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Over time, and especially if not regularly maintained, marble flooring can be damaged to the point of losing almost all of its outstanding visual qualities, such as its shine. However, it is possible to restore its original appearance, it just takes patience and a plan of action.

One of the biggest nightmares of people who choose to use marble for the floor of their home is that it loses everything that makes its appearance so striking. However, the deterioration of the floor, regardless of the material, is inevitable, since it is a surface constantly exposed to dirt, weight and other types of things that promote its progressive damage.

If you want your floor to continue to be in good condition, there are several products to clean marble that, together with frequent cleaning, make it possible to extend the life of the surface. However, if you do not perform regular maintenance, then polishing the marble, polishing it and removing stains will be much more difficult, since it would already be talking about a damaged marble floor.

It is better to spend a few minutes each week cleaning the floor thoroughly than to wait until the marble is so deteriorated that you have to spend hours later to save it. Therefore, keep this in mind and take care of the surface.

How to clean damaged marble?

Unlike some types of flooring, marble is a surface that is quite delicate when it comes to contact with liquids. Being porous, the floor usually quickly absorbs any type of substance and, therefore, it is necessary to be careful with the products used when cleaning and the methods to remove stains.

Although there are those who recommend using vinegar to clean old white marble, there are others who prefer not to use it, as it is a product that could cause more damage to the floor by absorbing it. This is the case for all marble floors, including terrazzo. Therefore, it is recommended to simply use a mop with warm water and neutral pH soap to start cleaning the entire surface. 

After this first cleaning it is necessary to start softening the strongest and oldest stains. To get rid of grease, adhesives, wax, and organic residue, mix ammonia and warm water in equal amounts in a bowl. Also, add a little lemon juice to the mixture.

Put this liquid on the stains and let it sit for a few minutes, passing the mop with soap afterwards. This should either remove the stains or weaken them enough to remove with another round of mopping. If you don’t know how to clean white marble, it’s as simple as following the steps previously explained.

However, if you’re still having trouble with the heaviest stains, make a paste of warm water, baking soda, and lemon and let sit for a few hours or even overnight. After the time passes and you remove the mixture, it should be time to polish the terrazzo or marble in question.

How can I clean a terrazzo floor that is dull?

If the terrazzo floor now has a dull appearance, it could also help you to learn how to clean the marble so that it shines, since in both cases the procedure can give a good result. In fact, it is possible to recover the original tone if the surface is properly maintained. To start you need to have a rotary machine and, in addition, acquire a stripper, a crystallizer, a wax and a number 2 steel wool.

The first step is to add the stripper, which will prepare the surface for the polishing process. Turn on the machine and start rubbing the marble on the lowest speed of the appliance.

To continue, add the crystallizer, which is a product that brings benefits such as polishing the marble and giving it a layer of protection. This should be spread with the same machine, without changing the initial speed.

Finally, it is worth adding the wax, as this element will be responsible for lengthening the time of the crystallizer, ensuring a more extensive shine to the floor. Use a soft mop or broom for this, as this will seal the crystallizer.

If you are wondering how to polish a marble floor without a machine, you will be glad to know that it is not that difficult. In fact, you don’t need anything more than the previously mentioned things and some safety gloves. The only difference in the process is that you will have to carry out the movement of the machine by hand, however, doing this polishing manually on damaged floors is only possible if the deterioration has occurred in a small area.

How to polish damaged marble?

If the floor is badly damaged, with scratches or other blemishes, or if the stains are impossible to remove by cleaning or polishing, then it is necessary to polish the marble floor. For this you must have a special machine that does this job.

Marble polishing is a process that consists of sanding this surface until the section that is damaged is removed. The floor is lowered a few millimeters and, when finished, the remaining layer will be smooth and without any deformation.

This procedure is only necessary when the floor is badly damaged, and it is not recommended to subject the surface to this if it is not required. Then you can polish it to give it a better look.

If you don’t know exactly how to polish terrazzo flooring, then it is possible to ask for help from professionals to achieve an excellent result.

regular maintenance

After restoring the appearance of a previously damaged marble floor, you can then return to a regular maintenance schedule so that it does not deteriorate again. Having a steam cleaner (here you can find some options to choose from) and steam cleaning is a good way to take care of the floor, without chemicals or other additional tools.

This device is also ideal for softening small stains caused by the passage of time, such as those left by the legs of a furniture or a suitcase-type multipurpose resin folding table. Finally, the steam cleaner can help you whiten the joints of the tiles and give it that final touch that your floor needs to look spectacular.

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