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Table lamp – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The lighting of our work area is essential. Both for the efficiency in the work we are doing and in terms of taking care of our visual health. That is why it is essential to spend time deciding which is the best table lamp that we can find, depending on our activity and our specific needs. The good news is that the offer is so wide that the difficult thing is to decide on a model. Among the most outstanding we have the VicTsing LE002BEU-VES table lamp, which offers us a variable power in five brightness levels and three color levels, also having an adjustable head to light what we need. Something similar to what the WILIT T3 table lamp offers us, which combines the LED technology of its main lamp with a pleasant complementary lighting in the base and a pleasant light without flickering or complications.

The best table lamps on the market

Having adequate lighting when performing any task is important, both for the precision of that task and to take care of your eyes and avoid future problems. Luckily, today’s lighting technology gives you all the light you need in a format that takes better care of your eyes and, in many cases, you can adjust to what you need. Keep reading our selected products and find out what you can find so that you never have to work or study in dim light again.

VicTsing LE002BEU-VES

Among the best table lamps of 2022, the VicTsing LE002BEU-VES model is one of the most recognized by users. And it is that this lamp has considerable versatility, combining five different levels of light intensity with three color modes.

This allows you to adjust the lighting to what you need at all times, with modes for studying or working, for reading or for whatever you need. A model that, thanks to its LED technology, prevents the flickering that is so annoying in other lamps on the market, taking better care of your eyes.

And so that this light reaches the area you want, its flexible silicone neck allows you to direct this light as best suits you at all times, so that there is no area without lighting. For this reason, many users consider this model to be the best table lamp on the market today.

If you don’t know which table lamp to buy, discover in depth what this lamp offers you in case it is what you need.


Light modes: The product has different light modes suitable for reading, study, work or backlight, among other options.

Touch panel: The touch panel allows you to easily choose the different operating options of the product.

LED light: Its LED lighting avoids the flickering and inconvenience typical of older models.

Memorization of parameters: As long as you keep it plugged in, the lamp keeps the configuration parameters that you used before.


Power supply: For the lamp to work, it must always be plugged into the mains, since it does not have a battery.

Stability: The base can be somewhat unstable when moving the neck, so care must be taken in this regard.

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The WILIT T3 lamp is another interesting model with which to illuminate any work area. A product that, like all modern table lamps, uses LED technology to generate efficient lighting in the area in which we are working.

This light oscillates between 5,500 and 6,000 Kelvin in temperature, with a power of 5 watts that helps you save energy. A model with low consumption and free from the annoying flickering of conventional lamps.

The device is finished off with LED lighting located at the base, which we can configure with the color that we like best within those available, in order to complement the lighting offered by the main body of the product.

A wide variety of functions in a model that would be close to being the best value for money table lamp that we have analyzed.

Located among the cheap options on the market, let’s see some more details about what this lamp offers you.


Light temperature: The light generated by this lamp has a temperature of 5,500 to 6,000 kelvins, with a pleasant tone to work with.

Dimmable : It is possible to regulate the lighting at three different levels, depending on the activity you carry out at any given time.

Additional lighting: This lamp has an additional element in the base that generates light in the color that you like the most, as a complement to the main light.

Height : The height of the arm is 44 centimeters from its base, so it generates a high level of lighting in a wide area of ​​your table.


Arm adjustment: Although the arm has a good lighting adjustment, it is not as adjustable as in other models that we have analyzed.

Weight: The total weight of the lamp is 1.24 kilos, making it somewhat heavier than other similar models.

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Aukey LT-T6

Unlike arm lamps, the Aukey LT-T6 model is an alternative that follows the design of a conventional table lamp. This lamp has a design based on LED technology already common in these models. Something that offers you a lighting level of 2900 kelvin temperature, suitable as an auxiliary light or for activities that are not particularly demanding on lighting.

A modern and elegant lamp that incorporates the usual touch control system, also having a wide range of RGB colors from which you can select the one that best suits you at all times. So you can give the room or your task the color tone that suits you best.

A product that is topped off with a duration of about 35,000 hours and a compact size that does not take up too much space on your table.

Coming from what many consider to be the best brand of table lamps at the moment, let’s see some more details about this worthy representative.


RBG color: With this lamp you can choose the color tone that you like the most among the 256 different colors that this model offers you.

Design: The elegant design of this lamp gives a different touch to any room in which you place it.

Touch system: The touch system of the base allows you to comfortably adjust both the brightness level and the color in which you want to see the light that is generated.


Light temperature: Compared to other table lamps, this model is more designed as an ambient lamp than to give you intense light at one point.

