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Smoke detectors – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Acquiring a good smoke detector is not a whim, it is an investment in your safety and that of your family. This small device is the one in charge of notifying you when there is smoke in your house, as well as, in certain more modern models, if there is any carbon monoxide leak that may be putting your health at risk. Buying a Netatmo NA-NSA-E detector with a 10-year battery and technology compatible with mobile phones may be what you need, if you are looking for modernity, but a simpler model such as the ABUS RWM50 can give you simple, safe use and for a lower price. No matter what you choose, it’s a great way to get more protection and security.

Opinions on the best smoke detectors

Every home is different, so the needs also change when it comes to buying items for it. In this section you will find some of the most outstanding models on the market so that you can get your ideal smoke detector.

Wi-Fi smoke detector

Netatmo NA-NSA-EC

This is not one of the cheapest products, however, it is a device that is among the best smoke detectors of 2022. This device really stands out for its qualities, such as its constant self-assessment where it tests its own battery, connections and sensors to give you alerts in case any feature is not working optimally. It is a WiFi smoke detector because it manages to connect to the home network and send notifications to your Smartphone in real time, just like a security camera would.

Its battery covers the entire useful life of the device, approximately 10 years, so you will not have to make any more purchases. This detector is quite modern, since it works with a photoelectric system and with its 85dB alarm you will be able to hear everything from anywhere in your house. However, if you prefer to disable it for a moment, just use your mobile phone.

Versatile, comfortable, modern, practical, easy to use… there are many features that can be used to describe this smoke detector, praised for its incredible qualities.


Energy: This product has an energy efficiency class of A++, so it has optimal energy savings.

Battery: The battery lasts up to 10 years without needing replacement, so you save money and effort.

Smartphone: From the app on your Smartphone you can control the detector and also receive alerts in real time.

Installation: Just by screwing it to the ceiling you can use it. You will not need professional help.


Steam: Some buyers have commented that the device is prone to false positives if exposed to steam, so this could be a drawback.

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Nest Protect 2

This WiFi smoke detector is one of the best options for your home, as it is not just a detector, it is a multifunctional product. This device has a carbon monoxide, smoke, humidity sensor and, in addition, it serves as a night light so that it is not necessary to turn on the lights when going to a certain room. 

It is one of the most complete products and, for this reason, it is considered the best smoke detector of the moment. For added security, the detector tests itself to see if everything is working fine and will alert you if it isn’t.

An app on your Smartphone will allow you to have full control of the detector, including the possibility of deactivating it if a false alarm occurs, a case that will not be common, due to its vapor detection that prevents false positives. You will receive the alert on your mobile, but also live, since the detector has the function of telling you what happened and where.

Investing a little more when it comes to your safety is not a bad idea, therefore this durable and safe device may be the best option for you.


Alerts: The alerts will be live, both on your mobile and in detailed audio from the detector that will tell you everything you need.

Multifunctional: Smoke sensor, CO, humidity and night light included. This device offers many things in one place.

Steam: Don’t worry about steam from your shower or from a pressure cooker; the smart detector will not trigger the alarm for these cases.


Cost: If you are looking for the cheapest options, this is not a cheap product.

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optical smoke detector


If you don’t know which smoke detector to buy, this could be a great alternative for its quality and price. The white and simple design makes the detector manage to combine with any room in your home. 

German-made, this optical smoke detector has been praised for its quality, as it has great durability. With a 3V lithium battery, this detector can work without replacement for up to 2 years of continuous use and, when necessary, it will notify you.

It can be installed with screws or with an adhesive mount to be easier. No matter how you do it, the detector will continue to work with a loud and clear 85 decibel alarm, reaching a maximum distance of 40 meters. The device regularly tests itself and warns aloud if there is any problem. It has been tested to ensure its functionality, highlighting its rapid response.

For those who want a product with quick function and simple design, this smoke detector could be the right choice for their homes.


Installation: Assembly is simple, as it can be with screws or with adhesives. Being a light product, it will take a few minutes.

