Bosch DWB077A50 Reviews

Main advantage:

It is one of the most effective and silent models on the market when it comes to extracting fumes from your kitchen. To do this, its brushless EcoSilence motor has a class A energy consumption, as well as a noise level in normal conditions of just 44 decibels.

Main disadvantage:

Since it is a product in chimney format, it cannot be installed where an extendable or built-in hood had been mounted, and the furniture must first be removed.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Renew your kitchen with this extractor hood, which combines an attractive price with smooth operation and remarkable efficiency when it comes to eliminating everything left over in your kitchen.

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Main Features Explained

extraction power

Extracting fumes from your kitchen is easy with the Bosch DWB077A50 extractor hood. Something for which this product offers us a high power and efficiency motor. To do this, the product has the modern EcoSilence motor, with which this extraction is also much quieter than that of previous models, which confirms the various opinions regarding the product.

Within its technical parameters, the product has a nominal extraction power of up to 680 cubic meters per hour, as corresponds to a large model. In addition, the hood also has an automatic retraction system, which is responsible for restoring suction after six minutes of intensive operation. Something that generates greater efficiency during operation.

Regarding noise, the improved technology of this product generates a loudness of just 58 decibels, at the point of maximum intensity, which remains at only 44 in normal use conditions. A motor that also reduces energy consumption compared to the extractor hoods that we have on the market. Something for which this model has a brushless motor, much more efficient and with improved durability, as befits a product that is close to being the best current extractor hood.

hood appearance

Another interesting aspect of this hood is the appearance of the product, when it comes to giving a touch of elegance to your kitchen. This model is in line with other current extractor hoods with a chimney design, offering an external construction made entirely of stainless steel with a polished and bright finish. Something that gives an extra elegance to the hood and also facilitates the subsequent cleaning process.

Regarding its measurements, the product has the usual ones in a product for conventional kitchen. This translates into a width of 70 centimeters and a depth of 50 centimeters, in order to achieve adequate coverage of the cooking area, in a format that includes space for two filters, which we will talk about a little later.

The product is finished off with a short-distance button panel, much cleaner than conventional ones. In addition, this button panel is located on the external front part of the hood and not in the interior area, as happens in other models. This means that grease and grime don’t collect on the button panel like it does on slider models or those that place those buttons on the bottom.

Other aspects of interest

We close our analysis with other important aspects that should be known before buying a hood. One of the most outstanding is the lighting system. In this case, the product dispenses with traditional halogen lights to offer us LED lighting, much more intense and with an energy consumption 80% lower than the conventional system.

Also efficient are the product filters. We are talking about filters made of high quality aluminum and with a multilayer approach, so that the capacity to retain grease and dirt is much greater, as is its durability. However, this does not prevent them from being easy to wash, and can even go through the dishwasher, when necessary.

As a last important aspect, the inside of the hood is armored, to achieve better resistance and durability. In this interior we find elements such as a non-return valve, which prevents smoke and dirt from returning to the interior of your kitchen. And do not worry about the installation, since it is very simple, also including all the necessary screws for it. 

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