Chicco Humi Fresh Reviews

Main advantage:

The affordable cost of this model will allow it to fit the budget of various users and its quiet use makes it very comfortable. On the other hand, it is a device that, due to its appearance, can be considered decorative and complements your baby’s room.

Main disadvantage:

The humidifier’s water tank is not the largest capacity on the market, so it will only provide you with a consecutive use of around 8 hours, being less than other models. However, it will not cost you too much effort to fill it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This device stands out for the ease of use it offers, its attractive appearance and low energy consumption, qualities that place it among the best alternatives.

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Main Features Explained


Maintaining a good level of humidity in your little one’s room helps keep the mucous membranes of their respiratory tract in good condition, in order to avoid discomfort from inflammation and difficulty when inhaling naturally. This is particularly important when the weather is very dry, so it is convenient to analyze what options exist to solve this problem, specifically in the seasons of the year when humidity levels inevitably drop considerably.

Chicco’s model, in this sense, is proposed as an effective alternative at a reasonable price to provide your little one with a pleasant environment, through a device that will not consume too much energy, but will be able to improve the ambient relative humidity by incorporating up to 2 L of water in a period of approximately 8 hours. In fact, it is considered that it may be enough for rooms of around 30 m2, which is considered a standard size.

In addition, you do not have to worry about the temperature of the place increasing even more when using it during hot times of the year, and its operation based on ultrasound technology makes it a silent device, so it will not interfere with the rest of your small.

Another important point to check in a humidifier is that it has a protection system in the absence of water. In this sense, the model, in addition to emitting audible signals, which will remind you that you need to fill the tank, also has an automatic shutdown, in the event that the water runs out. In this way, it is prevented from being damaged by improper use.


The design and appearance of the devices, as well as the objects that we incorporate into the rooms of the little ones in the house are very important, since we try to combine them with the environment, helping to create a cozy and clean environment. To meet this need, the design of this humidifier simulates a sphere in which we can see a decorative detail of clouds with a white base. This has made many users rate it positively in their opinions, as they consider it a visually very attractive device that projects a feeling of well-being and freshness due to its colors.

To talk a little more about its physical characteristics, we will say that it has a 2L tank, as well as an easy-to-open lid and simple use, which is based on a touch button that will allow you to change the flow of steam intensity to regulate up to 4 levels. Also convenient is the fact that the lid is rotatable and you can control where you want to direct the steam flow.

It is also important to add that it is a model designed to avoid burns, since the entire mechanism that involves increasing the temperature of the water is kept inside, allowing the outside to continue at a tolerable temperature. Thus, you could even change its place without involving a risk.


Water, which is the main element to be used in humidifiers, inevitably contains a certain amount of salts and other dissolved elements. These compounds can, over time, interfere with the optimal functioning of any device of this type, even if it is considered among the best humidifiers. That is why it is important that when looking for purchase options, you review the way to maintain those that have caught your attention, to know if it is a simple process or, on the contrary, if it implies some considerable degree of difficulty. Remember that you will have to carry out this procedure relatively frequently and it is best that it does not take you too long to carry it out.

In the case of this Chicco model, the procedure related to its maintenance can be carried out very simply. This is due to the design of the tank, which has a large screw cap, which allows you to wash the entire interior without restrictions. The rest of the internal parts, on the other hand, are easy to disassemble, which allows you to remove any debris that could be stuck to them, to keep the device working properly, preserving its hygiene and thus extending its useful life.

In addition, it should be mentioned that in the event that you decide to add some type of aroma to the room, with this model it will be possible, since it has an essence container. Thus, the environment can be fresh, pleasant and healthy for your baby and everyone who lives in the room.

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