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Wood Fireplaces – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Before the next winter season arrives, it is recommended that you think about which of the current heating systems should be installed in the home, so that the change in temperature does not catch you off guard. In this sense, choosing a wood-burning fireplace has great benefits, from economic to ecological, since it works with a renewable energy source. Currently, the Relaxdays 10026552 fireplace stands out on the market, which has a cone-shaped structure with a 45 cm diameter, making it a large and attractive model. In addition, among its accessories it has a grid to place the firewood and a poker with a plastic handle to move the logs safely. On the other hand, the Kupro Lux modelIt serves as a heating device and oven at the same time, in addition, it has been made with resistant materials for greater durability.

Opinions on the best wood burning fireplaces

Choosing the best wood-burning fireplace represents an important investment for your home and your budget, so you should pay attention to its most outstanding features before choosing a model and thus make sure that it is the right model for you. If you don’t know which model to choose, we want to help you by making a selection of the best wood-burning fireplaces of 2022 to facilitate your search.

Relaxdays 10026552

This wood-burning fireplace features a large bottom area for easy placement of logs. In addition, it incorporates a lower grille and a poker with a plastic handle, which is why many think that it is the best wood-burning fireplace of the moment.

On the other hand, it offers a structure made of steel that works as an optimal heat conductor, which is very useful during winter. Also, it weighs only 7.9 kg, so it can be carried comfortably by one person.

As for its dimensions, it is 120 cm high, but its lower cone-shaped part has a diameter of 45 cm, so it is a brazier that also serves as a decorative structure for the garden or terrace.. As if that were not enough, during its operation the tiles and the lawn are not affected.

If you are wondering which is the best wood burning fireplace, then this model may interest you. Let’s analyze in detail its positive and negative characteristics before making the purchase.


Design: It can be used to decorate your garden, as it has an attractive cone-shaped design.

Poker: Includes a practical poker with a plastic handle that allows you to fan the flames safely.

Size: It has a height of 120 cm and the cone-shaped base offers a diameter of 45 cm, making it a large equipment.


Impermeability: It is important not to leave it outdoors while it rains, as it could lose durability.

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Kupro Lux

This fireplace works with wood, so it is capable of generating heat in the traditional way. In this sense, it has a nominal heating power of 11 kW, so we can infer that it is suitable for surfaces of approximately 70 m², in this way, it is possible to air-condition a large room without major inconveniences.

One of the advantages of this model is that it has an upper compartment for baking pizza, bread and other foods, so that it is possible to take advantage of the temperature. In addition, it is made of high-quality steel, ceramic and glass, which allow a longer useful life. In addition, it has a classic look but with touches of modernity.

The fireplace measures 38.5 x 44 x 91cm so it doesn’t take up too much space, however it weighs 65kg so it’s good to have help during installation. On the other hand, it is important to mention that the ventilation tube has a diameter of 130 mm.

To heat the home during the cold season it is important to have a good fireplace. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this model.


Size: It has a good size, so it is practical for any house. In this case, it measures 38.5 x 44 x 91 cm.

Materials: It has been made of glass, steel and ceramic, three high-quality materials that offer great durability. 

Power: It has a heating power of 11 kW, so it can heat large rooms.


Tube: This model does not have a smoke outlet tube, so you must purchase it separately.

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Blumfeldt Monument

It is a decorative fireplace suitable for installing on the terrace or in the garden, since it is prepared for outdoors, for this reason, it is very useful in winter and autumn. In addition, it has been manufactured with steel resistant to high temperatures, thanks to the thickness of 1.2 mm that favors a long useful life.

It is recommended to create a warm environment, not only for its ability to emit heat, but also because it has FireView, which allows you to appreciate the flames to spend a pleasant time of relaxation or reflection, either alone or in the company of friends.

It weighs only 15.7 kg, making it lighter than other similar models. It also has a compact size, as it measures 36 cm wide, 150 cm high and 36 cm deep. It is worth mentioning that this product includes a charcoal grill and a poker.

This is one of the most elegant fireplaces on the list, however, it is good to take a closer look at the pros and cons of the product before making a purchase.


Practicality: Just add charcoal or firewood and light the fire for a warmer environment.

Design: It has an attractive pyramid-shaped design and measures 36 x 150 x 36 cm.

Accessories: It includes a poker and a charcoal grill, so you don’t have to spend a lot of extra money.


