Divide environments in the same space

For a space to have greater functionality it needs to be divided. But it is not necessary to think about expensive and complex works, since there are simple and cheap elements that are very useful to separate the environments offering privacy. Here we talk about the furniture, curtains or shelves that serve to separate rooms without work.

The trend of open spaces in flats and houses is very present today. So, it is up to the tenant or owner to divide the rooms according to their needs. In this sense, it is very common to ask how to separate environments without the need for construction works, high costs of materials and labor.

For this reason, in interior design there are numerous ideas to separate environments with modern, functional and very practical elements when it comes to assembly. One of the most used is to place glass walls to separate environments that at the same time produce a feeling of union. This duality is possible thanks to the transparency of the glass that allows light to pass through and gives a visual amplitude. This resource can offer security, elegance, a touch of color or texture, depending on the chosen design, increasing its versatility in interior decoration.

Room Divider Furniture

In small apartments, with open spaces, you have to learn to take advantage of every square meter. That is why the idea of ​​using low furniture or shelves to separate environments is very successful, accumulating numerous followers for this style.

Firstly, bespoke furniture such as cabinets can be built up to ceiling height, being used as a wall that also offers a storage solution. If you don’t want them to be so high, it’s also an advantage because they let light through, reducing dark edges. 

Second, modern shelves or bookcases are versatile room dividers, because they serve as a dividing barrier, at the same time that they have a functional distribution to place decorative objects, books, your plants and other elements that increase the attractiveness in the design. of interiors. 

One option is to choose the shelf in the same color as the wall so that it gives the appearance of an extension. Or, also, you can choose it in a totally different tone so that it stands out in the room, due to the contrast it provides. 

Panels and curtains

Other of the most popular alternatives in the category of room dividers are the panels, whether made of wood, steel, glass or PVC, currently there are varied options of materials and designs to choose from.

For example, panels of vertical , narrow or separate slats, which go from the ceiling to the floor, serve to provide the necessary privacy without losing natural light or creating a solid barrier. This can work really well when you want to separate the living room from the dining room. In this case, you can place half of the vertical slats to promote circulation while maintaining the feeling of spaciousness. With regard to colors, the panels to separate rooms can be integrated into the decoration if they are kept in the same tone as the walls or provide a rustic or natural touch if a wood color is chosen, for example.

In the case of curtains to separate rooms, we are talking about a light and cheap element, depending on the type of fabric, which represents a quick solution to divide a room in a short time. 

If you live in a loft and want to give your bed area privacy, you can mount a system around the bed on the ceiling and put up light fabric curtains. They will give a touch of elegance to the space, at the same time that you will feel more intimacy when going to bed. 

Also, if you have your home office corner and you need to separate it from the rest of the room, you can help yourself with a curtain to replace a door without the visual impact that such an element would represent. 

classic sliding doors

This is a traditional solution for its functionality, since it allows you to keep the space wide when you need it and fence it off when you want privacy.

The versatility of sliding doors to separate environments lies in the fact that they can be built in different materials such as: wood, opaque or translucent glass, a combination of metals for an industrial style, among others.

Therefore, their prices and models vary to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable one, according to your space and budget, also defining the style of your decoration.

modern room dividers

While it is true that the interior design trend for open spaces prevails, we cannot deny that very large spaces do not provide the privacy that users want.

Consequently, there are some elements that help us divide a room into two without work to give it a bit of warmth, a clear separation of spaces and, also, a bit of intimacy.

For example, furniture and lighting can define the separation of spaces. Living room rugs accompanied by a low piece of furniture on the back of the sofa can clearly delimit the space of the living room or the TV room. 

For its part, a small wine rack can separate the living room from the dining room, using a completely contrasting rug under the table. Although at first glance there is no visual barrier, it can be seen that the rooms are separated.

Similarly, the color of the walls can also be a room divider, because it will serve to mark a certain area with the change in hue. Also, you can use wallpaper or the technique of pasting fabric with designs or prints that add warmth to the decoration, while offering a visual division. 

All these ideas can inspire you to define the style you want in the organization of your spaces, without having to spend a lot of money or do messy works in your home. 

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