Comfee MDDF-20DEN3 Reviews

Main advantage: 

The Comfee MDDF-20DEN3 dehumidifier has been developed by its manufacturer to work efficiently, absorbing a maximum of 20 liters of moisture in just 24 hours. 

Main disadvantage: 

Although it has a performance suitable for improving the air in rooms of up to 100 cubic meters, the model is a bit noisy in some modes, and it becomes annoying. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

Comfee’s MDDF-20DEN3 has low energy consumption, with a high level of absorption, and is suitable for dehumidifying rooms up to 100 m 3, through functions such as turbo, automatic or continuous. Hence, it is recognized as one of the best dehumidifiers of 2022.

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Main Features Explained


An important feature in the structure of dehumidifiers is the design, as this will give the user the possibility of locating it in different spaces of the home, in harmony with the rest of the decoration. Aware of this need, the manufacturer Comfee created the MDDF-20DEN3 model with a standard size and practical design, which is used to reduce humidity in places with mold problems, where it is required to improve the air condition. 

In addition, the body of this dehumidifier is light: its weight does not exceed 14 kilos, so its portability is assured because it can be carried strategically from one place to another, depending on the needs. Similarly, the opinions of the users agree that it is easy to transport, thanks to the fact that the manufacturer has equipped the MDDF-20DEN3 model with a pair of swivel wheels. For greater comfort, the structure has a handle on the side, which allows you to hold the dehumidifier and pull it.

On the other hand, its aesthetic design is delicate and elegant, and its size is compact. It is available in white and incorporates black details, such as the top cover and the wheels. In the structure of the MDDF-20DEN3, the brand name can be clearly seen on the main white surface and the water indicator. On the back of the dehumidifier is the power cable that is used to connect it to the wall socket. On the other hand, the structure of the equipment includes a support to collect and store the cable when it is not in use, or to reduce its length and prevent it from being loose. 

Power and range

The Comfee MDDF-20DEN3 dehumidifier stands out for having an affordable price, which corresponds to the power and capacity of the equipment to improve the environment through humidity control in the spaces where it is placed. The alternative enjoys a good reputation because its capacity to absorb humidity and purify the air, to make it healthier, is high, with consistent performance and low energy incidence.

According to the manufacturer’s estimates, this model is capable of absorbing up to 20 liters of moisture per day, in rooms with sizes of 100 cubic meters, so its scope is considerable and the equipment is suitable for placing in places with serious problems. moisture. 

The product has optimized performance as it is equipped with 370W airflow power. Meanwhile, its energy consumption is medium and will depend on the function in which it is programmed. For example, in the case of normal mode, it can consume about 250 kilowatts, while in turbo mode, consumption rises to over 400 kilowatts. These quantities can be controlled through efficient use and intelligent use of the modalities offered by the Comfee MDDF-20DEN3.

In addition, it has a water tank with a capacity of 3 liters, so it is necessary to empty the tank so that the dehumidifier continues to absorb humidity in the environment. Due to the capacity of the tank, it may need to be emptied a couple of times a day, which can be a bit of a hassle. For these cases, you can opt for the continuous operation system, by means of a direct connection of the hose to the drain located at the back of the device.

Features and add-ons

The Comfee MDDF-20DEN3 model is considered by many users to be the best dehumidifier of the moment. It has earned this title thanks to the fact that its developers have paid special attention to the incorporation of functions that improve the user experience, facilitate its operation and enhance its general performance in absorbing moisture, to make rooms more pleasant, healthy and mold free. 

For this purpose, Comfee has a humidity sensor that improves the environment for constant humidity. Similarly, it includes several operating modes that can be selected through the control panel located on the top of the equipment, one of which is “Turbo”, for greater absorption action.

Meanwhile, in order to keep track of the selected mode, as well as the activated functions, it has a small LED screen and indicator lights. Also, through the functions inhabited in the Comfee MDDF-20DEN3, continuous or automatic mode and automatic restart can be accessed, keeping the previous settings established. 

For better supervision, the dehumidifier is equipped with a 24-hour timer, to program both the start and the shutdown, as well as a full tank signal, which notifies the user when it is time to empty the tank.

In case of forgetting when removing the tank to empty the water, there are no problems of possible overflows, since the alternative includes a safety function. When reaching the maximum capacity of the water tank, the equipment turns off automatically. 

Among its additions, this dehumidifier includes a dust filter, which is removable and washable, which guarantees hygienic operation, and unlike other models, you do not have to invest in disposable filters: you just have to remove and wash them to continue using them as if it were the first time. 

Another of its advanced functions is frost protection, which prevents the formation of ice crystals when it goes into “defrost” mode, thus avoiding damage to the structure and mechanism due to low temperatures. 

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