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Urinals – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Due to the great importance that potties have in the learning process of our children, you should know that the market has a wide variety of models that range from the simplest, through thematic, functional and a few others with a design to small scale. PetHot Pink + White is one of them, whose structure has been made with certified polymer and reinforced with some metallic details. In addition, it incorporates a dispenser for paper and wet wipes, encouraging hygiene habits. Ikea 601.931.28 is another good option, which has a non-slip bottom area and a removable cup for easy cleaning.

Opinions on the best urinals

Potties are fundamental pieces for our children’s learning, since with their help we can train them to start using the toilet and have proper hygiene habits when relieving themselves. Next, we present the best potties for the little ones in the house.

baby potty

PetHot Pink + White

Getting little ones to use the toilet can be tricky, so a handy potty trainer like this patented PetHot model would be great. Thus, if you want to acquire the best potty, do not hesitate to consider this product. Its structure has a format of 36 x 26 x 19 centimeters, which adapts anatomically to the body of any infant aged between 8 months and 5 years. 

The model has been manufactured with 5% metal and 95% polymer, being resistant materials and capable of providing the necessary stability to avoid unexpected overturning. 

It is noteworthy that said plastic has a soft touch and CE type certification, so it is completely safe, as it does not have toxic elements. Also, this baby potty incorporates a cover, a dispenser for wet wipes and an area for placing the paper. In addition, the waste container is removable.

This model has a thematic, ergonomic and safe design, being considered the best urinal of the moment.


Dimensions: Its compact format allows easy handling and storage of the product without taking up much space.

Age of use: The potty is intended for children aged eight months to five years, helping them prepare to use the toilet.

Construction: The polymer composite structure and metal details offer resistance, stability and a soft touch.

Dispensers: The product has been equipped with a couple of dispensers for placing wet towels and paper hygienically.


Use: Some users have mentioned problems adapting to the toilet in their home, but this is not attributable to the model, since it usually happens with many children.

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ikea urinal 

Ikea 601.931.28 

The well-known Ikea house presents us this time with a simple, ergonomic and easy-to-handle design, which has managed to position itself as the best price-quality urinal and one of the cheapest on this list of recommended products. 

Its white polymer structure measures 36 x 29 x 28 centimeters and incorporates a green waste collector, which you can easily remove and empty. In addition, the material used in this potty for children is a type of food plastic, which is respectful of the environment and therefore, will not generate any type of allergies when in contact with the child’s skin.

We cannot fail to mention that this Ikea potty is intended for infants from 12 months of age, it has a non-slip bottom coating to prevent unexpected tipping, with a comfortable support for the back and you can also wash the structure with any detergent without fear. to deterioration.

Despite being one of the cheapest urinals, its attributes belong to a high-end design, offering resistance, ergonomics and easy emptying. Read their pros and cons.


Dimensions: Its dimensions of 36 x 29 x 28 centimeters adapt to the infant’s body and facilitate storage.

Manufacturing: You will not have to worry about allergies in the infant’s skin, since the polymer with which it is manufactured is completely safe. 

Design: The back support provides comfortable sitting and the removable waste container makes it easy to empty.

Washing: You can wash it under the tap, because it is a waterproof material.


Color: Some users have expressed that they would prefer the product in another color, even though this does not limit its operation.

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Fisher-Price Urinal

Fisher Price I learn and have fun

With this model you will be able to clarify all your concerns about which is the best urinal, since its design recreates a conventional toilet, but with a compact format, fun aesthetics and a removable bowl so you can place it on the toilet.

This Fisher Price urinal has a robust and ergonomic body made of white polymer. In addition, it has been provided with a comfortable backrest in which an animated face and a small lever stand out, so that the infant can pull the chain, automatically reproducing the characteristic sound. In the same way, the product offers some tunes that invite you to learn while playing, being necessary to incorporate three LR44 type batteries to enjoy these functions.

Also, it is important to note that the product has a folding lid, a removable support for placing the paper and a pair of handles in the area of ​​the hoop, so that the child supports himself with confidence.

Fisher Price always has a good alternative when it comes to our children’s learning, so if you don’t know which potty to buy, the recommendation is to review this model.


Sounds: With each action well performed in handling the potty, a fun tune is activated.

