Broom vacuum cleaner The definitive solution to your cleaning problems

Stick vacuums are becoming more common in homes around the world. However, many of us wonder if it is really worth buying one, especially when we already have a vacuum cleaner at home that still works. In this sense, it is good to specify what are the advantages of this machine compared to other forms of cleaning.

Keeping the home environment free of harmful agents is the main reason why we spend a good part of our time cleaning, since the accumulated dirt can cause multiple diseases to family members. This is why we look for the best way to clean, through the use of chemical substances, utensils and electrical devices, such as the vacuum cleaner.

Although we still have traditional brooms for manual use at home, they are less and less used, since today we know that when sweeping we raise a lot of dust that can affect the respiratory tract. Just as brooms were somewhat replaced by electric vacuum cleaners, some of the latter are also falling behind due to the appearance of new devices that are more compact and easier to use. This is where the modern broom vacuum cleaner comes in to solve a large number of common cleaning problems.

The practicality of the broom vacuum cleaner

If we must highlight a feature of this appliance, it is practicality. To begin with, it is a very light device compared to conventional vacuum cleaners. Usually the weight is about 2 kg, but this depends on the size and possibilities of each model, as there are some products that weigh around 5 kg. However, this weight is still well below the 15 or 20 kg that the old canister vacuum cleaners could weigh.

Also, broom vacuum cleaners are generally compact devices, so they do not take up too much space. Most are about 120 cm long, so you don’t have to adopt awkward postures when vacuuming floors, but there are models that you can easily turn into handheld vacuums, since they have a detachable handle. In this way, the size can vary greatly depending on the length of the accessory you decide to use. 

Some of the best stick vacuums of 2022 work wirelessly, which means you can move freely around the house without having to deal with a short and cumbersome cord, plus it makes storage easy. However, the new models that are used connected to electricity come with a long cable to facilitate movement. 

The broom vacuum cleaner: A versatile device

Unlike other suction devices, the broom vacuum cleaner offers greater versatility, since it is not only used to clean floors, but it can also be used to eliminate mites from different woven elements, such as carpets, curtains, cushions, furniture, etc. even mattresses and pillows, this means that it collaborates in the prevention of respiratory diseases caused by these microscopic insects. In this sense, you must use the specific accessory for this type of cleaning, which is usually a nozzle with a brush.

In addition, this appliance can work as a vertical vacuum cleaner, therefore, it is possible to clean the ceilings and walls inside the house, which is an often forgotten area where dust accumulates and then falls on the surfaces. Some models include a telescopic tube as an accessory to carry out this type of work.

Another option that can be difficult with traditional vacuum cleaners is cleaning the kitchen, but in this case beyond the floor, since in this part of the house the dirt is usually hidden in the drawers where we store food such as sugar, flour, herbs, among other products that sometimes do not come properly packaged, leaving crumbs everywhere. However, the good news is that broom vacuum cleaners usually have a special accessory to clean these hard-to-reach areas. Remember that if there are no food scraps, insects stay away from your kitchen.

Something similar happens in the closet and other drawers where we store clothes. You can use this machine in its handheld vacuum mode to access the most difficult corners and in this way keep dirt at bay, while allowing the correct conservation of clothing.

But that’s not all, the most modern models allow you to clean the surfaces inside the car, such as carpets and seats, so you don’t have to spend on a technical service. This is particularly practical in the case of cordless broom vacuum cleaners, so you only need to place the most suitable nozzle according to need.

Maximum performance with minimum maintenance

In its beginnings, broom vacuum cleaners had 2 points against them; power and autonomy. Due to the compact size of the motor and the limited capacity of the battery, these devices were a bit weak compared to classic vacuum cleaners. However, technological progress has now allowed manufacturers to design and manufacture very powerful devices without the need for the old large and heavy engines. 

Current broom vacuum cleaners have a high absorption capacity, especially those that work with cable, because they offer great power. However, some cordless models incorporate high-capacity lithium batteries, which allow practically the same suction power and an autonomy of approximately 1 hour of continuous use, which is more than enough to carry out daily cleaning in certain areas of the house.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that these cleaning devices do not need complex maintenance. They include a dust container that is easy to empty and usually have plastic, foam or metal filters that you can easily wash under the tap.

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