How to choose the best shower faucet?

When it comes to enjoying a good shower, at the perfect temperature, a good shower faucet is all we need. That is why it is necessary to be clear about everything that we must 

know before facing a comparison of shower faucets. A task in which the advice that we offer you below will be very useful when it comes to finding an economical and quality product.

Shopping guide

faucet type

The first piece of advice in our guide to buying the best shower faucet for our home is to decide on the type of faucet we need. For a long time, shower faucets with keys have been used, one for the cold and one for the hot. A design that today is maintained in the vintage cut models but that is not excessively practical.

More useful are the single-lever shower faucets, which facilitate the choice of temperature and the flow of water that we obtain. These taps consist of a lever, which we can move to one side or the other depending on the desired temperature. Likewise, by raising this lever more or less, we obtain a greater or lesser amount of water, as needed.

However, there is a last outstanding model, which is the thermostatic faucet. This product has a water outlet system controlled by a thermometer, located in the faucet itself. This allows the water to come out at the temperature we need at all times, saving energy and avoiding burns. This operation compensates, in part, how much more one of these thermostatic faucets costs compared to a conventional single-lever mixer. By the way, both the single-lever and thermostatic models are in conventional format, but also built-in, in case you prefer to fit it better in your bathroom.

With outlet or without outlet

In general, the shower faucet is the one that only has a water outlet for the shower hose, so if we have a bathtub we would have to fill it with the telephone of the same. However, some models also include the possibility of having a second water outlet in a lower spout format, so that we would have a shower and bath tap.

In general, unless you really like to bathe, it is recommended to use a shower-only faucet, with the single outlet that we have mentioned. The reason is that this shower-only faucet lasts longer than the mixed shower and bath ones, in which the part that changes the outlet always ends up breaking. And once broken, that water outlet only occurs at the bottom.

Materials and appearance of the faucet

We now turn to a more aesthetic aspect such as the appearance of the tap. An issue directly related to the materials with which it has been manufactured and that allows us to fit this tap into any decoration.

Starting with the economy cut faucets, we find the models that have a conventional construction and a typical chrome design. Price-adjusted solutions for those environments where nothing else is needed. However, many premium brands add higher quality chrome than conventional products, to give the bathroom a more elegant touch.

But if you are looking for something different, the market has all kinds of options. One of them is the faucets with vintage finishes, in which the chrome is changed for designs finished in black, bronze and other noble metals, including porcelain wheels in the faucet-based models. The finishes on the single-handle models are also different, offering different aspects as far as the faucets are concerned, changing the appearance of the conventional single-handle faucet. It’s all a matter of seeing what fits into our environment.

Durability and savings

To finish off the search, we are going to talk about the durability and savings that the product can offer us. Starting with durability, it is key that we need to have high-quality manufacturing materials that adequately withstand use and are easy to clean. Do not forget to also check that the tap cartridge, in the case of the single-lever, is of sufficient quality to withstand prolonged use, without complications or premature dripping.

Regarding savings, we have taps such as thermostatic ones, with which it is possible to choose the outlet temperature of the water. A safety measure that also saves energy. Many taps also have designs that save water, through internal aeration systems, which reduce air flow and manage water more efficiently. If you need it, they are a good proposal to reduce consumption and be more ecological.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a shower faucet?

The use of a shower faucet is simple, although it varies depending on the model used. In the case of the single-lever faucet, we will have to place the lever in the position that we want, depending on the temperature of the water that we need as well as the desired pressure. If it is a thermostatic, this selection is made directly through the thermometric scale included in the product, modifying the flow of water in the other side faucet. And if it is wheel taps, we will have to open and close the keys until we find the correct temperature and amount of water.


Q2: How to fix a leaky shower mixer tap?

When a shower faucet leaks after having closed it, this may be due to the water present inside the hose, so it is enough to empty it to solve the problem. But if the drip is continuous then we may have to change the inner cartridge. It is key that the cartridge is compatible with the faucet that we are repairing. To access the cartridge we remove the handle, previously looking for a small cover that holds the screw that holds it. Once we have the handle out, it is necessary to remove that cartridge, first removing the trim. Check the tires and other elements under the cartridge, in case any were damaged. We concluded the task by retracing our steps and reassembling everything as it was, in reverse.


