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Keeping the carpet clean not only preserves the colors and quality of the fibres, thus lengthening its useful life, but also the maintenance of the fabrics is of vital importance to prevent diseases related to mites, viruses and bacteria that accumulate on the ground.

It is true that few of us know about how to clean a carpet correctly. It is a task that generates many doubts and is one of the reasons why some decide not to lay white or other colored rugs, as they need special care. Other people simply prefer not to use any type of carpet in their homes, due to the possible inconveniences that the maintenance of these elements brings. For this reason, we have compiled a list on how to clean carpets, where we present some of the most efficient tricks.

1. Use the vacuum cleaner as a prevention method

Carpet cleaning is an activity that can be very complicated if we allow dirt to accumulate. A piece of advice that many experts agree on is to vacuum the carpet regularly. In this sense, it is good to know that the best Bosch vacuum cleaners of 2022 have special accessories for fabrics and upholstery, which can be of great help when cleaning carpets at home. 

2. Do not use strong detergents

When cleaning carpets it is important to take into account the colors, since, depending on this, we can use one or another cleaning product. As a general rule, experts recommend avoiding the use of common detergents, as they can be harmful to the fibers and may damage the colors of the carpet.

3. Try alcohol vinegar

A good option to renew the tone of a yellow carpet or some other earth color is alcohol vinegar. The procedure consists of heating the substance a little and applying it to the carpet with a cotton cloth, leaving it to act for a few minutes. Afterwards, you can pass a dry cloth to remove the vinegar. 

4. Use coarse salt to whiten the carpet

If you have a white carpet, coarse salt may be of great help to eliminate the yellowish tone that is produced by the passage of time and the accumulation of dirt. You just have to create a paste with salt and a little water to spread it on the fabric. Next, you must let it dry to finally rub with a soft bristle brush and remove the remains with the vacuum cleaner. 

5. Add a little coffee to revive the color

On the contrary, if the carpet is black or a very dark shade, then you can spread fresh coffee grounds on the surface and wait for them to dry so that the fibers absorb the color. Afterwards, you can use a carpet cleaner or vacuum cleaner to remove the residue. It is good to mention the need to completely eliminate coffee, because it is an organic product that can attract insects.

6. Fight bad odors with baking soda

Cleaning carpets with baking soda is a very simple task, you just have to place the powder on the entire surface of the fabric and leave it to act for a few hours, to later remove the residue with the vacuum cleaner. 

7. Vacuum the carpet regularly

A Bosch, Einhell or any recognized brand vacuum cleaner will not be a solution if we let the carpet accumulate too much dirt. In this sense, it is important to take into account the place where the carpet is placed and the traffic of people. If it is a space with a lot of traffic, you have to vacuum every 2 days, but if the traffic is very low, then it will be enough to vacuum once a week. 

8. Never try to pick gum directly from the carpet.

Chewing gum is very sticky, so if you try to remove it directly, you will most likely damage the fibers of the carpet. You can use a piece of ice to harden the gum and gently remove it.

9. Remove ballpoint ink using milk

Children’s pranks often force us to clean the carpet at home. In the case of ballpoint ink, you can use a white cloth moistened with milk to squeeze the stained part of the fabric until the stain subsides.

10. Don’t let the stain dry

If you want to know how to clean very dirty carpets, it is possible that you have allowed dirt to accumulate, in this sense, it is good to mention that experts recommend attacking the problem immediately. The trick is to remove the stain while it’s still fresh, as it will be more difficult to remove if it dries.

11. Repair furniture marks with ice

It is normal for furniture to leave marks on the surface of the carpet, to solve this you just have to apply ice until it melts on the affected parts. Once it dries you will see that the fibers will have lifted.

12. Remove raised corners with a little water

Some rugs lift at the edges and corners over time, but you can fix them by spraying a little water and placing heavy objects on the affected areas until they dry.

13. Avoid using the brush on the fabric

Many vacuum cleaners have special nozzles with brushes, however, some carpets are very delicate, so it is preferable to use the tube of the device without any type of brush.

14. Let the rug air dry

Ventilation is important to prevent the accumulation of moisture and bad odors, especially if you have moistened it to clean it. You can leave it outdoors for a few minutes, until it dries completely.

15. Store the rug correctly

Once you have cleaned it and it is dry, if you are not going to use the carpet, you should roll it up and wrap it in newspaper, in this way, you prevent the accumulation of dust and mold. In addition, it is recommended to store it in an upright position to prevent other people from placing heavy objects on it.

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