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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home and, in addition to the kitchen, it is the space that should be kept clean to avoid any type of disease and infection. Therefore, it is convenient to know the most effective methods for regular maintenance at home.


Sometimes, no matter how much it is cleaned, the bathroom always accumulates dirt and clutter. This can be due to various reasons; although one of the most common is not taking the time to clean thoroughly, causing dirt to show up quickly.

How does dirt form on bathroom tiles?

In a bathroom that is not washed regularly, but is used frequently, it is common to find that the joints of the tiles turn black. These can cause a bad odor in the room and even be a health hazard if not treated immediately.

This accumulation of dirt on bathroom tiles can be made up of many things; from algae and mold to dead skin, dirt, soap scum, etc. The combination and subsequent deterioration of these elements can cause damage to the tiles and become so embedded that removing them completely can be a really difficult task.


Methods for cleaning bathroom tiles

Considering that the bathroom is the place where you carry out your personal care sessions and satisfy your daily physiological needs, it is essential that this space is kept clean, especially if it is shared with other people.

In case you have decided to give your bathroom tiles a good wash , we advise you to have on hand a pair of gloves, a mask, safety glasses and old clothes, or even a protective suit to avoid the effects of some products can affect you when you apply them.

Next, here are the methods and products that you can use to clean tile grout in the shower, on the floor or on the walls of your bathroom:

  1. multipurpose products

To clean tiles, multipurpose products are the most recommended, since they can even be used in steam cleaners to apply various treatments to the material. This will help remove the accumulated dirt, at the same time that it softens the one that is more embedded. Similarly, these products will be useful for cleaning bathroom tiles after work.

  1. Sodium bicarbonate

If you are wondering how to clean tile joints, baking soda is a very good alternative, since its consistency allows it to penetrate between the joint pores to offer a thorough treatment.

This compound is a powerful cleaner and disinfectant , as well as being able to remove grease. Likewise, its powder presentation helps it to penetrate surfaces. Due to this, cleaning tiles with baking soda is considered a simple, effective and, most importantly, economical method, so that you can always have your shower or bathtub clean and free of germs.


  1. Vinegar

Cleaning tiles with vinegar could be among the basic methods to try when you want to thoroughly sanitize the bathroom. This element contains a high level of acidity with which it can remove limescale, bad odors, stains, etc.

To use it on your tiles, you can mix it with a little baking soda to make a paste that, in addition to cleaning, is also a sterilizer, thus leaving a clean and stain-free surface. Besides, it should be noted that it can be a very effective mixture against dirt in the joints.


  1. Lemon

The benefits of lemon for cleaning the bathroom can go hand in hand with the combination of water and vinegar, thus generating a powerful disinfectant that will also be able to remove grease and stains.

  1. Alcohol

Another alternative that is practical if you want to eliminate germs from tiles in bathrooms is using alcohol. It can be in different concentrations and you will only need a bottle with a spray cap.

When you have the bottle, fill it with alcohol and spray all the surfaces of the bathroom, especially the tiles and allow them to dry naturally, so that the alcohol can evaporate on its own and its effects are not altered by the combination or dilution with other elements such as water, for example.


  1. Apple vinager

To remove embedded limescale, we’ve already mentioned that vinegar is pretty good, and that includes apple cider vinegar as well. Some brands offer different concentrations of acidity levels, allowing you to mix it with water or even use it directly on surfaces to remove all kinds of dirt, stains, mold, among others.

  1. Borax

If you need to learn how to clean matte tiles or white tiles, borax may be the solution. This product is especially whitening and has an effect similar to that of baking soda, so it is very effective on light-colored surfaces and for removing both grease and dirt.

To use it, we advise you to follow the instructions of its manufacturer and avoid mixing products that you do not know, since toxic gases could be produced that affect your health.


  1. Bleach

In case you want to clean the tile joints blackened by the presence of mold, bleach is considered an affordable and easy-to-use product that, in addition, has a high disinfectant power to kill the spores and prevent them from reproducing too much again. Quick.

The same applies if you need to remove mold from porous surfaces, since the bleach exists in a liquid state, allowing it to penetrate between the joints and the concrete or adhesive, to ensure a deeper and more effective treatment.



At the end of this review we can realize the wide variety of options that exist to clean the tiles.

Likewise, it can be seen that it does not take a lot of money to have it impeccable, since with a microfiber cloth and a small brush at hand, you can apply practically any of the methods that we have mentioned in this list. Now, get to work and leave your bathroom spotless so you can use it with confidence whenever you want.

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