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Wall coat rack – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

In those offices where the space is not exactly ample, a wall-mounted coat rack can be an optimal solution to organize the staff’s coats, jackets, umbrellas and other winter clothing. These coat racks take up little space and are offered in a wide range of designs and capacities, so you won’t have to look far to find a suitable model for your office, such as the Umbra 318211-660 coat rack. This beautiful decorative coat rack is placed on the wall being fully concealed, it has 5 hooks and can be folded in case you do not use it. If you prefer something more traditional, the Homfa Metal coat rackIt has the usual distribution of 6 double hooks, with space to hang a total of 12 elements, supporting a weight of up to 30 kilos.

The best wall mounts on the market

When it comes to organizing the coats and other clothing of our office staff, being able to decide which is the best wall coat rack that we can find will be of great help to make that organization easier. Even more considering that this type of coat rack is designed for places where space is not abundant. So that you don’t have to search too hard, we present our list of the best wall coat racks of 2022, where you will find products of all kinds, capacity and design so that finding the most suitable one for your office is not a problem.

Shadow 318211-660

The Umbra 318211-660 coat rack is an original model with a modern design that makes it worthy of being the best wall coat rack of the moment. This decorative white coat rack measures 49.5 cm wide by 18.4 cm high and 2.4 cm deep. It includes a total of 5 hooks on its surface, with a resistance of 2.3 kilos each.

These hooks can be folded away when not in use, making the rack less conspicuous when not in use. Once closed, the hooks are concealed in their original design, similar to that of a set of gracefully disordered small tablets that will give a different touch to the area where you place it. An elegant model that you can easily assemble, as it also includes all the necessary screws for it.

Let’s see some more details of this coat rack, which combines elegance and comfort, as we must demand from the best wall coat rack we can find.


Design : Its modern design, which simulates unevenly interlocking slats, gives the model a touch of elegance.

Folding hooks : Folding hooks allow you to hide them when you are not using them.

Materials : The coat rack is made of high-quality ABS plastic, so you don’t have to worry about oxidation or the deterioration typical of metal models.

Size : Since this coat rack is less than 50 centimeters wide, it is ideal for areas where space is at a premium.

Colors : In addition to being presented in white, the coat rack is also available in black, anthracite and brown.


Resistance : The weight supported by each hook is 2.3 kilos, not being one of the most resistant as far as this parameter is concerned.

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Homfa Metal

If you are one of those who prefer traditional wall coat racks, this Homfa model is all you need. This metal coat rack has 6 double hooks and a total weight capacity of 30 kilos, so it is easy to organize all the clothes along its surface. A product with measures of 43 cm long by 8 high and 3.8 deep, with 3 mounting holes to leave it firmly attached to the wall.

The coat rack is highly resistant, so it can be placed even in damp or similar areas without the metal deteriorating. And so that you do not miss anything, it is accompanied by all the screws and plugs necessary for its installation. Everything we can expect from what for many users is the best price-quality wall coat rack of the moment, given that its cost is among the cheapest we have found.

Designed for those looking for cheap and quality coat racks, we analyze in detail the characteristics of this product.


Double hooks: The six double hooks expand the storage space, to better organize the clothes.

Materials : Thanks to its beautiful metallic finish, this product fits into almost any décor without difficulty.

Resistance : The product supports up to 30 kilos of weight on its surface.

Fastening : By having three fastening holes, the coat rack is even more glued and “grabbed” to the wall.


Screws : You may have to change the plugs included in the product for more resistant ones, especially if you are going to load the coat rack a lot.

Hook finish: The hook finish is not protected, but is presented in exposed metal. At least, this one has been sanded so that it does not excessively damage the garments.

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SoBuy FHK06-N

For those who prefer wooden wall coat racks, the SoBuy FHK06-N model is a good option. This wall coat rack has been made of bamboo and measures 90 cm wide, 16 cm high and 12 cm deep. A background in which the fact of having a shelf extends this measure, but also gives us extra space, with an upper area where you can place small objects.

As for the coat rack area, it has six hooks on which it is easy to hang your clothes as it has a remarkable height. And you don’t have to worry about assembly and installation either, since it’s simple and the product includes everything you need to run it.

Although it is not very clear which is the best brand of wall coat racks at the moment, this SoBuy model would be worthy of belonging to it.


