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Marble is a beautiful material that goes with any home, no matter the room, which is why it is widely used. However, to enjoy its beauty, you need to always keep it in good condition. Knowing how to clean it is the first step and, best of all, it is not as difficult as it seems.

For many years, marble was a reference material in the world of art. Its brilliance, resistance, beauty and elegance earned it such prestige that even Michelangelo made sure to use it in many of his works.

Nowadays, it is still used for art, however, this time its fame lies in its versatility for interior design. Marble countertops, walls and floors are the ones that frequently decorate the spaces; and it is because this rock easily adapts to any place and takes over the space, capturing everyone’s attention. However, unlike the works that remain protected, its use in the home makes it susceptible to getting dirty easily and, for this reason, knowing how to clean marble is imperative to maintain the beauty of each space.

How to clean white marble?

It is rare to find a marble floor of this type; however, this is often preferred for use on kitchen countertops. Due to the nature of this space, this material is often filled with grease, goop, and other types of stains.

To effectively remove dirt, it is recommended to clean the marble with ammonia or any other non-abrasive element that has bleach. Remember that you should not rub hard, to avoid adhering the stain.

Other types of stains can be removed with lemon, warm water, vinegar and a cloth. By adding a little baking soda to this mixture, you may even be able to easily polish the marble.

How to clean travertine marble?

If you need to polish a marble bathroom floor, it is probably a travertine marble surface, as this is the rock most commonly used on floors. There is not just one texture for marble floors, as the models are really varied to suit your home and your tastes; however, the cleaning is practically the same.

If the dirt is very attached to the surface, you may need to buy some products to clean marble; however, this is not entirely necessary when it comes to waste that can be left there by the daily use of the space.

In case you use this material in your bathroom, you are probably wondering how to remove stains from marble, due to the accumulation of lime, soap and mold due to constant humidity. Luckily, the solution to this is quite simple and will take a short time.

Moisten a brush with soft bristles in warm water and, with a little neutral soap, begin to rub the marble to remove dirt and stains. Remember to do this gently to avoid damaging the surface.

When you finish cleaning, wipe the marble with a damp cloth and, after that, allow the room to ventilate properly to avoid excess water.

How to clean a damaged marble floor?

Floors damaged by time, as long as they are not cracked or extremely worn, can be saved by deep cleaning. In fact, you will be able to accomplish several things during the process, such as polishing the marble and bringing it back to its original appearance. However, for this you need to have a set of special sandpapers.

Marble sandpaper or polishing discs come in different levels and to begin with, you will need to choose the softest one in order to prepare the floor. After using a little warm water on the affected area, begin to rub firmly but gently. When finished, you should clean and repeat the process with another sandpaper, until you see that the stain is gone.

After this process, you may need to polish the marble to give it a brighter, cleaner look.

How to polish marble?

If your surfaces have lost prominence due to lack of shine, you may be wondering how to polish a marble floor without a machine , since getting a special device for this purpose is an investment that can be expensive. Fortunately, if you really want to give your marble floor a shine, it will only require natural ingredients and some patience.

Make sure the marble is clean to avoid bumping into dust or any other debris. It is advisable to use an electric broom (in this link you will find several products to choose from) for this. Then, proceed to mix three tablespoons of baking soda in ¼ of water, also adding a little lemon juice.

Dampen a soft cloth in this mixture and begin rubbing the entire marble surface, making sure the space is completely covered. Let the mixture act for a couple of hours and rinse with a cloth with warm water, to finally let it dry. The process will end when you use a polish, either liquid wax or spray, to prevent the marble from losing its shine.

With this you already know how to clean the marble so that it shines; thus the surfaces of your home will remain as new at all times.

How to polish marble?

It is possible to confuse the polishing of marble with its polishing, however, these are two different actions.

If you are looking to polish a terrazzo floor, for example, the goal is not simply to make it shine, but to smooth it out to make it smoother and more striking looking. Polishing the marble may only need a cloth and a couple of natural elements if it is a small surface, but if you want to do it all over your floor, it is necessary to use a polisher and, if possible, give it to a professional to do it.

There are specific treatments for these processes and also special polishing discs to facilitate them, such as diamond-coated ones. If you want to achieve an incredible result, then buy those products that are best suited to your floor.

You already know how to clean marble, repair it, polish it and shine it; now you just need to fit these activities into your routine and enjoy a home like new. 

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