Boiler temperature for heating

Properly configuring the heating system at home, to avoid wasting money and resources is very important; especially when the winter season approaches. However, to determine the optimal level it is necessary to consider certain additional characteristics, such as the environment and the type of installation for heating.


Before inadvertently activating the maximum temperature of the boiler for heating in winter, we invite you to take a break, to obtain information about the recommended levels, depending on the type of heating.

Although it may surprise some, when we talk about the temperature of the heating boiler, a poor configuration can affect the correct operation of the equipment, as well as translate into significant energy consumption.

Therefore, it is advisable to review the advice of experts when adjusting the parameters of the heating system. In this way you can configure it properly, in order to take better advantage of its capacity and save money at home.

What is the ideal temperature at home?

In a few words, it could be summarized that the temperature of the boiler to provide the recommended level of heating is the lowest possible.

Now, if you think about it carefully, this makes a lot of sense. The less power, the fewer resources are required for system operation. Consequently, this will prevent energy expenditure from being greater, so everything translates into considerable savings.

Considering this and also the fact that there are several types of heating, you should not take the configuration of the system lightly, since one or two degrees more on the thermostat, can make the difference between performance that meets expectations. and another that frustrates and bothers.

Optimum temperature at home according to the heating system

Next, we will review the most common types of heating, as well as the recommended operating temperatures, which will allow you to fully enjoy the equipment and extend its useful life at the same time:

  •  Boiler

Boilers determine their ideal heating temperature based on their type. If you have the mixed boiler at home , it is recommended to use it in a range between 40 °C and 50 °C. In case you have one with an accumulator , it is advisable to configure its operation between 55 °C and 60 °C. In addition, the ambient temperature must be considered during the months in which the system is to be activated, although it must also be kept at the lowest possible level.

  •  Radiator

Gas or electric radiators are very easy to install and you will hardly have to do any modifications at home. Regarding its configuration, it is recommended to activate at an average temperature of 60 °C to 70 °C.

  • thermal emitter

A heat emitter can be both large and small, but offers the ability to easily adjust its settings. In addition, with a modern model we can even know what temperature we have in the room and thus configure it based on that. The recommendation focuses on using it at 20 °C during the day and 17 °C at night.

  •  heat pump

It is a practical system to enjoy both heating in winter and cooling at home in summer, thanks to the inverter system. It is recommended to activate it at 22 °C, since, after this level, each degree increased will increase the total consumption of the equipment by 7%.

  •  Radiating floor

This is one of the efficient solutions to enjoy an ideal temperature at home, even if it is cold outside. It is quite discreet and you can use it at a temperature that is in the range of 35 ° C to 45 ° C, since this will be enough to generate a much more pleasant environment.

  • Firewood or Pellets

Boilers that use wood or pellets are very useful to save energy and even reduce the temperature of the boiler, so as not to consume so many resources. You can use them with a setting of approximately 20 ° C, as recommended by experts in the field.

  • Gasoil

When you are facing a diesel heating system, remember that it is advisable to activate it at an average temperature of between 19 °C and 21 °C, since, beyond this, it will generate a considerable waste of resources.

What heating should I use?

To have an ideal room temperature at home, we advise you to carefully select which heating system you are going to install and, for this, it is necessary to take into account several determining aspects.

  1. Space

In order to be able to choose an efficient heating system that is capable of raising the interior temperature of a house, it is necessary to evaluate the space destined for its operation, since each system can offer its own caloric capacity.

  1. Energy efficiency

By selecting the temperature in your heating system, it will have a certain energy efficiency by taking advantage of electrical resources and managing them. If you are looking for equipment with high efficiency, you will not have to force yourself to turn off the heating or leave it at a minimum, considering that the consumption of resources is too much.

  1. Monthly cost

Another important aspect is the consumption in kW of the equipment during the month when using the desired temperature for heating. To calculate it, multiply the system consumption per hour with the cost per kW in your region. This will allow you to use the recommended temperature in the electric water heater, for example, without having to worry about spending too much.

  1. Ventilation

The operation of the boiler, as well as part of the other heating systems, requires access to the outdoors, in order to be installed as it should be, so this is among the important features to consider.

  1. Amount of people

The number of individuals will be influential, in order to choose a system capable of taking advantage of caloric and energy efficiency. This way you can ensure that you enjoy a comfortable temperature at home in winter, activating the digital ideal in your heating system.

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