Cecotec Conga 3490 Elite – Traveler Reviews

Main advantage:

It is an ideal model to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of your home, since the product is not only capable of cleaning the floor and removing dust, but also scrubs and mops, in a single pass. 

Main disadvantage:

It is important that the charging base is installed on flat ground and that it makes proper contact, so that the product works correctly.

Verdict: 9.6/10

A model designed for both sweeping and scrubbing your floors autonomously and without you having to worry about more than the basic maintenance of the robot.

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Main Features Explained

4-in-1 technology

For the floor to be in good condition, it is key to have adequate functions for this purpose. To achieve this, the Cecotec Conga 3490 Elite vacuum cleaner has everything you need to make your home impeccable, with little effort on your part and without spending too much time on the cleaning process. Something expected considering its price and characteristics.

To achieve this, this vacuum cleaner offers you a comprehensive 4-in-1 cleaning system. Among these four functions we have the traditional sweeping, along with the aspiration, which we usually find in this type of device. A basic functionality that sets the stage for the other two features we have left.

Following the line of high-end Cecotec vacuum cleaners, this model is also capable of scrubbing the floor or mopping, with the same efficiency that it sweeps the floors of your home. Some tasks that it performs simultaneously with conventional sweeping. Therefore, the cleaning process does not need more time to leave the floor swept and mopped than it would take a conventional robot vacuum cleaner to clean the dust.

control options

Maintaining control of the cleaning process of the floors of your home is basic in robot models. For this reason, as a candidate to be the best Cecotec vacuum cleaner that we can find, this model has a wide range of elements that facilitate said control and allow you to adjust its performance to what you need. A task for which you also have all the necessary information on how the cleaning is carried out, so that you can control it without problems.

The key to this process is called the Room Plan. This application allows you to establish personalized cleaning plans both by hours and by rooms. The app shows you the plan of the house, drawn by the vacuum cleaner, and allows you to choose when and how you want the cleaning to be carried out. In this plane you can also establish prohibited zones, in which you do not want the vacuum cleaner to access.

To complete this control system, this device is compatible with the new voice assistants, such as Alexa or Google Assistant. The ideal complement so that, with your own voice, you can order the vacuum cleaner to carry out the cleaning tasks you need. A complete functionality that generates very good opinions among users.

Cleaning elements

So far we have known both the device’s own functions and the equipment’s control system. But the truth is that, for cleaning to be efficient and leave your home spotless, it is necessary to add some more elements. Among these extras, we have a high-quality product guidance and orientation system, along with a series of cleaning elements, capable of fighting against the most stubborn dirt.

One of them is the Besfriend Care system. This has two interchangeable brushes and designed to remove all kinds of dirt residues generated by your pets. These brushes are made of rubber and are capable of removing the remains of hair from your animals, as well as any other residue efficiently.

The brush is combined with a high-power suction system, which reaches 2,300 Pa. Enough so that the vacuum cleaner is capable of absorbing all kinds of debris from your floors, regardless of their size. In addition, the equipment includes a turbo mode, designed to clean carpets and rugs. This mode is activated automatically when it detects these types of materials on the floor, to achieve even more efficiency in the cleaning process of soft floors.

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