Self-test: This device checks itself to alert you if something is wrong.

Warnings: Loud warnings about danger and operation are ideal to be aware of everything that happens with the detector and in the home.


Battery: Although other models have batteries of up to 10 years, this product has one that lasts only 2 years.

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Smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Kidde KID10SCO

With an energy efficiency class A, this product can be considered the best smoke detector in terms of energy savings. The alarms are not simple beeps with this device, since the alerts are also accompanied by voice and LED light indicators to be clearer. 

This smoke and carbon monoxide detector will warn about the presence of both elements using the voice alarm. It will also indicate if the battery is low or if the device has a malfunction, as this is frequently evaluated.

The product is completely white, to combine in any room, and with a diameter of 14.5 centimeters, it is not a very noticeable detector. The design comes with a handy button to turn off the alarm in case it has been triggered by mistake and also an easy to remove cover for changing batteries. The weight of 360 grams will facilitate the assembly process.

Among the traditional designs, this is one of the most modern and easy to use models. A complete product with distinctive and specific alarms.


Multifunctional: Carbon monoxide is just as dangerous as a fire, as it can cause poisoning. Fortunately, this product detects both.

Practical: Small in size and light in weight, the detector is quite easy to install and will not be as noticeable.

Voice: The voice warning will indicate exactly whether it is a fire, low battery, gas or malfunction alarm.


Instructions: This detector does not come with a user manual in Spanish, which is a problem.

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ion smoke detector

BRK Dicon M300

This product is ideal for those who are looking for the best value for money smoke detector, as it is economical and also practical. With a discreet size, you may not notice that it is there, as it is a small product that weighs less than 500 grams. 

This handy ionic smoke detector comes with a 9-volt battery that can last up to a year and has a loud 85dB smoke alarm that you’ll hear no problem. It is easy to install, no matter it is on the wall or on the ceiling.

It has a central button to be able to test the operation and thus keep your home always safe. In addition to that, said button also serves to turn it off in cases of false positives in which the alarm can turn on. It does not require cables and can be used in any type of room. It is quite sensitive for greater effectiveness.

With a low price but with great quality, this product adapts to the needs and budget of every home.


Button: The central button is used to test the operation and also to turn off the alarm when necessary.

Versatile: It can be used in any room without any problem, which gives it practicality.

Cost: This is, without a doubt, one of the cheapest detectors on the market. Ideal for those who want to save money.


Replacement: The change of batteries can be uncomfortable, according to some buyers, because if it is treated with great force, it can loosen the detector with its mounting.

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smoke and gas detector

FireAngel SCB10-R

The best brand of smoke detectors is difficult to choose, but when it comes to quality, FireAngel could become it, because this smoke and gas detector is what everyone needs in their home to protect themselves against these two elements. 

This product consists of modern technology that has an optical recognition system to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide, in addition to reducing the emission of false alarms due to daily activities.

The product comes with two different alarms so you can differentiate one threat from another, as well as LED indicator lights that complement the device: 3 beeps with red light for smoke, 4 for CO. The green light indicates operation, which can be tested with the push of a button. This button will also turn off the alarm, if required. The detector weighs 200 grams for greater comfort of use.

It is not necessary for you to continue wondering which is the best smoke detector when you have this device at your disposal, at a good price and with different functionalities.


Lights: The different lights will show you various states of the detector, from green that indicates that it is working, to yellow and red that warn of an alert.

Alarms: The different beeps for each problem will make its use much easier.

Versatility: With this detector you will be protected against smoke and also against carbon monoxide.


Battery: The battery is not replaceable, so when it runs out, you will no longer be able to use the device.

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Guide to buying a smoke detector

The serious consequences that a fire can cause are reason enough to buy a smoke detector. This little gadget can give you valuable seconds and even minutes to act in the event of a problem, and if you don’t know how to buy one of these items, here are some important things you can read about.

Shopping guide


All smoke detectors work using batteries and when making your comparison of smoke detectors you will realize this. However, not all of them work in the same way and that is why you should pay attention to the type of battery used by these devices.