Design: You can use it as a trainer on the floor or on the toilet, since the bowl is removable.

Manufacturing: The high-end polymer used does not deteriorate with constant washing and is safe for children.

Handles: The pair of handles on the ring will allow the child to hold on when sitting down, gaining confidence and stability.


Sound: In the opinion of some users, the sound it produces is very low.

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child potty

Summer Infant 11526

Summer Infant is a company with a long history in the market, which this time introduces in its catalog of children’s items a potty with a real design, but with a format that adapts to the anatomy of children with a minimum age of 18 months.

The structure has dimensions of 38 x 25 x 39 centimeters and has been made of robust white polymer, being a material that provides resistance and stability to the product, supporting a load of 23 kilograms. In addition, it is eco-friendly and can be easily washed. 

Among other features to highlight in this children’s potty, we have the incorporation of a handle that, when slid, reproduces the sound of the cistern with the help of a pair of alkaline batteries. Also, it has a compartment in the upper part of the tank for the placement of wet towels, a removable cup with a splash guard and a hinged lid.

If you want a potty with a real design for your little ones that is adapted to their size, do not hesitate to purchase this model.


Design: Its real design but on a small scale allows a better training of the child when using the toilet.

Manufacturing: The polymer used is food-grade, so it will not cause irritation on contact with the skin.

Dimensions: Its format of 38 x 25 x 39 centimeters is correctly adapted to children with a minimum age of 18 months.

Load: Due to its resistance it can support a load of up to 23 kilograms.


Weight: There are those who comment that the low level of weight could be considered as a feature that reduces the stability of the model, but it is an isolated opinion.

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collapsible potty

Wishtime Potty 2 in 1

When searching among the best urinals of 2022, you will come across one of the models patented by Wishtime, which since its appearance on the market has managed to capture the attention of buyers due to its versatility of use. It is a 2-in-1 folding potty, which can be used on the floor or as a reducer in the standard toilet. 

In addition, its format of 25 x 27.5 x 17 centimeters and weight of 671 grams, offers a body that is quite easy to handle, transport in case you go on a trip and takes up little space when stored.

The product is aimed at children from three months of age and up to an average of four years, since it can support up to 35 kg of weight. This child’s potty has been made of ABS-type polymer, which is a thermoplastic free of contaminating agents, with a soft touch.

Wishtime products have great design and manufacturing attributes, which is why many consider it to be the best brand of urinals, and this model is proof of this.


Usage: Its 2-in-1 design can be used as a floor urinal or a toilet reducer.

Load: The maximum load is 35 kilograms, thought this way due to the variation in the weight of the children.

Folding: Its folding design favors the transport and storage of the product, since it occupies less space.

Manufacturing: The ABS polymer used gives it strength, durability and smoothness.


Base: The absence of non-slip material on the base can cause unexpected movements.

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music potty

Jane 040306C01

This is a unisex musical potty aimed at children from 12 months to four years of age. Its body is robust, ergonomic and safe enough to support the infant. The structure has dimensions of 39 x 32 x 23 centimeters and a weight of 830 grams, being a compact format that can be easily handled and stored in any space without causing discomfort. 

In addition, said potty for children was made of polycarbonate, a friendly, soft, resistant polymer that can be exposed to water to be easily washed. The product has been equipped with a removable cup for quick emptying, a flip-top lid, an anti-splash rim and a backrest.

Similarly, the Jané house has incorporated a battery-powered musical system into the urinal, which you can activate whenever you want by simply pressing a button on one of the sides of the structure.

If you want a potty so that your child can train correctly before using the toilet, the invitation is to learn more about this Jané model.


Weight: Its weight of 830 grams is quite light for parents to move the potty with practicality.

Manufacturing: Thanks to the polycarbonate used for manufacturing, you will enjoy a resistant and stable structure.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the potty are correctly adapted to children from one to four years old.

Music: It incorporates a musical system with children’s tunes that will amuse the little one while he trains on the potty.


Music: The music on the chip may not be to everyone’s liking, but it can be removed for convenience.