Materials: Since the top of the lamp is made of glass, you should be careful with it to prevent it from accidentally breaking.

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Tomons DL1001W

If you want to go back in time with a vintage table lamp, the Tomons DL1001W model is what you were looking for. This beautiful wooden lamp has a design identical to the gooseneck lamps of a lifetime, made of high quality wood and with a simple metal base that keeps it in place.

A lamp that, compared to LED models, uses a traditional E27 bulb, which allows you to customize the amount of light you need by simply changing the bulb. In fact, the product has a bulb included in a conventional but low consumption style, so if it is enough for you, you will not need anything else.

By the way, if you are concerned about the presence of unwanted chemicals, this model is free of harmful elements, with only iron, wood and nylon in the cable area.

If you are still not convinced by this traditional table lamp, we give you some more features that may help you make a decision.


Design : This lamp faithfully reproduces the design of traditional reading lamps, giving it an image of a quality vintage table lamp like this one.

Lighting height: Thanks to its characteristics and its design, this lamp can be useful if you need to illuminate large areas without the risk of hitting the product.

Customize the lighting: In case you need more or less light, you can always change the bulb for one that better suits your specific needs.


Assembly : The product requires assembly of the different pieces, although the process is as simple as joining the pieces with the pins and closing the wing nuts that adjust them.

Type of lighting: Since it is not an LED-type bulb, in this case it is possible that you may perceive flickering and other annoyances, depending on the type of bulb you use.

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Jenki LD-NO.1

Designed to be placed wherever you want, the Jenki LD-NO.1 white table lamp has the advantage of being rechargeable, so you can place it anywhere without having a plug nearby. This makes it easy to enjoy its three different brightness levels and five available color temperatures, depending on what you need at the time. Some parameters that you can configure to your liking using the included touch panel.

This model also has that rechargeable battery that we have already mentioned, which offers you an approximate autonomy of 5 to 8 hours, depending on the level of brightness and temperature with which you use it. A complete model that is charged via the included USB port, so you can combine it with an external battery or similar in case you need more lighting time.

And thanks to its LED technology, it takes proper care of your eyes when lighting the work area, eliminating the flickering typical of conventional lighting.

If you are looking for a rechargeable table lamp, learn more about this model and what it offers you.


Adjustable light: The light has five different levels of temperature for the light and three for the brightness, so you can customize the light as you like.

Modern design: Thanks to its modern design and its manufacturing materials, this lamp gives a special touch to any room in which you place the product.

Rechargeable : The rechargeable battery has autonomy to support up to 8 hours of use, being also rechargeable via USB port.


Touch panel: Some user comments that the touch button is not as good as it should be, so you will need some time to get the optimal point of control.

Position adjustment: Because the product uses smooth and rigid elements, the lighting zone adjustment process is not as easy as other models on the market.

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Ikea table lamp

Ikea White table lamp

With class A energy efficiency and a weight of only two kilograms, this Ikea table lamp is one of the most favorable for decorating spaces, as it provides soft and warm lighting, while providing an adequate visual charge to the room. decor.

In addition, its cost is affordable, which makes it one of the cheapest in our selection. Within its technical aspects, this lamp has been made of white plastic, hence it is simple and minimalist. Its size is compact, making it a convenient piece to place on any table.

According to its designers, it is created to provide soft ambient lighting to spaces, which is why they recommend using an E-14 LED bulb with an oval shape of 200 lumens. 

As well as being one of the most visually appealing table lamps, it is also efficient. Learn more about its positive and negative aspects. 


Construction: It has a robust construction in terms of materials, but delicate in terms of its appearance. It is made of plastic.

Efficiency: It is an efficient model, with class A energy classification, so it is economical.

Lighting: It has been created to provide dim and soft lighting to spaces.

Design: Its design is minimalist and it is available in white, so that it adjusts to different styles.


Dimming and bulb: The lamp does not come with the bulb and it is not dimmable either.

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Ikea Knubbig Table Lamp 

The title of the best table lamp on the market is a name that many manufacturers want to display on their models, but without a doubt, this one has properties that are worth reviewing. 

It is an Ikea table lamp that has a modern, elegant, delicate and original design, with cherry trees and white flowers engraved on its surface, which has been made of glass, so that it fits into different decorative environments to provide greater comfort. elegance and sophistication.

In addition, each lamp is unique, since, being mouth blown or blown glass, there are small variations between them. Likewise, it has been designed to be part of any room in the home, from the living room to the bedroom. It is even a convenient option for the office, because it provides soft lighting. Its compact dimensions and its weight of almost 900 grams, favor its portability.