Constantly changing batteries in a product that is mounted on a wall or ceiling can be quite a hassle, so your best bet is to get a device that can run on the same batteries for quite some time. Some models last a year or less, however, there are others with batteries so powerful that they can work for up to 10 years, and this quality usually affects how much it costs. The duration is also a consequence of the low energy consumption system that some detectors have.

Long battery life doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay attention to see if they need replacement, so buying a smoke detector with a low-battery indicator could save you trouble. It is dangerous to have a smoke detector and think that it works, when it really does not have a battery, because at the time of an emergency, it will not fulfill its mission. Remember to keep this in mind for greater security.

Versatility and sensitivity

Smoke is not the only dangerous thing that can exist in your home and, fortunately, there are devices that are recommended that you keep in mind in your guide to buying the best smoke detector. These are the devices that detect the presence of other agents such as carbon monoxide, also called CO, and excess carbon dioxide, CO2.

The first refers to the natural gas that is in homes. Leaks of this gas are quite dangerous, as they can cause fires if they come into contact with any flame and, in addition to that, they can also cause poisoning. Its presence is difficult to notice, and for that reason, a CO detector can help keep your home safe. The models that deal with the excesses of carbon dioxide, meanwhile, have been manufactured for the study of air quality.

Sensitivity is another characteristic to take into account. No one wants the appliance not to detect a fire, but it’s also not ideal that a little smoke rising from a pan activates the appliance. For that it is advisable to acquire a medium sensitivity detector.


Smoke detectors do not have the same operating patterns. If you are looking for a good and cheap option, then buying an ion detection device may be your ideal option. This works with an ionization chamber that, upon finding a change in the air derived from smoke, will sound the alarm.

There are more modern equipment, such as those with an optical or photoelectric sensor. This product may not be the cheapest, but it will be more effective in detection and that is why many decide on a detector of this type. His system works through a lens that works to find any change in light, using infrared.

There are also detectors that work by differentiating carbon monoxide, in addition to smoke, and these can be of both types, ionic or optical.


A heavy fixture is quite difficult to install on a ceiling or high wall. In addition, it is much more complicated to keep it in place without it giving way, therefore, acquiring a small-sized and light-weight detector is decisive when installing.

Make sure your purchase comes with an instruction manual included so you know what to do step by step under the manufacturers’ instructions. This is especially important if your detector is an electric model and not battery-powered, as it will need a connection to the household electrical current.


What if something happens and you’re not home? What if you don’t wake up with the alarm? There is nothing to worry about if you buy a detector that works with a connection to your mobile phone, since you will be able to receive all the alerts and notifications on your Smartphone, giving you greater ease of use and much more security.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to disable a smoke detector?

Only try to do it if it is a battery-powered model, since those who work with electrical connections require more care and it is necessary that the deactivation be done by someone expert.

On the other hand, if you have a wireless model, then remove the housing from the detector. This, depending on the model, can be done with a screwdriver or just by turning the cover. There you should find a small on/off switch. If there is not, please disconnect the battery cables so that the product has no power. If you want something more drastic, just remove the battery.

Q2: What is the transducer in a smoke detector?

The emitter is the small part that acts as a transducer. This receives the signal from the sensor, either by an ionic or photoelectric system, and converts the image or smoke into an alarm signal.

Q3: Every how many meters is a smoke detector placed?

This depends on the maximum range with which a smoke detector works, remember that this changes from one model to another. However, most of the time, the range is 60 m2 maximum.

Starting from that figure, there is no minimum separation distance between one smoke detector or another, but for greater security in your home, a maximum separation distance of 12 meters is recommended. Do not place a smoke detector further than that distance, as it is possible to find blind spots due to that.

Q4: How do you know if a smoke detector is on?

Detectors usually have a constant light indicating their operation. Sometimes it is static, but on certain occasions it also flickers. Most of the time, green indicates correct operation, but check your manual to make sure this is the case with your purchase.

