Brita Marella Reviews

Main advantage:

With this jug you will get a quick and efficient purification of water, since it incorporates a convenient cartridge-type filter inside. Thus, you will only have to pour the water into the container so that the chlorine, lime and metals disappear.

Main disadvantage:

The jug’s holding volume may seem small to some people, so you’ll need to refill it frequently. In any case, the filter only requires a minute to purify the liquid.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a water purifier with a highly ergonomic jug design, which you can take anywhere to enjoy fresh, hardness-free water.

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Main Features Explained

method of use

The models of water purifiers are usually varied as well as their method of use, so it is not surprising that some equipment is easier to handle than others. In this sense, the ideal is to take home a product with intuitive operation, which can be used by any member of the family, such as the present Brita Marella design.

It is a jug with an internal filter, which eliminates the hardness of the water. You just have to insert the cartridge into the container and proceed to fill it. In this way, you will enjoy fresh water, free of metals, lime and chlorine. In addition, you will have three filters, whose duration is approximately one month each, so you will have to change them when filtering approximately 100 liters of water.


This is a competitively priced water purifier that, according to the opinions of the followers of the brand, offers a sustainable design that respects the environment, since it can be used over and over again without discarding it, just like bottles. of store-bought water.

The jug has a holding volume for 2.4 liters of water, but the filtering capacity of the cartridge is 1.4 liters, so you must be careful when filling it. 

In addition, it highlights an ergonomic grip handle to easily manipulate the structure and a lid with a folding mechanism, designed to improve the process of placing and removing the filter. Likewise, a light indicator is incorporated, which warns about the change of the purification system.


The cleaning method of this water purifier cannot go unnoticed, since it is a task to be carried out periodically, to maintain the hygiene of the water contained in the jug. Remember that the filter is responsible for trapping the chlorine, lime and metals contained in the vital liquid, but mold or bacteria can accumulate in the jug due to poor cleaning.

In this sense, Brita Marella is considered one of the best water purifiers, since its synthetic composition jug is suitable for being put in the dishwasher and, therefore, provides significant time savings, as it does not have to be cleaned manually. For its part, the built-in lid requires manual washing, because it has been provided with a light alert system, which could easily deteriorate.

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