Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute – Traveler Reviews

Main advantage:

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a motor that rotates at 125,000 rpm, managing to suck up all the dirt on different surfaces, an aspect that is also favored by the heads that are easily exchanged to reach places that are difficult to access.  

Main disadvantage:

Its price is high, which can make it difficult to acquire if your budget is tight. However, the compact design and suction power justify the value, as it’s backed by the Dyson brand. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

This appliance has a light, ergonomic and functional format that efficiently vacuums on soft and hard surfaces.

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Main Features Explained

suction force

Dyson has positioned itself in the cordless vacuum cleaner market due to the power of its digital motors, and the Dyson Cyclone V10 is an example of this.

This motor is capable of turning at 125 thousand revolutions per minute to offer much more powerful suction than the previous model, the Dyson V8 Absolute. Said characteristic is added to the 14 cyclones, which generate a centrifugal force capable of trapping dirt particles as tiny as pollen or microorganisms, to take them directly to the tank. 

Similarly, the aligned design between the motor, cyclone and hub allows air to enter in a straight line to promote suction power, offering high performance on soft and hard surfaces. Consequently, you will be able to clean any type of floor, as well as carpets; according to the opinions of its users.

To make this possible, you have the option of adjusting the suction force to three different levels through a switch above the handle, thus adapting the power to the level of dirt or the hardness of the surface for better performance.

Another outstanding aspect about the motor is that it absorbs acoustic vibrations, being able to attenuate noise for silent operation, compared to other similar appliances. 

Interchangeable accessories

To make the most of its performance, this appliance has been equipped with several functional accessories that make it easier to clean the different surfaces in the house, office or car. 

One of them is the Direct drive brush, which has suitable bristles for cleaning rugs and carpets. On the other hand, the soft brush with rotating head is ideal for hard floors and the articulated format allows easy access to narrow spaces.

Another of the accessories that makes this one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners is the corner, a long, narrow head with an angled nozzle to reach all corners and suck up accumulated dirt. 

For its part, the multifunction accessory is capable of trapping all the dirt on small or large surfaces, penetrating the fabrics, as the bristles collect dirt, mites and allergens, being very useful for cleaning your children’s stuffed animals. 

As for the mini motorized brush, we must say that it is the ideal accessory to clean the upholstery of the house or the car, including the ceiling, since its nylon bristles collect even the fine hair that could be deposited on the carpet, or the hair of your pet from the sofa, offering efficient cleaning. 

Design and autonomy

Cordless vacuum cleaners make it easy to clean stairs, high places, curtains, ceilings or closets, without depending on the proximity of a plug or an electrical extension, which undoubtedly generates greater comfort during housework. 

In this sense, the compact format of this vacuum cleaner stands out for its weight of 2.68 kg and the dimensions of 25 x 125 x 25.6 cm, thus reducing fatigue during cleaning and allowing you to reach places that are difficult to access. Also, with a simple click you can change your vertical vacuum cleaner for a handheld one and clean smaller spaces such as the car, the sofa, the mattresses, among others. 

Now, regarding the autonomy of this equipment, it is worth mentioning that the nickel, cobalt and aluminum battery that has been included in its design, has a duration of 60 minutes of suction in powerful mode. For full charge it is necessary to leave the vacuum cleaner for 3 hours and a half in the charging stand, which is fixed to the wall to save space. 

On the other hand, the battery lacks memory effect, so the vacuum cleaner will always be ready to clean with maximum performance and meet your demands, being a quality that affects its price, but it is a device backed by experience and quality. of the Dyson brand. 

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