DeLonghi Dragon TRD04-1025 Reviews

Main advantage:

Something to highlight about this oil radiator is its portable design, since it is a model with a light weight, a carrying handle and it also has 4 folding wheels that improve the user experience.

Main disadvantage:

A user manual that provides information about the operation of the equipment is missing, since the device comes without instructions for use and for many it has been complicated to use.


Verdict: 9.9/10

The opinions of satisfied buyers position this model as one of the best of the moment, given its high quality and the comfort it provides to environments.

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Main Features Explained

Comfort and practicality

The winter season with its negative temperatures forces us to look for options to air-condition home environments and oil radiators have become a functional and economical alternative for everyone. These are heating equipment that do not require prior installation, nor do they require construction work for their assembly; so they turn out to be practical and very useful devices in homes when it comes to offering comfort.

The DeLonghi Dragon TRD04-1025 oil radiator is an electrical equipment that does not require assembly, it is enough to be connected to a plug to efficiently air-condition the rooms. It has the ability to provide uniform and long-lasting heat for rooms or spaces with an area of ​​​​up to 73 m3; for this reason, it is recommended to air-condition bedrooms or where extra heat is required; You can also use it as support for the central heating system.

Additionally, it is a silent device that does not emit annoying noises like other air conditioning systems, which generate some humming during operation due to the fact that they have built-in fans. For this reason, it is appropriate for use in rest rooms or in bedrooms; where you can enjoy the comfort of a cozy atmosphere.

Efficiency and savings

Although radiators that work with oil have among their most important characteristics that of heating the air little by little, more slowly than other heating systems; This model has an exclusive ceramic design and a coil fin format, capable of quickly generating a flow of hot air and thus heating spaces in a short time.

It is a model that has a power of 2500 watts; however, if you prefer a less powerful rig, you will have the option to choose between 1500 and 2000 watt operation. Likewise, in order to improve the user experience and provide greater comfort, this device has a safety thermostat that allows you to easily select and maintain the desired heat level.

On the other hand, compared to other models of radiators that significantly affect energy consumption, this radiator offers you savings in your budget; so you don’t have to worry about paying a high price on the electricity bill. Since it works with oil, it is a device that keeps the heat in the spaces longer, even when it is turned off. This is possible thanks to the thermal inertia generated by the hot oil inside the unit.

Functional design and portability

It is a device that generates a pleasant temperature in the environments where it is plugged in, distributing the heat in a constant and uniform way. To do this, its design integrates 10 elements through which heat is expelled efficiently. It also has a slim body and a modern look, which is why it is a radiator that could perfectly harmonize with any decorative style.

It has dimensions of 52 x 16 x 65 cm and a light weight of only 2.5 kilos, so you can easily transport it from one room to another. In addition, the manufacturer has included in its structure 4 pre-assembled multidirectional wheels (easily foldable) and a comfortable carrying handle; so it is a radiator that, in addition to being efficient, is also easily portable.

Likewise, it has a control panel equipped with adjustable switches, thanks to which you can adjust the thermostat with the most convenient air temperature (cold or hot) and select the power you want according to your needs. In addition, it has a speed meter that allows you to define how fast you want the air to come out.

For all this, many consider it the best oil radiator, since it is also an equipment that offers an anti-frost function, especially useful for low winter temperatures.

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