Electric Pads: Security or Threat?

Muscle aches appear from sitting in bad positions for many hours or when doing exercises that the body is not prepared to resist. However, these can be easily relieved with a heating pad, but there is the question of whether it can threaten our physical integrity, so here we will tell you everything you need to know about the benefits, the most common dangers and how counter them.

What is a heating pad and what benefits does it have?

Electric heating pads are products that plug into a socket to generate heat and expel it in a pleasant way to relieve and reduce body aches and even to reduce the cold during winter weather. In addition, there are many models of heating pads on the market with different prices and characteristics that, if you do not already have one, can easily catch your attention.

Also, heating pads can help you sleep much more efficiently, so you can use them a few minutes before your normally scheduled bedtime and thus relax your body and enter a state of total comfort.

On the other hand, the heating pads have a temperature adjustment system that makes them more attractive, since this way you can control the heat you want to have in your body. However, there are questions that refer to whether the product is beneficial for the body or what effect it causes itself.

In general and in a summarized way, the heat produced by electricity and that emanates from the pad is capable of relaxing the muscles of the body, in such a way that it is possible to alleviate lumbar, cervical, neck, back, leg pain, feet, torso, head and arms. Therefore, and taking into account the aforementioned, you will be able to decide very easily which heating pad to buy.

How safe are heating pads?

An electric heating pad is safe if it is made with a high voltage prevention system, has been tested by safety laboratories and complies with the regulations for the protection of personal well-being.

To do this, you must verify if it has the respective quality control label from an entity with good references so that you do not have to worry, since this will guarantee that you will be using a 100% safe product.

Most of the electric pads have a waterproof surface, which allows you to apply creams to penetrate the muscle with the help of the pad, which will avoid dirtying the pad while protecting yourself and the electric device. keep away from moist products.

On the other hand, it should also be considered that there are some people who should not use heating pads for any reason, these are those who suffer from diabetes, have pacemakers, immobile or paralyzed users and young children. This is because their body is not always able to perceive the exact amount of heat that is emanating from the pad, which could cause 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree burns without them even realizing it. Likewise, it is also not recommended for those women who are in their hot flashes or the aptly named menopause, since, as we mentioned before, it could burn their skin to different degrees.

In addition to the aforementioned, electric blankets are also not recommended for people who suffer from dermatitis or have sensitive skin, since their tolerance to heat is much lower than usual.

Additionally, during pregnancy, some women have muscle pain in the back area due to weight and, since they cannot take medication to calm them, electric pads come to the fore, but not all of them use it for fear that it may reach to affect the baby.

On the other hand, if the pad gets dirty, you can clean it very easily, either with a damp cloth or put it in the washing machine, but for the latter you will have to remove all the electrical circuit it has to avoid damaging it. The instructions are specified in the user manual so that you can do it on your own and without having to go to anyone else. However, in case they come in another language, you can use your browser and look for them in Spanish or translate them, although with the technology we have today with a photo the translator can decipher the texts without you having to spend a lot of time! writing time.

What should be considered to avoid accidents?

As for personal safety, there are users who do not usually use electric pads for fear that they may pass current and cause an accident. Therefore, we will mention some safety tips for you to take into account, lose your fear and dare to relieve your pain quickly.

  • Keep the pad extended, since these, being wrinkled, can generate and concentrate heat in the same area, which could burn the skin and even cause problems of tension overload.
  • Avoid plugging them into multiple outlets or extension cords, as these have an electricity absorption that will vary depending on temperature. Therefore, consider this so that you can avoid overloading the cables and the electrical system, since fires and accidents due to misuse of electrical appliances are the most frequent worldwide.
  • Please keep the product away from children. This advice is very important, since children are very curious and tend to grab anything that catches their attention, which could have consequences for you, the baby or the equipment.
  • Do not plug in the heating pad with wet hands. This is not even worth mentioning, but it is worth mentioning, since these products are direct transmitters of current, which could cause serious burns and, in extreme cases, cause death.
  • Keep it away from pets, as their claws or sharp teeth can break it very easily, and if you don’t realize it, using it can get you a good spark.

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