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Urinal Olmitos

elm 1992

With regard to renowned brands dedicated to the manufacture of children’s items, the Olmitos house cannot go unnoticed, which with a long history in the market does not cease to surprise us with its functional products. An example of this is this original whale-shaped potty for children, made of medium-density polymer and soft to the touch. This material provides stability and adequate support to this thematic design. Its format is 36 x 28 x 22 centimeters and the weight is 998 grams.

The product has been designed to meet the needs of infants from birth to four years of age, since it can be used initially as a bathtub and later as a potty. In addition, it is of interest to remember the incorporation of a comfortable backrest so that the child supports himself correctly, as well as the presence of a non-slip base.

Olmitos presents us with a thematic and functional potty, which will accompany the little one from the initial stage and up to a maximum of four years.


Base: The bottom of the structure has a non-slip texture to prevent unexpected overturning.

Manufacturing: The structure is made of 100% medium-density polymer, so the potty has strength, stability and durability.

Use: Thanks to its functional design you can use the product as a urinal and a bathtub, according to your needs.

Backrest: The backrest of the structure that resembles the tail of the whale offers an ergonomic support for the little one.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual is not very explanatory regarding the use of the product.

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commode chair

Mobiclinic Ebro

This urinal is designed for elderly people, who are the most likely to suffer some type of fall when going to the bathroom. In this sense, both their relatives and themselves will be able to leave these concerns in the past, since the present Mobiclinic chair with potty has an ergonomic and safe design, which will make the process of urinating or evacuating easier.

Its structure folds to be quickly transported and stored in any closet without taking up much space. In addition, it is worth noting its weight of 9.6 kilograms, the level of support for up to 100 kilograms and the plastic waste collector with an adjustment mechanism under the seat.

For the construction of the chair, chromed stainless steel tubes were used with polymer reinforcements in the area of ​​the bases, as well as the synthetic fabric in the backrest and in the covering, both of the armrests and of the seat.

This model with an elegant, resistant and folding design is indicated if you are looking for a potty chair for the elderly.


Manufacturing: The chair combines chromed steel, polymer and synthetic fabric, being materials that provide resistance and durability to the design.

Weight: You will be able to move it from one space to another with ease, since its weight of 9.6 kilograms is quite light.

Support: Its maximum load is for people weighing 100 kilograms, so it is suitable for various contexts.

Folding: The structure incorporates an easy-to-use folding mechanism, which allows you to save space when storing it.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual does not have illustrations, but the steps are quite understandable.

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How to choose the best potty?

The selection of a potty for our little ones is a task of great importance, since it is a new element that we will incorporate into their day to day life and with which they must become familiar. To do this, you will have to spend the necessary time to review the proposals of the different manufacturers in order to make a successful purchase. Thus, we present the following guide to buying the best potty.

Shopping guide


The manufacturing raw material is an aspect of great importance when selecting the potty for the little ones in the house, so you should pay attention and check its quality level. Remember that if the material does not meet certain requirements, it could generate some type of skin allergy in the delicate skin of the infant due to direct and frequent contact.

In this sense, it is recommended that no matter how cheap the potty is, its structure must have been made of certified polymer, which does not have any type of toxic agents that are harmful to the child or the environment. The touch offered is also important, being necessary that it be soft so that it does not bother the little one when handling it and sitting on it. Likewise, it confirms that the plastic has an adequate density and that it is sufficiently rigid, thus offering a stable support.

Two materials that have all these characteristics and that are widely used in the industry are: polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, known by the acronym ABS.


Evaluating how much the product costs is as fundamental as knowing its cleaning method, since the important thing is to acquire a product that suits our budget and that does not generate complications when washing it.

The first thing you should check is that the waste collection cup can be removed from the structure, because this way it will be much easier to empty and then wash under the tap. Remember to check what type of detergents are suitable for the structure, as outlined by the manufacturer in the instruction manual. Likewise, always use a soft sponge so as not to cause deterioration and dry excess water so that mold, bacteria or bad odors are not generated.

Design and security

When selecting a potty for your children you will have multiple options, since manufacturers are incorporating new features into their designs every day. Thus, acquiring a product of this type is not considered a task that can be carried out lightly, being necessary to carry out a small comparison of urinals after reviewing some purchase catalogues.

