Does your boiler lose pressure?

Boiler water pressure is one of the issues that causes the most headaches among users. Fortunately, depending on what you need, it is usually not difficult to increase the pressure of the boiler if it is low or reduce it if it is excessive.

The boiler is the element designed to heat the water in your home, either to feed the heating radiators or to be able to shower comfortably when you need it. This boiler, together with the rest of the circuit through which the water circulates, is a sealed and closed space . So it shouldn’t leak or drip. In addition, it is essential that the water pressure inside the boiler is maintained within the parameters established by the boiler manufacturer, in order to obtain the best results of use, consumption and performance of the product.

The problem arises when the internal pressure is out of the expected, either by excess or by default. Fortunately, before resorting to the technical service, there are different solutions to raise the pressure of a Vaillant boiler or any other brand, or to detect and try to solve the problems arising from a loss of pressure in a Ferroli boiler or another. maker. Next, we will teach you everything you need to know about why boilers leak.

Why is my boiler leaking?

One of the most common problems is when the boiler or the circuit leaks. If this loss occurs in the boiler itself, this may be due to pressure loss in the boiler’s expansion vessel. This dripping is normal and, in fact, is what should happen when the circuit pressure is higher than it should be. However, if you check the pressure gauge and see that the readings are normal, that glass may be deteriorated, causing the loss of water.

However, if the problem is not related to the expansion vessel but to the pipes or internal parts of the boiler, then it is a sign that something has broken. In this case, it will be necessary to check the boiler completely to detect the leak and repair what is necessary. The same thing happens when this leak occurs in the radiators or in any other part of the circuit through which the water circulates. In this case, it will be necessary to detect the leak and repair it, changing the parts or carrying out the corresponding maintenance tasks.

Check the emptying street

Sometimes, it is necessary to empty the gas installation of the water that circulates inside it, either to purge the radiators, for maintenance or simply to detect any fault. By the way, if you don’t know whether to purge the radiators with the heating on or off, you should always do this operation with the heating off, to avoid risks.

After draining the heating circuit, it is necessary to check the drain tap, since if it has not been properly closed it could be the cause of the loss of pressure. If you haven’t touched the key, it doesn’t hurt to check it either, because if the key breaks down or is slightly open it can also affect the system’s tightness.

My boiler loses pressure little by little

When the boiler loses pressure little by little, the problem is usually related to a small loss, but one that is just as annoying and causes the same problems as larger ones. In fact, the main problem with these leaks is locating them. To begin with, check all the visible elements of the installation, the expansion vessels and the boiler, in order to verify that there are no water leaks. If you don’t see anything unusual, you can ask for a review of the boiler, in case the leak was discreet and not visible to the naked eye.

If this is not the case, then it will be time to check the pipes of the house. The problem is that for this task you will need a specialized company, which, using professional tools, will analyze the flow of water that passes through the pipes. However, if you detect that the paint is fading or dampness appears, then you already know where the leak is, it is enough to go to a plumber to solve the problem.

By the way, if the incidence you notice is that the boiler loses pressure when cold, you can also apply everything we have mentioned, since surely the cause of that loss is also a leak.

How to raise the pressure of the boiler

Before calling the boiler technician in the event of a loss of pressure, it is advisable to raise the boiler to normal operating levels, to verify if the problem has been something specific or is related to any of the breakdowns that we have discussed in this article..

To raise the pressure of the boiler , we will access the lower part of the pump, where we find the heater filling lock. We will turn it counterclockwise, so that the water fills the circuit. Next, we wait for the pressure indicator to reach a level of 1 to 1.5 bars, which is recommended for its optimal operation. Reached this level, we will close the key again.

Once the filling has been carried out, all that remains is to have the boiler under control and frequently check its pressure. If the problem has been something punctual, the pressure should not drop too much, while if it drops, it is clear that we need technical help to solve the problem.

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