CATA GT Plus 45 X Reviews

Main advantage:

This model has a mixed design, which does not correspond entirely to the built-in ones, but neither does it correspond to conventional fireplace models. Therefore, it is suitable for places where the space is not particularly large.

Main disadvantage:

The halogen lights that illuminate the cooking area are located at the front of the hob and not at the back, as is usual. Something that supposes a certain problem to see well what it is that we are cooking, especially at the bottom of the plate.

Verdict: 9.5/10

A compact extractor hood, from a recognized manufacturer on the market, with an attractive price and ample power when it comes to eliminating all kinds of annoying fumes.

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Main Features Explained

extraction capacity

When it comes to finding your choice among the best extractor hoods that we have within our reach, it is necessary to find a product that offers us enough power to pass the amount of smoke that our kitchen generates. In the case of this Cata model, despite being a theoretically compact model, the truth is that this capacity is very similar to that of other more expensive products, according to various opinions on the matter.

If we go to the data, we will see how this model offers us an engine with an output capacity of up to 600 cubic meters of air per hour. Sufficient capacity to extract all the smoke and fat in kitchens of up to approximately 15 to 20 square meters.

This extraction power is adjustable in up to three different levels, depending on what you need at all times. A process in which the maximum energy consumption is 200 watts/hour, so it is not a particularly greedy product when it comes to electricity. And if you’re worried about noise, the claimed loudness level is 65 decibels, in line with other range hoods we’ve reviewed.

Measurements and dimensions

Another aspect that draws the attention of this product is its measurements and its approach. As we have already mentioned, it is a mixed model, which is neither as flat as the built-in models nor as long as the chimney models. Something interesting to give an extra image to a small kitchen.

Regarding the measurements, the cooking area is covered with a suction surface of 49.2 centimeters wide by 25.3 deep. Some measures somewhat smaller than the usual 60 centimeters wide, which is very interesting for those smaller kitchens, that we do not want to overwhelm with a product of conventional measures.

Regarding the height, it is 28 centimeters in total, with a tube outlet of 15 centimeters in diameter. An also interesting aspect that makes it easier to find the tubes with which to connect the smoke outlet efficiently and connect the entire product without many complications.

Other interesting items

To complete our analysis of what this extractor hood makes available to you, it is time to see some more details about it. One of them has to do with the included filters. In order to make everything easier, these filters are metallic and permanent, being very easy to clean and to assemble. Ideal therefore to put them in the dishwasher and forget about grease and dirt.

We also have an interior lighting system that, unlike the usual models, is not located at the bottom of the hood but at the front. However, although this may cause some inconvenience, since the hood is narrower than usual, about 50 centimeters, it is easier to have adequate lighting when cooking.

Right between the two lights is the button panel, whose position allows us to have the buttons in sight and within easy reach, when necessary. This keypad has separate buttons for each of the power levels of the product and for turning on the lights, thus simplifying the control of the product as necessary depending on what you need at any given time.

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