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Having a clean mattress is synonymous with a restful night’s sleep, without worrying about mites, bedbugs or any other bacteria. However, although it may seem difficult to clean something this large, it really is as easy as taking the steamer and getting down to business. In no time, the mattress will be ready for another 8 hours of sleep.

In order to have an excellent performance during the day, it is necessary to be able to enjoy a good rest, because, otherwise, we will have low energy levels and we will not be able to be at the maximum of our faculties during the working day.

Getting a good night’s rest depends not only on meeting a minimum of eight hours a day, but also on sleeping on a suitable mattress that provides the comfort you need.

The first thing you have to do to achieve this is to acquire a good quality mattress, as this will keep you in a good position; however, it is also important to keep it in good condition and, for that, it is necessary to give it a cleaning from time to time.

A hot night can cause sweat to stick to the mattress, giving it an unpleasant odor. On the other hand, not changing the sheets frequently and having a dirty mattress can lead to bed mites and other microorganisms that are harmful to health.

How to know if there are mites?

It is almost impossible to check if there are mites in your bed with the naked eye, as they are microscopic organisms that feed on the remains of dead skin that we leave on the mattress. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to change the sheets and clean the mattress.

These are usually noticed if you start to feel itchy on the body, skin rashes and even, in certain cases, if you start to suffer from coughs and allergies.

Fortunately, getting rid of mites is not that difficult. To begin with, it is recommended not to make the bed immediately and allow the room to ventilate properly. After that, steam cleaning can help you kill the mites, and it’s also a good way to clean your mattress completely, all you need is one of the best hand steamers and a little patience.

How to clean a mattress with a steam cleaner?

It is impossible to take a mattress and wash it in the washing machine, no matter how small it is, therefore, it is necessary to figure out how to leave it impeccable and ready for a restful night’s sleep.

A safe way to clean a mattress and leave it pristine is with a home steam cleaning . However, before starting with it, it is preferable to follow a few simple steps that allow the mattress to be disinfected.

Disinfecting it is not completely necessary, but it is recommended, as it provides an extra layer of protection. This is more important if you have a co-sleeping crib, as babies require a very clean space to function.


Before taking your Karcher steamer, or any other brand, go to the kitchen and get some baking soda and an essential oil of your choice, in case you want the mattress to take on a pleasant aroma. The recommended fragrances that manage to aromatize without being too strong are: eucalyptus, lavender or rosemary.

In a small container, pour a cup of baking soda and add four drops of the chosen oil. Make sure both items are mixed properly by shaking the covered container. Proceed to remove the sheets and leave the bed with only the mattress to continue with the next step.

When doing so, take a sieve or strainer and proceed to sift the entire mattress, trying to ensure that there are no spaces without the mixture so that the cleaning is done evenly. However, avoid the amount being excessive to be able to remove the combination more easily.

When you have already covered the mattress with the baking soda, let it rest for about 60 minutes, more or less. This will be enough time for the ingredients to have absorbed moisture and neutralized bad odours.

Over time, use a steam cleaner to remove the mixture from the mattress. Make sure you vacuum through all the folds, to prevent items from getting there. When you’re done, then the steam cleaning can begin.

Using the steamer

As by this time the mattress should already be vacuumed and disinfected, then it is necessary to focus exclusively on the use of the steam cleaner. Steam is an effective way to eliminate mites, as they die at high temperatures, as well as any mold that may remain after disinfection.

Turn on the appliance and pass the nozzle over the entire mattress, making slow and vertical movements, so that the steam can penetrate correctly. Imagine some lines on your mattress and bring order, to avoid leaving empty spaces that need cleaning.

When finished, repeat the same procedure again, but this time, do it only on the edges to correctly remove all the dirt. Remember that, to prevent the mattress from soaking up the dew left by the steam, it is necessary to spend no more than 5 minutes in each area.

When you have done all this, allow the sun to dry any traces of moisture left by the steam and wait a moment.

When dry, proceed to flip the mattress and repeat the cleaning process on that side. Again paying attention to the folds and edges, as dirt usually concentrates there.

When you’re done, allow it to dry really well and preferably let the mattress stay that way. Flipping your mattress on a regular basis can prevent it from warping, giving you more comfort when you sleep. If it is already dry, then it is time to make the bed comfortable with clean sheets that will allow you to sleep peacefully.

As you can see, to clean a mattress you only need a few Polti, Karcher or any other brand steam cleaners, a little patience and some sheets ready to cover the bed when you finish.



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