Fermax 1401 Reviews

Main advantage: 

There are many flattering aspects of this video door entry system. One of them is its completely intuitive operation, present in the exterior module and in the quick navigation menu on the screen.

Main disadvantage: 

The outdoor module has not been provided with any protection treatment against water, so you must be careful when selecting the installation area to avoid breakdowns.

Verdict: 9.7/10 

This video door entry system has a very attractive design, which will add a distinctive touch to your facade. In addition, its assembly is so simple that you can do it yourself without complications.

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Main Features Explained

Intuitive operation

If you are looking for one of the best video door entry systems, don’t hesitate to take home this model with the Fermax quality seal, which is currently one of the leading brands on the shopping lists in that category. An example of this are the numerous positive opinions posted by those who have purchased the product, in which users praise its intuitive operation, among many other features to highlight.

With regard to this appreciation by users, it is necessary to emphasize a little on the display unit of this type of video door entry system, which incorporates a small side control panel just inside the frame of the casing. From this area you can turn on – turn off the device, as well as block its operation. For its part, the screen area has been provided with a practical touch menu, which you can execute in a simple way. Through it, you will be able to manage everything related to the configuration of the camera, in addition to accessing the video library, selecting between a maximum of 20 stored tones and turning off or restarting the equipment.

Likewise, the control module stands out for being very simple to manipulate, being necessary only to press a small button to call and keep it pressed to interact with your interlocutor once and answer the call. 

Format and installation

When acquiring a video door entry model, it is important that you take into consideration some aspects of interest, this being the case of the format of the control unit and the monitoring screen. In this sense, the dimensions of both structures may not exceed the space you have arranged for their assembly. Similarly, you cannot ignore the mounting method offered by the manufacturer, which must be safe, fast and simple.

Fermax 1401 is a video door entry system that, for a fairly affordable price, offers you a control unit with adequate measurements of 20 x 15 x 4 centimeters, corresponding to its height, width and depth. Likewise, a TFT screen with a spacious 7” format, which offers you a correct visualization of the images and the navigation menu.

Regarding the issue of installing the equipment, we have that it is a process designed to be carried out on any type of surface, without the need to resort to cumbersome construction work. To do this, you will need to fix some supports on the wall, which is a fairly intuitive task, for which you will only need a couple of tools. In this sense, buyers have left their opinions about the product, valuing it as one of the best video door phones.


Fermax, a manufacturer with a long history in the market, presents us with a video door entry model that is currently at the top of the shopping lists. The elegant, minimalist and modern design of the case has managed to generate a large number of positive opinions, added to its competitive price.

When you open the purchase package you will find a rectangular control unit in a light silver color, in which the brand name stands out in the upper front area, the camera lens on the left and three LED indicators below it. Also, in the upper right quadrant is the speaker, while in the lower one you have a sensor and a button. The best thing is that a visor has been incorporated into the structure, which protects you from the rain. Remember that its installation is designed for outdoors.

In the same way, a touch screen with full color projection, an easy-to-navigate menu and backlighting has been incorporated together with said module. Its casing is white and is aligned horizontally, unlike the control module, which is vertical. In addition, on the right side it has a total of four buttons for power on and previous adjustment.

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