Liquid Caramel Recipe

Perfect Liquid Caramel – Homemade Recipe Preparation time20 minCooking time15 min


  • White sugar (150g)
  • Water (1 glass)
  • Lemon (1)


Other ingredients:

  • Brown sugar (100 grams)
  • Water (1/2 glass)

Liquid caramel is not something that is prepared to be eaten individually, as it is a really sweet preparation that will probably make anyone sick in no time. However, it is a necessary companion for a large number of desserts.

It is possible to buy caramel syrups to use as a complement, however, nothing is better than tasting a homemade caramel in a sweet preparation. Therefore, if you want to know how to make caramel for flan and other desserts, you just have to follow the following steps.

This recipe has been designed to be used in approximately 18 flans, making it a suitable preparation for various foods.

1)   Turn on your induction hob or gas cooker and set a low temperature to get started. There you will place a casserole and, depending on your tastes, you must add 150 grams of white sugar or 100 grams of brown sugar to start heating.

2)   As a second step, pour the water into the pot. 1 glass if the sugar is white, and ½ if it is brown sugar.

3) Continue incorporating the lemon juice and start stirring to make the sugar dissolve. Don’t stir too hard, but don’t stop until you see the caramel begin to boil. Continue until the sugar has completely dissolved.

4) As soon as you notice that the sugar has already dissolved, then stop stirring. Now, very carefully, you must start moving the pan. This will prevent the mixture from crystallizing.

5) Do not be scared when the preparation goes dark, because this is something that must happen. Therefore, keep moving the pan until it already acquires the dark color that characterizes caramel. This is the indicator that it is ready.

6) Before it cools down, transfer the caramel to suitable molds for preparation. Do this very carefully. When finished, reserve.

Variant with fewer ingredients:

If you don’t have lemon and don’t want to add water to make the caramel much thicker, you can do that too, just the preparation will change slightly.

In this case, the sugar should be added to a saucepan to heat it in a bain-marie, because, in this way, you will prevent the preparation from burning and you will make the sugar dissolve in less time.

It is advisable to stir a little gently and, as soon as you notice that the caramel begins to darken, you should remove the pan so that the preparation does not change its flavor or end up burning.

 Regardless of the type of preparation you choose, the result will be the same: a delicious companion to enhance the flavor of desserts. Fortunately, preparing caramel is nothing to write home about, as it is a quick recipe with few ingredients.

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