You should know that among the most popular models are the urinals made up of a colorful, compact structure that integrates a waste tank, being one of the simplest. Likewise, there are the themed urinals, inspired by some animated character, which also include elements such as a folding lid, a dispenser for toilet paper or wet wipes, and a lever to lower the water with music that simulates the sound of the cistern.

The vast majority of potties offer a removable collection cup, which is sometimes adaptable to the toilet as a reducer for children. The issue of safety is also related to the design, so the potty will need to have back support and a side grip area that provides stability to the infant’s body, preventing it from tipping over. Likewise, the base of the structure should preferably be non-slip.


The potty that we acquire, on the other hand, must offer us a format that adapts to both the infant’s needs and ours, mainly when transporting and storing said structure. No matter how attractive the design, reviewing the height, width, and length of the potty should be a priority. Always keep in mind that the comfort and safety of the little one is what is at stake, being necessary that when sitting on the cup his feet reach the ground correctly. In this way, his body will have the necessary stability so as not to tip over when trying to get up.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a urinal?

The use of the urinal will depend on the model purchased. So, if the design is collapsible, you must extend the structure as indicated by the manufacturer, verifying that the potty offers the necessary stability to support the infant. To continue, fit the waste collection cup, lid, and anti-splash area. Also, it is necessary that you place the paper or wet wipes in the respective dispensers. If the model you purchased incorporates a reducer and you want to use it, you must remove it from the urinal and adapt it over the toilet.

Q2: How to teach a child to use the potty?

Teaching the little one to use the potty requires a lot of patience, since it is not a process that will be carried out in the blink of an eye. First of all, the child should familiarize himself with the potty until he feels comfortable, being necessary to explore the structure and sit on the bowl for at least five minutes a day. Remember that it should be an intuitive process, so you should avoid forcing them to interact with the product. The next step is to teach him to lower his pants to sit on the potty without clothes, explaining that when he feels like urinating he should go to him and repeat what he has learned. Also, explain the use of toilet paper or wet wipes. It is a slow process that requires time, perseverance, patience and repetition.

Q3: Where to put the potty?

Although the bathroom is a quite suitable place and used by parents, it is also true that during the familiarization process you will be able to place the potty in strategic places such as the child’s playroom, in his room, the patio or any other place. home stay that frequent during the day. This will allow you to have the potty nearby in case you want to use it.

Q4: How to clean a urinal?

Cleaning the urinal is very simple and practically intuitive. These products usually come with a removable cup for waste collection, which you’ll need to remove and empty down the toilet. Then, apply some mild detergent on it, rub with a sponge, remove the excess with plenty of water, dry with a soft cloth and place the piece back on the structure. Also, it is important that you periodically wash the lid and the body of the potty, avoiding the accumulation of dust and bacteria.

Q5: How to use a female urinal?

To use a female urinal you just have to place it between your legs, trying to keep your pelvis tilted slightly forward. In this way, you will point directly to the urinal and will not cause any type of spill. When you finish urinating, you just need to empty it into the toilet and wash it under the tap.

Q6: How to remove the fear of the potty?

Incorporating the potty into the child’s daily life is a task that must be carried out gradually, since it is an unknown object for him. So, the best thing to do is to choose a thematic and colorful design that attracts the attention of the child. In this way, you will be encouraging them to have that first contact with the product in a fun way. The important thing is that you are always by his side and help him explore the structure until he becomes familiar with it.

Q7: When to start using the potty?

The age for the use of the potty is uncertain, although experts recommend using this device from two years of age. However, there are some indicators that will help you pinpoint the exact moment, highlighting among them the fact that the child must have developed some motor skills such as walking and coordination in both his hands and feet. It is important that the infant is already able to obey orders and imitate the actions of those around him, as well as that he manages to stay dry for a minimum period of two hours, generating some particular gesture when he feels the desire to urinate.

Q8: How to install a urinal?

Urinals generally have a small assembly, which is simple and intuitive. Thus, you will only need to place the structure on the ground and if it is collapsible, you will have to extend its bases. Then, take the waste collection cup on the structure and check that it has been adjusted correctly, which will avoid any type of incident when the child sits on it. Depending on the model, you can remove the reducer to place it in the toilet. However, you should review the instruction manual, as well as follow the manufacturer’s steps and recommendations.

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