Electric blankets: risks and safety aspects to consider

The electric blankets have a polyester fabric structure and incorporate a thermostat that, by plugging the device into a socket, will be able to provide heat. However, some people fall asleep without taking into account the risk and consequences that this may present.

Origin of electric blankets

Electric blankets are derived from animal skins that, in prehistoric times, were used to heat the human body. For this reason, it is said that our ancestors centuries ago had clothing made with skins, since in this way they could keep their bodies at an adequate temperature against any drop in temperature.

However, over the years, it was implemented that the skins were subjected to a treatment to preserve the animal’s hair, since it was the most essential part to preserve the temperature. Likewise, currently, the blankets have a very similar characteristic, since on the outside it has a structure with natural or artificial fibers that help maintain the temperature, while on the inside it is soft and padded.

So, with the ideology of animal skin blankets, SI Russell invented in 1912 a heating pad that would help keep the chests of people suffering from tuberculosis warm at the time. This was a square structure with small dimensions, but its price was so expensive that it was around 150 dollars for each unit. Likewise, the years went by and technology advanced until the first electric blankets were made in 1930, but these were very unstable and had a high percentage of causing fires due to heat instability.

And it is that, at present there is also a high degree of accidents caused by electronic devices, but the vast majority are due to poor handling of electric blankets, since they are left running all night, which causes the cables to heated, melt the protective plastic and they make contact. Therefore, the automatic shutdown in electric blankets was devised, since in this way the risk of suffering an accident would be minimal.

Electric blankets as a defensive mechanism against the cold

The heat provided by electric blankets is ideal to combat the cold at night and during the winter season, but they are also very practical to relieve stress, muscle pain and headaches.

Therefore, when the temperature is so extremely low that not even the radiator is capable of heating our room, it is time to use an electric blanket. Given that, by combining the heating power of the radiator with what the blanket is capable of providing, we are 100% sure that you will be able to sleep without having to worry about waking up in the middle of the morning because of the cold.

Likewise, electric blankets are very useful products in patients with hypothermia, people who have just undergone surgery and those with mobility problems, since the body must be provided with good levels of heat to keep it fully functional and prevent it from failing.

When should I not use an electric blanket?

There are patients who have medical conditions that are recommended to avoid the use of the electric blanket at all costs. Among them are: children, the elderly, women with menopause or who are pregnant, as well as those who have temporary or permanent limited mobility problems, with pacemakers and diabetes. Since, they do not have the will to control their body heat, since they do not know how to differentiate between a high or low temperature.

So, if you have any of the conditions mentioned above, we recommend that you consider each of the risks to which you may be exposed; Likewise, also take the appropriate precautions so that you can avoid them.

How to avoid accidents with electric blankets?

The main problem and existing fear is that an electrical product fails and causes a short circuit in the home, which can damage the rest of the electrical appliances that, no matter how cheap or expensive they are, are our belongings and we will have to avoid at all costs that these cause a fire.

Therefore, speaking again of electric blankets, it is recommended that they be kept away from the pets you have at home, since they have teeth and claws that can cause breakages in the electrical mechanism, controls and temperature regulators. Additionally, you should also prevent children from having access to them, since any break in the cables can cause accidents in the home.

On the other hand, all products, including even the best electric blankets, have a user manual, which we recommend you read carefully to verify the method of cleaning them.

Some models cannot be washed directly in the washing machine, since they have cables and heat-generating devices inside that, when in contact with water, can rust and make a false contact. Bringing with them problems of malfunction, which increases the probability that they can cause a short circuit when connecting them and cause a fire.

In addition to this, all the characteristics of each product are specified in the user manual, so if the model you purchased does not have an automatic shutdown or an automated temperature system due to inactivity, we recommend that you use the blanket during the day or hours before bed.

Since, if you were to fall asleep and the blanket is still fully operational, it can cause heating in the wiring of your electrical system. The result of this, like most, is not pleasant, since depending on the temperature, there is a possibility that the plastic cables that insulate the electricity could melt and cause short circuits and fires.

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