Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Reviews

Main advantage:

Considered the best air purifier, this model stands out for having a fan and heater function ideal for different weather seasons. In addition, this model integrates a HEPA filter and allows you to choose the operating speed in 10 levels.

Main disadvantage:

This air purifier has a negative point and it is the price of replacement filters, which are somewhat expensive compared to other equipment with a similar function.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This device stands out for intelligently purifying, heating and cooling the air. In addition, it has Air Multiplier technology that creates an uninterrupted stream of air.

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Main Features Explained

Air filter and cleaning

Due to the very high amount of particles that are suspended in the air all the time, a large number of which have harmful effects on health, it is vitally important to pay special attention to the ways we have available to improve their quality.. Among the most used appliances to clean the air, are the new air purifiers, which usually incorporate special air filters that help the device to collect all those harmful particles.

On the other hand, in addition to eliminating numerous toxins and gases such as, for example, the vapors generated by paints and other chemicals, with air purifiers it is also possible to efficiently eliminate unpleasant odors from the environment. In this sense, this Dyson brand model has a layer of carbon granules with which it can eliminate up to 99.95% of pollutants and allergens with a size of up to 0.1 microns found in the air. 

In addition, many purifiers also incorporate a filter known as “High Efficiency Particular Air” or HEPA, which is made with an interior filled with glass fibers that form a microscopic mesh that helps trap the smallest particles. The opinions of the majority of users who have and use this device indicate that it is an excellent purchase option and they recommend it.

Power and consumption

Another of the most notable aspects that are of great importance when choosing a new air purifier is the power of the device. It is important to keep in mind that the power of a specific air purifier is always linked to the capacity of the device. In this sense, the higher the power of the air purifier you have purchased, the faster it can clean the air in the room, as long as you are completely sure that the dimensions of said room coincide with the specifications of the product.

Otherwise, if the room where the air purifier is located is larger than recommended by the manufacturer of the product, it will obviously take longer to leave the environment optimally clean. However, if the situation is that the room is a little smaller than recommended, in some cases you can gradually reduce the power so that it does an efficient cleaning job according to the size of the space. In addition, in the same way, a reduction in the electricity consumption of the home in general is achieved, which is very favorable, especially for your pocket. Also remember that forcing the power of the purifier will force it to work incorrectly and can significantly reduce the performance and useful life of the device.

The manufacturer Dyson presents the Pure Hot + Cool Link as a high-power air purifier, which can work perfectly in medium-sized rooms or living rooms where you need to clean and improve air quality. This model has a power of 2,000 watts, thanks to which you can purify the air in a room of approximately 15 square meters. On the other hand, the voltage of this device is 230 volts, so you can easily connect it to any outlet in your home.

Design and noise level

Also added to the list of key aspects to consider is the design of the purifier, which, although not of much attention to a wide variety of users, is a feature that has a high level of importance, since it is recommended that the design does not clash too much with the style of the living room or room where you are going to connect it, in addition to being highly functional. There are appliances that can be very beautiful and attractive to the eye but, in the end, are not very functional, so, after a while, you end up discarding them for another that does provide you with good functionality and has a smarter design.

When talking about design, the size, weight, distribution of adjustment buttons, inputs and connections, ergonomics, manufacturing materials and appearance of the device are analyzed. Taking this into account, the manufacturer of fans and air purifiers Dyson has developed a fan and purifier with a modern and futuristic style in white and silver colors, without blades for ventilation, since it works by absorbing air through small inlets and it pushes it forward through a large opening completely, so it’s a very safe model. This air purifier has approximate dimensions of 22 x 22 x 63 centimeters and weighs about 4.98 grams.

On the other hand, it is important to look carefully at the noise level generated by the fan, especially if you are going to place it in a room where you usually sleep. Some electrical appliances tend to generate noise just because they are turned on, so if you are one of the people who cannot fall asleep with minimal noise, we recommend that you take care of this aspect. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link air purifier generates a noise level of up to 63 decibels, plus it has a remote control with which you can adjust the power level and, therefore, the intensity of the sound.

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