Materials : Compared to metal or plastic models, this coat rack has been made entirely of bamboo wood, making it easy to give your entrance a different touch.

Capacity : Thanks to the six included hooks you won’t have to worry about running out of space when it comes to organizing your clothes.

Shelf included : This wall-mounted coat rack with shelf adds extra space to your entrance or hall, so you can better organize storage.


Installation : You must be careful to mount the rack at a reasonable height and not too high, since otherwise you will have problems reaching the shelf.

Hook design: The hook design is not too deep, suitable for coats and bags, but perhaps not for hats and other similar garments.

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Shadow 318850-660

It is a coat rack with a discreet and functional design, which has 5 retractable hooks that can be opened to hang clothes. In addition, it is made of solid wood, lacquered and varnished in bright white and the hooks are brushed nickel, to give a decorative touch to any environment.

Each hook has the capacity to hold up to 2.2 kg of weight, so you can hang multiple garments on the same hook. At the same time, it has a light weight and dimensions of 50.8 cm x 7.6 cm x 2.5 cm; in this way, it is suitable to install in small rooms.

When it comes to mounting, it has a rail-like design, which allows the screws to be hidden for a better appearance. In the same way, as a complement it includes all the necessary material for its installation, such as screws and guides, so it will not be necessary to purchase it additionally.

Hanging jackets, sweaters and scarves can take up a lot of space when you don’t have the right rack for your needs. In this sense, it is important that you analyze in more detail the characteristics of this model:


Design: It has a retractable hooks design that you can close when not in use.

Dimensions: It has a discreet structure of 51 x 7 x 3 cm, to be installed even behind the door.

Resistance: Each of its hooks can support up to 2.2 kg of weight for greater versatility.


Finish: The paint surface may be delicate compared to the rest of the coat rack, so proper use is recommended.

Installation: Its installation could be complicated for inexperienced people.

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The Ikea TJUSIG wall coat rack has the necessary space to have a coat rack wherever there is not much room. A 60 centimeter wide product in which we find five hooks on which to hang our clothes comfortably. This coat rack also has the ability to be dual, so that we can hang it directly on the wall or behind a door, making even more use of space.

As for its design, this metal coat rack has a polished silver-tone finish, so it fits elegantly into any decoration approach that we want to carry out. Something that is also helped by the rest of its measurements of 3.6 centimeters in height and about 2.4 centimeters in depth, which prevent the coat rack from protruding excessively or standing out from the wall.

If you are not sure which wall coat rack to buy but you want to give your office an Ikea touch, this compact coat rack meets that particular style of the brand.


Dual use: This model can be hung on the wall or behind a door, for which it includes a pair of hooks.

Metallic Finish: The shiny, polished metallic finish gives the product a beautiful look that looks good anywhere.

Number of hooks: Since it offers us five hooks in a tight space, it is a good solution to take advantage of the space.


Hook protection: Again, we find a coat rack with hooks without protection, with a somewhat reduced size when it comes to holding clothes.

Mounting : It is important that the wall mounting is done accurately, to avoid inconveniences during the placement of the product.

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In.House HTWU-87

Time is one of the main co-workers in any office. And not to lose sight of it even when it comes to hanging your coats, the En.Casa HTWU-87 wall-mounted coat rack with clock is all you need. A beautiful vintage-style coat rack with a manufacturing that simulates traditional forging and gives a touch of yesteryear to any room.

This does not affect its usefulness, since the rack has four good-sized hooks topped with a wooden ball, so that your clothes do not deteriorate during use. A coat rack that, as usual, is accompanied by everything necessary for its assembly except for the clock batteries, which in this case are at your expense.

We take an in-depth look at this beautiful clock coat rack to introduce you to its most interesting aspects at a glance.


Vintage design: Its beautiful vintage design is very suitable to give a different touch to your office.

Hook finials: The hooks are finialed with a wooden ball, so your clothes won’t be damaged while hanging

Clock : The clock gives a touch of elegance to the product, while allowing us to see the time of entry and exit when we take the coats.


Hooks : The model has only four hooks, compared to five or six of other models. At least, its size is large and enough to hang umbrellas and coats at the same time.

Dimensions : As is logical due to its characteristics, this model has somewhat larger measurements and dimensions than the rest of the models that we have analyzed.

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