Oven: This fireplace does not have a baking compartment, which can be a disadvantage compared to other products on the list.

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The elegant BRONPI RIOJA wood-burning fireplace has a heat output of 12.5 kW, ideal for heating the room in your home efficiently. It is a fully insertable model, so it is embedded in the wall, looking fabulous and enhancing the level of elegance in your home.

This model includes a convenient clean glass system that helps keep the dome glass cleaner to help provide better visibility into the fireplace interior. In the same way, it integrates a safety system in the fans that guarantee the correct operation of this product.

It has an efficiency of 79% and a solid fuel consumption of 3.8 kg/h. Its heated volume reaches 313 cubic meters. The smoke outlet has a diameter of 15 centimeters and the usable space of the chamber measures approximately 58.5 x 25 x 30.4 centimeters.

If you have a tight budget, before purchasing a new wood-burning fireplace, it is important to compare the prices and functions of all the stoves on the market.


Power : This product has a heating power of up to 12.5 kW, managing to efficiently heat the space in your home where it is installed.

Security : Includes a double security system, which protects the fans and helps keep the glass of the dome clean.

Design : This model has an elegant and modern design, which is embedded in the wall of your home.

Kit : This fabulous fireplace includes a kit with gloves, paint can and fully rotating barbecue grill.


Installation: This fireplace can be inserted into the wall, so you will have to reform the walls so that it fits perfectly on the wall.

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Blumfeldt Flame Locker

This vintage fireplace is recommended for a rustic environment and is prepared to withstand outdoor weather conditions, for this reason, it can be a good idea to decorate a terrace or garden. In addition, it produces a heat around it that allows you to enjoy these spaces in the winter season. 

It has a 1.2 m thick sheet steel structure, which is robust to withstand the flames while correctly emitting heat. It measures 1 m high and has a surface of 66 x 38 cm. In addition, it incorporates 4 legs for greater stability. 

As for its external appearance, it is good to know that the fire is visible to create a more pleasant environment. It has a rust-colored finish that provides an antique style. Also, it brings a drawer to collect the ashes and a grate for the wood.

When purchasing a fireplace it is important to take into account its functionality, but also its aesthetics, since some are decorative. This is the case of the Blumfeldt Flame Locker.


Security: It has two front doors that protect people from sparks for greater security.

Cleanliness: The wood grate and the ash drawer allow you to keep everything clean.

Style: It has the ability to add a rustic style to any patio or terrace, thanks to its design with an artificial rust finish. 


Use: It is indicated for outdoors, so its use is limited to garden and terrace areas.

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Prity FM

This small wood-burning fireplace can be easily placed anywhere in your home thanks to its compact size of 46 x 49 x 93 centimeters, providing warmth and a quiet atmosphere to any space in your home.

This wood-burning fireplace is designed to heat residential and public environments, being suitable for both indoors and outdoors, using solid fuel to heat the environment. It integrates a cast iron grill, refueling doors, ashtray and draft regulation valve.

It is a model with a contemporary and modern style, which will look great in any part of your home. It integrates a vitroceramic glass window that will allow you to always have good visibility of the interior of the fireplace, so that you can enjoy the light of the fire even more.

Faced with such a difficult decision, it is always advisable to choose the best brand of wood-burning fireplaces, which will help us select the ideal model for us. Each brand has its own positive and negative characteristics, therefore, knowing the benefits that each brand offers will be beneficial for us.


Versatility : This model can be placed both outdoors, on terraces and in gardens, as well as inside your home.

Window : It integrates a large glass-ceramic window that allows complete visibility of the interior of the fireplace.

Cleaning : It has an advanced air cleaning system that keeps the inside of the glass and the dome cleaner for better visibility.

Design : It has a modern and elegant design that will look perfect anywhere in your home, combining very well with the environment.


Risk : It is not recommended to place this fireplace near other furniture or flammable products, as it reaches a high temperature.


If you are looking for the best price-quality wood-burning fireplace, you should definitely keep this model in mind. It is one of the cheapest stoves on the market and is made of thick-walled cast iron, giving the stove durability and high quality. Thanks to its slow combustion system you can use this model at night.

It integrates an air washing and secondary burning system that together help keep the vault clean and optimize its operation. Also, it incorporates a tray for ashes that facilitates the collection and elimination of the residue of the embers. It is possible to use this fireplace with wood and coal.