If you are not completely sure, because of the color or the lack of light, then it is advisable to do a test run to confirm it.

Q5: Why does my smoke detector beep?

If it beeps once and stops but you don’t see flames, it may have detected smoke, like from a dish you cooked. However, if your detector beeps and does not stop, it is most likely announcing that it has no battery or is about to run out of power. If this is the case, change the battery on the spot so you don’t spend time unprotected.

Q6: Where to put a smoke detector?

A smoke detector should not just be placed in the kitchen, but anywhere there may be a fire. A room with a fireplace or where candles are placed requires a smoke detector, since, unfortunately, a fire could be started by accident.

If it is a mixed device that also detects CO, some people recommend placing the device halfway up a wall so that it can detect both smoke and CO. However, if it’s a smoke-only model, then a good place to put it is on the ceiling.

Q7: How to make a homemade smoke detector?

There are ways to make smoke detectors and fire alarms at home, however, it is not recommended that you do this unless you are a professional in the field. Remember that when it comes to fire prevention, you need the best protection.

However, if you want to make one at home, all you need is a small LED light, an alarm buzzer, a 4V battery, and a small smoke or gas sensor. With a three-wire unit, connect the sensor to the battery, another wire to the doorbell, and the last wire to the light, which in turn should make contact with the wires of the other two items. Bring an incense stick, match or anything that generates smoke and test the device and voila, you have a detector. These small household items are for experimental use only; do not put your security in the hands of detectors that have not been professionally tested.

Q8: How to test a smoke detector?

One of the easiest ways to tell if a smoke detector is working is to light a match and hold it very close to the device so that the smoke can reach it. The device should start beeping within a few seconds and as soon as you move the match away and the detector no longer senses smoke, it should automatically turn off. This way you will know that, in the event of a real fire, you will be protected.

How to use a smoke detector

Learning how to use a smoke detector correctly will help keep your home safer and give you greater peace of mind knowing you are 100% protected at all times. Here you can find out some things that could make it easier for you.

install detector

The first thing you should do is install the smoke detector you have purchased. If it is wireless, you can do it yourself, but if it must be connected to the electrical circuit, then it is recommended that it be done by a professional.

In the case of being wireless, you only have to look for the necessary materials. Most of the time, the mounting only requires a few screws to be able to fix the detector where you want it, however, there are mounting kits that use adhesives and these make the installation easier.

Choose a place such as the ceiling or the top of the walls and install it.

Read the user manual

Detectors, especially the newer ones, come with different types of alarms and lights that could confuse you, even if you have experience with older detectors or other brands. Therefore, it is recommended that you read the instruction manual and know what each light means and how to turn off the product in case there is a false positive and the alarm is triggered by everyday things.

try the product

You must make sure that the product works correctly before going to another room after installing it, because if you think it works but it fails to alert you to a fire, the consequences could be dire.

To test it, hold a match close to the detector and let the smoke reach the fixture. This should start your alarm within a few seconds.

Install the app

The most modern detectors come with a connection to your mobile phone so you can see the alerts there. If that’s the case, download the app and pair your smartphone with the smoke detector. These will be recognized by the WiFi network.

You will be able to control the ignition, the shutdown and also receive specific smoke alerts and, if it has this quality, carbon monoxide.

Pay attention to changes

If you didn’t hear any alerts and you don’t notice any changes in the LED lights, then you could be missing something important, like the battery is low or something is wrong.

Check frequently that everything is in order and that the light is the color it should be. Many detectors do self-test processes to verify that their system is working correctly and, if they find something wrong, they beep or change the light.

By paying attention you can make sure that everything works perfectly at all times.

Put new batteries

Never let the batteries run out, as a moment without a smoke detector can be a moment of great danger. Usually, this product has batteries that last from 1 to 2 years, even 10 if it is long-lasting, but in the same way these can end if there was a greater energy consumption, due to a fire or other inconvenience.

The detectors will notify you when you need to change the battery and, as soon as you receive the alert, do it so you don’t forget.

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