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Stapler – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Despite how much office tools have evolved, the stapler is still a classic when it comes to joining documents. However, the days of small, flimsy machines are long gone, so it’s harder to decide on the best stapler, depending on what you need. If what you need is a high-capacity stapler, the Rapesco HD 100 model is one of the highlights. A long arm stapler that can staple up to 100 sheets in a single stroke, with a capacity for different types of staples. If you prefer a stapler with pliers, the Rapid 10510601 model is what you are looking for. A hand stapler capable of stapling up to 50 sheets with all the comfort and efficiency of this type of product.

The best staplers on the market

When it comes to stapling your documents, you will surely want to find the best stapler possible, since a quality product saves you hassle when it comes to obtaining quality results. The good news is that with our selection of the best staplers of 2022 you will discover all kinds of models, among which is probably the product you want, adapted to your needs and preferences.

I scrape HD 100

If you need to staple large volumes of documents, the Raspeco HD 100 model is an interesting proposal, at the level of the best stapler you can find. A stapler that offers us the capacity to join up to 100 pages in a single stroke, counting on a wide variety of compatible staples. This makes work easier, as is the case with its properly padded long arm, so this process of stapling your documents will be even easier for you.

This is helped by the included paper guide, which keeps papers in place to avoid problems. On the other hand, if you are worried about resistance, this stapler has a metal interior and a resistant plastic exterior that gives it a greater capacity of work, so you will not have to worry about anything even if you subject it to great efforts.

If you don’t know which stapler to buy but you do know that you need a high-capacity model, keep reading everything that this Rapesco model offers you.


Stapling capacity: Thanks to its stapling capacity you will be able to join up to 100 sheets in a single stroke of the stapler.

Guidance table: The included table allows you to know which staple is the most suitable for each job, with high compatibility.

Paper Guide: The included paper guide helps you keep your document perfectly aligned when stapling.

Metallic interior: The metallic interior adds an extra resistance to the product, so that it adequately supports your work rhythm.

Rubber Handle: To save your hands when stapling, the rubber handle with reinforced tip makes it easier to apply force to the sheets.


Instructions : The product is not accompanied by instructions for use, although the process of using and opening the interior is quite intuitive, according to users.

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Rapid 10510601

If you prefer pliers staplers, the Rapid 10510601 model is our selection. A stapler with which it is easy to staple both pages and packages, papers and other items made of paper or cardboard. If we talk in terms of sheets, the capacity is 50 sheets of traditional paper, and can be used with 24/6 and 26/8 staples, from 6 to 8 millimeters long as you prefer.

A model that, due to its operation, allows you to apply force comfortably and without the risk of pinching during the process. Something that its adjustable anvil also helps, so that you can place the stapling area as it suits you. And as proof of its quality, we are talking about a stapler made of high-quality chromed metal without plastic parts, so its strength and durability is more than assured. So much so that the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.

Discover some more details of this product, manufactured by what many users consider to be the best brand of staplers on the market.


Stapling capacity: Its stapling capacity allows you to join up to 80 sheets of 80 grams without complications and with an adequate result.

Dimensions : The product has compact measurements that make it easy to take it wherever you want or always have it at hand.

Materials : The model has a high-quality metal construction and a chrome finish, which adequately supports use without deteriorating.

Warranty : The stapler has a five-year warranty, as proof of the high quality of manufacturing of this model.


Learning : In order to use the stapler properly, if you have never used this type of model, you will need some experience to get the most out of it.

Oiling : You may need to oil the stapler from time to time in order to optimize its performance, especially in dusty or similar environments.

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Rexel Odyssey 2100048

The Rexel Odyssey 2100048 stapler is another of the models designed to comfortably staple large amounts of paper. However, this model has a somewhat tighter size, enough to staple around 60 sheets approximately with a depth of 65 millimeters.

The advantage of this model is that its structure is entirely metallic, also having a stable base and a design that is responsible for reducing the need for effort required by stapling your documents by around 30%. The model is finished off with details such as the rubber base, which increases stability and protects the work table, or the package of 500 staples included, to start working immediately.

For those with an intermediate stapling need and looking for products that save time and effort, the advanced features of this model will surely appeal to you.


Long Arm: The long arm system significantly reduces the force required to staple larger documents.

Staples included: This stapler is accompanied by 500 staples with which to start working from the moment you take the product out of its box.

Metal structure: The metal structure of the stapler makes the process of working even easier with all the comfort you need.


Stapler size: As with almost all thick staplers, this size has considerable measurements that require a lot of space on your table.

Type of staples: This model uses type 2-60 staples, which are not very common and can be somewhat difficult to buy in the market.

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If you don’t feel like hitting the table, you need an electric stapler. And if you don’t have great stapling needs, the CNASA RS-9081 model is what you need. This stapler has a capacity with which to staple up to 20 sheets in a single stroke and in a simple way. In fact, all you have to do is insert the sheets inside, duly placed, so that they are properly stapled automatically.

To do this, this product uses 4 AA batteries, so you will not have to go looking for plugs to use it. An efficient product that also avoids risks, so that it is not possible to accidentally insert the finger in the stapling area, being safe even to be used by the smallest of the house. A simple model that, due to its practicality at an adjusted price, could well be the best value-for-money stapler that we have analyzed.

Located among the cheapest staplers in our selection, let’s get to know some more functions that this model offers us.


Automated: This stapler has an automated operation, so that it is enough to place the sheets inside so that they are well stapled.

Staple Loading: The staple loading process is as easy as unfolding the magazine using the included button and locking it into place once you’ve attached it.

Safe : This stapler has a small space for the sheets, so it is not possible that you can accidentally staple your finger.


Capacity : The stapling capacity is 20 sheets, enough for most jobs but maybe not for the bulkiest.

Batteries : As is often the case with other models, as the batteries run out it is possible that the stapler loses power, solving the problem by simply changing the staples.

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The M-1 Helmet

The El Casco M-1 office stapler is a classic product among those who have to work with all kinds of documents. A product that maintains high-quality manufacturing in polished steel, with the resistance and proper functioning of this brand.

This specific model offers you enough capacity to staple up to 25 different sheets, with a magazine that has enough space to store up to 50 staples, either 22 or 24/6 type, depending on your needs. A quality model that does not exactly stand out among cheap staplers, but which has the advantage that it will accompany you for a long time without deterioration. And for you to save a little, the product also comes with a box of staples with which you can start working right out of the box.

If you want to know more about this model, we analyze some of its most outstanding features.


Construction : This model has a high-quality polished steel construction with which to enjoy great resistance.

Button : The size of the button facilitates the process of stapling all types of documents in a simple way.

Capacity : The stapler can bind up to 25 sheets in one stroke, making it suitable for any general office use.


Measurements : The measurements of the stapler are somewhat small, so you should get used to it in the first uses.

Jam Release: In the event of a jam, the front of the stapler will need to be disassembled to access the jammed area and remove the staple.

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