The vault door is equipped with a glass resistant to high temperatures, thanks to which you will be able to have a clear view of the interior of the fireplace. This model releases almost no smoke, so it will keep your family protected at all times.

Finally, keep in mind that the model you choose must have a heat range large enough to cover the space where you are going to install it. Similarly, it is important that the model has heat-resistant manufacturing materials.


Glass : This fireplace features a high quality German Schott heat resistant glass door oven.

Material : This stove is made of thick cast iron, brazed with copper for high heat resistance and durability.

Versatility : It allows you to use both wood and coal as fuel, so you will never run out of heat.

Combustion : It offers a possibility of slow combustion, ideal for keeping the stove on at night.


Weight : The negative point of this model is the excessive weight it presents, weighing between 54 and 59 kilograms.

The Hacienda Murcia 56061B

Presented in a 100% steel structure, this wood-burning fireplace is robust and has a black paint cover that gives it elegance to fit in with the surrounding decoration with ease, as well as providing greater protection against fire and high temperatures. In addition, its structure is firm, since it has 3 legs that provide stability. Therefore, it is a team that will withstand the heat without any problem.

In addition to this, it has handles so you can move it in a very comfortable way and it also has a removable grill that will allow you to cook various types of food and snacks for your family, friends and guests. 

On the other hand, it has a cylindrical pipe to evacuate the smoke and thus the firewood can be incinerated correctly and in the lower part it has a compartment that collects the ashes and thus you can properly clean the chimney. 

If among the available options you have not yet decided on a particular model, La Hacienda makes its products with good materials, so this model may be of interest to you.


Size: It has compact dimensions that will allow you to place it in any space.

Materials: It is made of 100% steel, which gives it strength and durability.

Versatile: Includes a removable grill where you can cook food.


Smoke: Although it has a pipe for smoke exhaust, its use is special for outdoors.

Safety: Keep in mind that the metal structure can easily heat up and cause burns if gloves are not used for handling.

Blumfeldt Westeros

The Blumfeldt Westeros fireplace is one of the cheapest patio heaters on this list. It has an attractive rustic design ideal for placing in patios, gardens and areas outside your home. It integrates a fire chamber of 45 centimeters in diameter that is completely visible and a space where you can deposit the wood that is not in use.

This resistant wood-burning fireplace is made of 5mm thick sheet steel and has a raised fire chamber, so that it protects the lawn or terrace floor from the heat. It features a black heat-resistant coating that gives it a more rustic look.

This product includes a handy poker with purchase. Its approximate dimensions are 45 centimeters in diameter and 130 centimeters high. It has a weight of 10 kilograms, which gives the model a lot of stability.

If you still don’t know which wood-burning fireplace to buy, follow our tips to make a successful purchase. It is very important that you know where in your house you want to install it, as well as the dimensions you have for it.


Cozy : This wood-burning fireplace has a cozy design ideal for enjoying the fire on a terrace.

Chamber : It has a large fire chamber open to the front and in an elevated position to avoid damaging the lawn.

Roof : Integrates a practical roof that protects the inside of the fireplace from rain or wind.

Deposit : Includes a useful deposit where you can store and protect firewood that is not in use.


Veneer: The veneer of this wood-burning fireplace is very hot, so you must be careful not to touch it.

Kupro 15 kW

On this occasion, Kupro brings us a fireplace made of a black metallic structure that has dimensions of 72 x 53 x 81 centimeters and weighs 85 kilograms, so you can place it in your living room without any problem. What’s more. It has 4 legs that provide stability and a handle so you can open the gate and add firewood. It also includes knobs that open the way for air to enter or excess smoke to escape, as well as a pipe at the top so you can connect it to a ventilation system and prevent your home from being filled with smoke.

On the other hand, the interior of this has ceramic, which will help to concentrate the fire to generate more heat. Its door has glass, which is resistant to high temperatures, being practical for you to see the inside of the equipment and know when to add more firewood.

This wood-burning fireplace has a nominal power of 15 kW, so it is practical for winter seasons, here we present its pros and cons.


Materials: It is made of metal with a ceramic interior, which will help resist and concentrate heat.

Smoke: It has a cylindrical tube for you to install the connection for the smoke exhaust.

Size: Its size is ideal for you to place the fireplace anywhere in your home.


Price: Its price is a bit high compared to other products on the list.

Weight: Due to its high weight, you will not be able to move the fireplace on your own when you decide to change its location.

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