Dagger N2 Opinions

Main advantage:

In addition to having good heating power, this product also offers you an improved control system, with 4 different levels to choose the temperature and an adjustable timer, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the pad on.

Main disadvantage:

As with other similar products, some reviews indicate that the heating level of the product is not as high as it should be, especially considering its 110 watts of power.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A classic product in many homes that in this model improves both the control options and the safety of the product, thus avoiding burns and other risks.

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Main Features Explained

operating power

When it comes to these types of pads, it is common for products to barely reach 100 watts of power. An aspect in which this model stands out, since it increases that power to 110 watts. Sufficient therefore to generate a more pleasant and somewhat more efficient heat than other products on the market. However, the security of the system is still guaranteed, as we will see later.

This heat has two main uses, which are to be able to apply local heat to sore muscles, as well as when fighting cold and humidity. In both uses, the product offers us everything necessary for this application to be effective and personalized to what you need at all times, with a pleasant temperature and a homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the entire pad.

In this heating process there is no lack of safety measures either, with which to eliminate both the risk of fire and that of possible burns. Something for which we have functions such as automatic shutdown or the quality of its construction. Although we will talk about this in the rest of our analysis.

Control system

One of the strengths of this product, worthy of being the best heating pad on the market, is its control system. A system that, generally, does not usually go beyond a mere temperature selector that is difficult to use. But the truth is that this model updates it and brings it to the new times.

On the one hand, we have the option to choose that operating temperature, as is evident. An adjustment for which we have up to four different options, compared to the three that most of the electric pads on the market usually include. This power is selected by a simple push button, so you don’t have to keep your fingers pushing sliders or the like.

This same control also serves for its main improvement, which is the possibility of choosing how long we want the product to work. An option for which you have three different timer selections, ranging from 45 to 90 minutes of activation along with a free use option, which keeps the pad running until it is turned off, which occurs after 8 hours of continuous use. However, for safety reasons, after 90 minutes the operating temperature of the product is reduced.

comfort of use

As a last aspect of interest, we take a look at everything that the pad offers us in terms of comfort. We have already commented on one of those points, which is the ease of use of the controller, with buttons instead of the usual sliders.

The product is also comfortable due to its size, located in the general line of other similar pads. This specific model has measurements of 46 centimeters wide by 34 long and an estimated weight of about 680 grams, perhaps slightly heavier than a similar model. Anyway, if you want other sizes, you have from 38 centimeters wide by 27 long for the smallest to 70 centimeters wide by 46 long for the largest model.

As for its touch, the product has a padded textile finish, which protects the resistance and is responsible for giving you that safety of use that prevents burns. On this padding we have a cover of textile material, made with hypoallergenic fabric and that is very pleasant to the touch. Almost as much as its ease of cleaning, since once removed from the body of the pad we only have to put it through the washing machine so that it looks like new.

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