Some catalog this option as the best table lamp of the moment. You can judge this yourself by knowing its pros and cons.


Design: Its design is modern, elegant and delicate, with engravings of cherry trees and flowers on its surface.

Construction: It has a resistant and original construction, made with blown glass, making it unique.

Weight: Its weight does not exceed 900 grams, so it can be easily moved to change the decoration.

Connection: It has a long cable and European adapter that facilitates its connection. 


Light bulb: The model is sold without the light bulb, so it is up to you to buy it yourself. 

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vintage table lamp

Lighting Ever LED Table Lamp

The manufacturer Lighting Ever has brought to the market this vintage table lamp that is designed with a fabric lampshade that dims the lighting through a classic style, while the size of this piece is compact and light bulbs of up to 100 watts can be used in it..

Its class A energy efficiency leads this model to appear on all the lists of the best table lamps of 2022, because it has a durability of 50,000 hours and its design is original. While it may look simple, it has delicate finishes that provide a high level of detail and soft lighting.

Likewise, the structure of this model is made of solid wood, with a rectangular fabric shade, making it elegant. Within its technical aspects, it is equipped with a long power cable of 1.5 meters and has a switch that facilitates turning it on and off. 

This is one of the models that leads Lighting Ever to be recommended as the best brand of table lamps. Learn more about your model.


Cable: For greater comfort, it incorporates a long power cable of 1.5 meters. 

Design: Its design is classic, with a vintage style and soft light, which adapts to any environment.

Construction: It has a solid and waterproof construction, made of solid wood, with a fabric shade.

Switch: It has an easily accessible switch for turning the lamp on and off.


Accessory: The bulb is not added as an accessory. To guarantee lighting, this element must be purchased independently.

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LED table lamp

PoFo LED Night Light Bedside Lamp

The LED table lamp from the manufacturer PoFo is one of the most recommended in the user community, for being versatile and with dynamic color changes that respond to touch control. 

The model is included in class A energy efficiency and is suitable as a night light, as it is intelligent and has adjustable lighting, as well as RGB color change. In addition, it is rechargeable via USB port.

Also, the lamp is equipped with a smart sensor that makes it easy to turn it on and off by simply touching the top. It has a control panel that allows you to change in three brightness levels between low, medium and high. 

At the same time, the lighting it provides is uniform and can be used indoors or outdoors. Its design is modern, portable and lightweight, with a handle at the bottom that makes it easy to move and hold. 

Before deciding on this model, it would be right for you to consider the pros and cons listed below.


Battery: The lamp is charged by USB and its 1200 mAh battery lasts for 30 hours with low brightness. 

Sensor: It has a smart sensor that makes it easy to turn on and off with a touch.

Construction: It is made of ABS, with a delicate design of only 250 grams.

Brightness: It has 3 brightness levels of white light and can also change lighting colors. 


Control: The touch control of the modes can be difficult to master, as the instructions are vague. 

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touch table lamp

BKLicht Touch table lamp 

This BKLicht model is another of the recommended alternatives for those who are interested in a touch table lamp, because it has a modern design, with innovative control and four brightness levels. 

Made of plastic and with IP20 protection, this proposal has a cylindrical-shaped design that emits white light, so it can be placed in the bedroom, office and living room for proper lighting. 

In addition, it is equipped with a touch function, which avoids the inconvenient use of the switch, as well as a 1.5 meter long power cable, which allows you to place the lamp wherever you want, no matter how far away the outlet is. 

It is recommended for closed spaces and indoors, because its screen is made of glass and requires the use of current. Also, its touch control system allows you to dim the brightness intensity and other settings.

Although it is a quality model, it is convenient to know its pros and cons to ensure the purchase.


Design: Its design with a cylindrical shape and white light is modern and fits into different spaces. 

Construction: It has a strong and resistant construction, made of plastic and glass with IP20 protection.

Adjustment: Through its touch control system, you can turn on and regulate the brightness intensity.

Cable: It has a 1.5 meter power cable, so it is long and allows the lamp to be placed anywhere.


Bulb: The bulb is not supplied with the lamp, so its acquisition must be done independently.

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table lamp accessories

lampshade for table lamp

Lumissima 80108

This table lamp shade is available in a cylindrical shape and made of cotton fabric, so it is delicate, but at the same time resistant to be placed on any lamp with an E14 bulb and avoids direct lighting, to provide a dim and cozy light.. 

Although it may be a bit small for some lamps, its timeless style is suitable for decorating bedside tables. Its dimensions are 15 cm at the base and 16 cm in height, while its weight is only 81.6 grams. It is available in two colors: beige and red, with a small price difference between them. 

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