Q3: How to change a shower faucet?

If we have done our homework well and have chosen a shower faucet with the same measurements as the original product, then the change process is easy. It is enough to loosen the fastening nuts of the old faucet to remove it from the wall, proceeding then to place the new faucet where we had the old one. Previously, we will put Teflon in the joints as well as the plastic shoes, in order to prevent water leaks. Once everything is in place, all we have to do is tighten the tap on the pipes, using the corresponding nuts, and verify that everything works as it should.

Q4: How to install a thermostatic shower faucet?

The installation process of a thermostatic shower faucet is identical to that of a conventional faucet, except for the final regulation. We will start the installation by connecting the pipes to the corresponding outlets of the faucet, placing Teflon and the shoes in the joints, in order to avoid water losses. Once everything is connected and tightened, we move the trims to their position on the pipes. Next, we open the shower and measure the outlet temperature of the water, until it reaches 38 degrees, modifying the selector with the screwdriver after removing the trim. Once the temperature has been measured, we place the temperature selector in this position, reassembling it with the screwdriver and placing the trim in its place.

Q5: How to disassemble a single lever shower faucet?

Disassembling a single-lever shower faucet is a very simple task for which we only need a wrench. To begin with, it is essential to turn off the water in the bathroom, so as not to end up with a flood. Next, we will move the trims that are placed on the union of the pipes of the wall and the tap, thus exposing the nuts. With the adjustable wrench we will loosen the connection nuts until the tap is completely loose, then being able to remove it from the wall.

Q6: How does a thermostatic shower faucet work?

The thermostatic shower faucet is a product designed to obtain water at the temperature we want, within what the thermal scale of the product offers us. Specifically, these taps have a variable regulation that usually reaches a maximum of 37 or 38 degrees, preventing the water from coming out if it is not at the indicated temperature. Something that has the advantage of saving water and energy, in addition to avoiding problems when the water is colder or hotter than necessary.

Q7: How to remove scale from the shower faucet?

Lime is an element that has the bad habit of sticking considerably to the taps, disfiguring their appearance. To eliminate it, we can resort to commercial solutions and cleaners, which usually work well in this task. If you prefer a more natural solution, you can use white vinegar, to which a little lemon is added if the taps are chrome. This mixture restores the shine to the taps while removing any possible traces of limescale from their surface.

Q8: How does a built-in shower faucet work?

The built-in shower faucet functions in the same way as a traditional shower faucet, depending on whether it is single-lever or thermostatic. It is enough to place the lever or the keys in the position that we want to achieve the temperature and the flow of water that we need. So the operation is identical to that of conventional models. Where there are variations is in the assembly, which is inside the wall, being more discreet and compact.

» Review information from previous years

The 8 Best Bathtub Faucets – Opinions 2022

Thermostatic bathtub faucet

1. Amzdeal Thermostatic Faucet Bathtub Mixer 20-50ºC

By purchasing this product, you will be taking with you what is considered by many to be the best value for money bathtub faucet. It is a thermostatic bathtub faucet that can also be installed in the shower, thanks to its 32 x 19 x 8 centimeter format and weight of only 2.3 kilograms. Likewise, it incorporates a set of connections, sealing washers and a decorative cover, which adapts to both scenarios.

The structure is made of brass and copper and incorporates a nickel coating. In this way, it offers resistance to corrosion, a pleasant soft touch and a fairly shiny surface.

On the other hand, we have the temperature regulating thermostat, which works constantly and automatically. Thus, you do not have to worry about getting burned by the water due to a wrong manual adjustment.

Among the cheapest bathtub faucets, this model stands out, which will allow you to accurately adjust the temperature. Here are some of its pros and cons.


Dimensions: Its format is suitable for installation in both bathtubs and showers.

Thermostat: Thanks to the built-in thermostat you can mix hot and cold water in a stable way.

Anti-corrosion: The faucet was treated with nickel and brass, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion.

Handles: The adjustment mechanism of the handles allows to increase the

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